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Quick updates: Jabber, Pepper, and OpenPhone Internet Telephony

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 05 Dec, 2000 @ 1:47 AM
Bits N

Recently there has been a flurry of brief updates about various interesting apps being developed for BeOS. This news has involved a beos Jabber client, a new text editor from the creator of Pe, and an interesting internet telephony app. Read on for details.

First off, the Jabber for BeOS page has been updated with news about another private beta, b4. Apparently the next beta (b5) will bring screenshots and and downloads, so watch that url! Jabber, for those who don’t know, is an instant messaging client which has an interesting feature called “transports” which allow you to converse with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN users as well as Jabber users. The BeOS client is being developed by Rapture In Venice, and should be pretty nice when it’s ready. :)

Hekkelman Programmatuur, the developer that brought us Pe, has recently announced that they are porting their newest text editor, Pepper, back to BeOS from its MacOS version. It will be nice to have some more options in the way of Editors. I have heard great things about Pe, and pepper looks even better.

Finally, i have recieved word that Be OpenPhone, an internet telephony app, is resuming development, although their page does not reflect this. This will be a GREAT boon to BeOS, as Openh323 (which it is a port of) can interact with apps such as Netmeeting for voice telephony. Which is undeniably cool.

So there you have it… some quick updates on some cool software.

9 Responses to “Quick updates: Jabber, Pepper, and OpenPhone Internet Telephony”

  1. Sean Long Says:


    This is the type of short news stories that are needed in the BeOS community, because really if you think about it this is why we use computers and the BeOS in the first place.

    Sean Long
    Hailstone Software

  2. Technix : Chris Simmons Says:

    [No Subject]


    It’s quick journalism of this caliber that is pushing our spirits higher and higher these days!

    Great job, nutman!

    p.s. : any thoughts as to an open news/update service so that people can drop off news headlines, or do you want to use email only?


  3. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Technix : Chris Simmons @ 12/05/2000 1:40:33 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Right now i want to stick with email to the news@begroovy.com mailing list. Basically, the news system backend is far from finished. Thats why all the news has been posted by me.

    When its finished, i will add journalist accounts for the reporters, and you can all post your own news. Then comes an editorial type system, which is when we would move to a form based news submission system.

    At this point a form would just email it anyway, so why not stick with the flexibility of email?

  4. Chinasaur Says:

    Fantastic News!

    I’ve been waiting for Jabber for a looong time and am desperately waiting for a BeOS app to interface with NetMeeting or other compatible type apps.

    This is a shot in the arm! Thanks to all the developers working on this stuff..

  5. Redhill Says:

    I can’t wait!

    Finally a powerfull, full-featured AND user friendly text editor is comming to BeOS. Until now I’ve been forced to reboot into windoze for all editing of C/C , Java, HTML, SQL etc.. because most features I need an love aren’t available in any BeOS text editor that I know of.
    When Pepper comes out, I’ll buy it in a second!
    Too bad I’ll still have to go back to windoze for Java, since there still isn’t any BeOS JDK…

  6. LeftTurn Says:

    What does this OpenNet Telephony thingy do?

    Good quick news. We definitely need more updates like this.

    So what exactly does this OpenTelephony thingy do?

    Jabber sounds like a good client. Wonder if AOL will try to stomp it since it can talk to AIM users? :)

  7. tpv Says:

    In Response To Redhill @ 12/05/2000 7:13:30 PM

    Re: I can’t wait!

    What features are those?

    I personally use Eddie, and for C editing, it does everything I need.

  8. matt Says:

    In Response To tpv @ 12/05/2000 10:04:40 PM

    Re: I can’t wait!

    Me too. Text editors are easy to come by. Have you looked into Kaffe for your java needs?

  9. Lieber Katherine Says:

    Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are `It might have been.

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