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OpenBeOS progress

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 29 Apr, 2002 @ 6:08 AM
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OpenBeOS has been making progress in leaps and bounds. Last week, the NetServer ran and Net+ rendered a page using its net stack. This past week has seen two more major events:

1) OpenBFS is ready for testing! Be aware not to have critical data on the partition and you might end up in KDL (Kernel Debugging Land), but it is functional and the OpenBFS team needs bug reports. They still need to implement Live Queries and Journalling, but still, this is a major step forward.

2) Proto5 of the app_server has been released. Besides this screenshot, showing simple, dragable application windows being rendered, there are numerous improvements to Proto4. One very interesting thing to note is that YNOP, of Inferno fame has contributed code, including an interesting “dual monitor” feature, allowing you to run the test app server full screen in another monitor while able to debug in the original BeOS app_server. DarkWyrm has also made binaries available for those that want to check it out but are CVS/compiler impaired. :)

Nothing short of a round of drinks and a pizza to these 3 teams! EXCELLENT WORK!

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