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Keep Alive

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 18 Apr, 2002 @ 7:26 AM
Bits N

In probably the biggest news of the past week, OpenBeOS’s Network Team announced that they have not only achieved TCP traffic, but that it is binary compatible with BeOS R5 applications - and have posted a screenshot of Netpositive using the new OBOS network stack. SuperKudos to the Net team!

The close runner up to that is that TotallyBe has found out that Pixel32 development DOES, in fact, continue for BeOS! That took me by surprise! Nice…

BeForever caught an article from TechTV that claimed Gobe’s Productive the best alternative to MS’ Office, beating out StarOffice! Way to go Gobe! We knew this already, but it’s good to see it recognized outside the community! :)

BeFAQs announced that there will be an official release of the Free Pascal Compiler soon! Next step, Delphi. :P BTW, the development team could use some help… check BeFAQs for details.

And lastly, a friendly reminder to check BeEmulated once in a while if you are interested in all sorts of emulation on the BeOS platform… they have to be the most active news site in the community these days! Good to see all the activity, that’s for sure… I suppose I should try to keep BeGroovy half as active. ;)

Well, this ended up a lot longer than I thunk it wood b… should maybe done separate posts, eh?! :P

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