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Updates after a while of downtime

by @ 7:39 pm on 2/25/2002. Filed under Bits N' Pieces

Well, there’s been so much, but a couple of items I thought I’d touch on:

OpenBeOS is moving along at a great pace. Some major announcements about both BFS and the network implementation in just the past couple days, along with the announcement of another 18 team members! Way to go, keep up the good work, and kick some ass so we can get back to moving forward with our favorite platform!

And speaking of moving forward, a couple of new sites I thought I’d mention: BeDrivers is a new site on the scene looking to become a windrivers of the BeOS/OBOS scene. Also, from a couple Be-site veterans and other longstanding community members comes Twisted-Thread, picking up (a year later) right where BeDope left off. Great to see the online presence of our community beginning to grow again.

And right along the lines of new sites – BeBits showed some signs of life as well, with some backend upgrades, including a commenting system (a feature formerly hosted by BeNews) and news headlines provided by several sites now (gee, I wonder if that could have been because of our extended outage 😉 ). Funny thing is, these upgrades were so seemless, I didn’t even notice them until TotallyBe reported on them. 😛

And on our outage and subsequent forum troubles… well those nasty little gremlins that are running amok in our server have Nutcase perplexed. He’s working on it, but due to his own personal time constraints, there are no promises as to when they’ll be fixed, only that they will be fixed. 😉

Cheers all, and send in your news!

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