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Opera 5 for windows in December… no word on BeOS version yet

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 01 Dec, 2000 @ 10:42 AM
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Opera is expected to announce Opera 5 for windows next week, according to this article on zdnet. The release is rumored to be free in an ad supported version, where banners appear in the browser itself. According to an article at the german site C’t Magazine / heise online, a registered version will be available which removes the ads. The only question left is about a BeOS version. When Zdnet asked about the other platforms, Opera officials would not comment.

12 Responses to “Opera 5 for windows in December… no word on BeOS version yet”

  1. chuck Says:

    Opera 5

    Although having a “free” Opera 5 for BeOS would be nice, I’ll just be happy to see 4.0 when it arrives (Let’s be confident, shall we?) As for a free javascript enabled browser, I wonder how the BeZilla is coming along?

  2. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To chuck @ 12/01/2000 1:29:35 PM

    Re: Opera 5

    BeZilla is my favourite project (except maybe BeWine, which people don’t seem interested in)

    I *REALLY* hope it’s doing well. It seems to have had a resurgance of support recently.

  3. Helmar Says:

    Sad indeed

    Hmmm.. maybe I am the only one, but I am saddned by the news. In my eyes it’s the sign of a company that is clueless as to market itself in such a way that it can derive sufficient revenue from the sales of their product.

    I predicted Netscape going down the tubes when they went “free”, and I hope that Opera has enough other deals closed or lined up so that they can afford their ad-supported, free version.

    In a way it hurts a bit, because while being with Opera Software I have worked long and hard to generate a sustainable customer base. Now looking at this amateurish and almost desperate attempt to up the market share stats, I wonder if it was really worth it. Answer: maybe not for Opera Software, but surely for all the friends I have made all over the world.

    We shall see which way Opera is going, but if Netscape is an indicator, then they better be clued up.


  4. chuck Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/01/2000 1:36:38 PM

    Re: Opera 5

    I’ve been wondering about BeWine’s status too. It wouldn’t suprise me if many Windows apps wouldn’t run better in BeOS via BeWine than Windows itself. Hmm.

  5. chuck Says:

    In Response To Helmar @ 12/01/2000 4:47:00 PM

    Re: Sad indeed

    Maybe I should change my settings from “Show as Mozilla 3.0″ eh? I don’t know how the stats are gathered and how browsers are detected. Maybe I’ve been padding Netscape’s stats all this time. :P
    BTW, I love Opera, both on Be and Windows.

  6. DaphneDiane Says:

    In Response To chuck @ 12/01/2000 7:28:12 PM

    Re: Sad indeed

    I switched to identify as “Opera” awhile ago. I’ve only occasionally found sites that have problems when not masquerading as either IE or Mozilla. If that happens, I try not to use the site.

    I’m sort of worried that if I just leave the default to something like Netscape or the like, that well web sites will alas be more likely to target just Netscape and IE.

    Opera is definitely my favorite browser right now.

  7. Mikko Mäkelä Says:

    In Response To Helmar @ 12/01/2000 4:47:00 PM

    Re: Sad indeed

    I wouldn’t hurry that much to call a company
    “clueless” when we actually don’t know even what
    they business plan is, not to talk about facts
    behind it. I would say that it could be close
    to impossible to market a non-free webbrowser
    for Windows, because you can’t diversify enough
    from IE. After all, it’s not enough that many
    websites don’t conform to standards, MS can make
    your life even harder by not supporting them in
    their popular websites - like seems to be the case
    with for example Hotmail. The only thing you can
    do is to get to so many user’s desktops that sites
    must make their pages conform to your browser
    (in Opera’s case, standards) too.

    And what comes to advertizing, it’s entirely possible
    that they make it rather minor disturbance and
    rely on getting more people to be aware of Opera and
    that more of them would pay for “professional version”
    without adds. This is of course what so called
    shareware programs are doing all the time, maybe
    some of them even with good profit?

  8. matt Says:

    I don’t get it

    I read on BeosCentral that hern was working on opera 4.0. Someone needs to work this stuff out because it’s absolutely ridiculous to have so much confusion.

  9. Delija Says:

    In Response To Mikko Mäkelä @ 12/02/2000 08:45:22 AM

    Re: Sad indeed

    Superior technology will always have a favouring, regardless of the price. Opera is still very buggy (the BeOS version is almost impossible to use for more than 10 minutes, and I actually bothered to register out of pity, not to buy a **better** product), and it still doesn’t hold a candle to IE. And I hate IE, and do all my browsing from BeOS.

    When Opera becomes the better browser, it will have market share. Right now, it seems to be targetting exotic platforms like BeOS and EPOC (what is EPOC?) since they know there is no competition there. If BeOS had a **good** browser (ie BeZilla) to compete, who would actually bother to use the buggy version of Opera.

    Yes, I’m pissed off with Hern Labs. I paid $39 to register Opera for BeOS, and I cannot use it because its uptime is less than 10 minutes of active surfing. Its sad to think that free browsers (N6, IE5 and Mozilla) actually outperform commercial browsers.

    I’m pissed off, and I’m off to kick a cat (or something :)

  10. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Delija @ 12/02/2000 5:27:18 PM

    Re: Sad indeed

    Did you try deleting the previous installation? I heard that’s worked for a lot of people.

    Just an idea - good luck.

  11. chuck Says:

    In Response To Delija @ 12/02/2000 5:27:18 PM

    Re: Sad indeed


    When I installed Opera the other day I did a little test to see how many windows I could open, etc. before crashing. I ran for over two hours with 10-20 windows open - no crashes. I admit a number of pages displayed a little wonky and javascript didn’t work correctly on my netscape mailbox (could get in and read mail but couldn’t write mail.) Actually, deskbar crashed twice during that little experiment (must get Open Tracker/Deskbar) but Opera kept on going. It has crashed once though.

  12. Mikko Mäkelä Says:

    In Response To Delija @ 12/02/2000 5:27:18 PM

    Re: Sad indeed

    1) N6 and IE5 are both commercial products. The fact that they are free has nothing to do with that.

    2) They both have been (and are) developed with so much money that Hern Labs has a sligth chance to get maybe 1/10 of that to development. And that is only if the EPOC version will make it big time.

    3) EPOC is operating system developed by Symbian, which is a coalition of Nokia, Ericsson and a couple of others. It is used to e.g. smart phones.

    3) Making superior product with much less money is of course possible, but damn hard. And still there would be all difficulties I mentioned (sites not supporting standards etc.), even if some parts of the browser could be made superior - would this be enough for _many_ people to buy a product, given that most of the people will never know about Opera, like many of average computer users don’t know about even Netscape anymore.

    4) Your uptimes are the worst I have seen reported, I think there could be something wrong with your setup (granted, there are bugs in Opera).

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