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BeatWare Leaves Option for OBOS

by @ 7:49 pm on 2/4/2002. Filed under Submitted News

Jared wrote to BeatWare about their older BeOS applications and OpenBeOS, and got, well, the expected answer from the Vice President of Product Marketing:

If the OpenBeOS can prove itself as a viable commercial platform, then I’m sure we will consider once again supporting it. I’ll be honest though, it will have to become much more popular than it ever was before with far more customers willing to pay for software.

Like I said, the expected answer, but at least they didn’t say “No” straight out – now they know about OBOS and can watch it develop. But, hmmmm, paying customers? Isn’t OpenBeOS an “OSS” thing where nobody expects to actually _pay_ for anything. Let’s hope not.

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