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Teldar announces the commercial availability of BeServed

by @ 12:41 am on 1/31/2002. Filed under Submitted News

Teldar sent out an email to registered BeServed users that BeServed, previously available as an evaluation version for free, is now available commercially. The evaluation copy will expire on January 31st, but you can get the commercial version at a low introductory price.

BeServed is one of those great apps that make working with other Operating Systems a whole lot more bearable. It is a must have on my list. Click on “Read More” for all the good info.

Dear BeServed User:

I am pleased to announce the commercial availability of BeServed. Version 1.1.0 will be available for download within a few hours. Your existing evaluation copy expires on January 31, 2002. To avoid any interruption in your network services, place your order today. Your support of BeServed and other BeOS commercial software helps encourage continued BeOS development.

Versions are available for both standard net_server-based BeOS installations and systems running the BeOS Open Network Environment (BONE). Additionally, Windows and Linux versions of the server are available, allowing you to leverage two popular file server operating systems. A Solaris (Intel) version will be available on February 11, 2002.

Introductory pricing on BeServed couldn’t be more attractive. The BeOS versions, with client and server components, are only $15 (US). Servers for Windows and Linux are priced at only $5 (US) each. This pricing may not last, so take advantage of it today.

The commercial update can be ordered from our Web site at

We also encourage your participation in our BeServed Forum from which to hear users’ opinions and answer their questions. It is located at

Thank you for your interest in BeServed and your continued support for BeOS.

Teldar Corporation

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