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3ivx codec to be released on December 15th.

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 01 Dec, 2000 @ 12:35 AM

Happy Machines, a company whos’ staff includes the orignial Divx coders, has just announced the December 15th release of 3ivx, their newest MPEG-4 codec. The release will simultaneously support 5 platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, *nix, BeOS, and Amiga. This thing has all the makings of the newest video codec of choice, and BeOS is a native platform. Sounds good to me. Read on for the full release…

November 29, 2000- After several quiet months Happy Machines is proud
to announce the first public preview release of their new video
compression technology, called 3ivx. Completely built up from scratch
it is based on the MPEG-4 specification. The release will be on
December 15th. The creation of the 3ivx codec (a codec is a video
compression scheme consisting of a coder and a decoder) is the result
of the shortcomings of the popular but notorious DivX ;-) codec.

You will be able to feature high quality video on the Internet
(normal download, progressive download or streaming video). This
technology will be available on various platforms including Windows,
Macintosh, *nix (including Linux), BeOS and Amiga.

“The quality was very good, but if I saw how small the files actually
were it blew me away. The developers did a fantastic job.” said Jan
Devos, President of Happy Machines. “Above that we wanted the codec
to be available for everyone, that’s why we developed it for 5
different platforms.”

“We are sure that the creative industry will be amazed about the
possibilities” explained Mr. Stux, the Head of Research and
Development of Happy Machines.

3ivX advantages:

- Great compression

- Great quality

- Available on 5 platforms
(Windows, Macintosh, *nix (including Linux), BeOS and Amiga)

- Normal download, progressive download and streaming video

The partners of Happy Machines will supply test content for a great
3ivx experience (such as soccer). To become a partner, or if you want
to supply your content, please mail us at <mailto:partner@3ivx.com>.

Happy Machines also referred to as the Think-Tank is a small Belgian
company with an extremely creative team and a large network of
inventors, software and hardware developers, designers in various
fields such as imaging, satellite communications, artificial
intelligence, machinery etc., which has contacts with
top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is also member of the
MPEG-group and is an Immarsat partner. It is orientated on project
development and related intellectual properties.

22 Responses to “3ivx codec to be released on December 15th.”

  1. ebuehler Says:

    3ivx BeOS native

    This is great that this will be supported as a BeOS
    native program under an OpenSource Licence. It will be easier
    for the community to submit fixes for some issues, like the
    Divx sound problems.

    I wonder if it will be backwards compatable w/ the existing
    Divx format. If not will conversion of existing Divx files to
    3ivx format be possible? Native opensource support of that would be great
    since it could be optimized w/out having to rely on windows dlls.

    Also by going to http://www.ultimateresourcesite.com/3ivx/main.htm they list
    Be as a pretty high priority OS in some of the sub texts.
    It sounds like there will be basic OpenSource versions for free w/
    professional versions (w/ more features and security) for a fee.

    Does anyone know what the current timetable for this is?
    Will they also provide cross-platform encoding software?

  2. Nem Says:

    Be PVR?

    I wonder if you will be able to encode a compressed soundtrack with the video?

    Could this be the begining of a decent VCR like app for BeOS?
    Perhaps finally something along the lines of PowerVCR or WinVCR on windows?

    With a free codec like this the possiblities could be numerous!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    Just how the hell do you pronounce that?

  4. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 12/01/2000 9:16:56 PM


    guessing here:


  5. LeftTurn Says:

    This is excellent!

    A *new* quality codec being released as native BeOS? This is great. Kudos to them for including our wonderful OS. I wonder if Adamation will take the initiative to allow Personal Studio to save to the new format? :)

  6. Nutcase Says:

    Cool new category!

    Just a quick note to point out that the article has changed since it was first posted. It has been moved from the submitted news category to the brand spanking new codec category. This codec category was made possible by the kickin new icon by allnew, who created it quickly in a pinch. And its great! Anyway… let the discussion continue.

  7. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/01/2000 10:38:17 PM

    Re: This is excellent!

    Not sure if thats possible from personal studio. Its such a compressed format, and may not lend itself to it.

    What i am curious about is if the codec actually works as a media codec. If it does, we all have to send lots of warm thank you letters to the people at Be, inc who let the 3ivx people in on the secret of writing media codecs.

    For those of you who don’t know, the codec specs for beos are still unpublished. They arent secret… they just arent finalized. Thus many codecs arent written. Be helped out the divx people when they wrote one, and it appears that they have helped us out yet again by working with the 3ivx people. Go Be!

  8. Scot Hacker Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/01/2000 10:38:17 PM

    Re: This is excellent!

    Adamation won’t need to take initiative. If the coder conforms to Be’s specs (assuming those are published someday or that Be helps the 3ivx people), it will “just work” with personalStudio. Would be *fantastic* to output 3ivx movies from pS 2.0.

  9. sadistic_mystic Says:


    I have been waiting for this moment for a WHILE.

    Now that it’s out there and released and everything… where is it???

    Where do I download it?

    If it isn’t ported to Be yet at least I can play with the windoze ver.

  10. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/02/2000 01:08:15 AM

    Re: Nice

    Re-read the headline, and get excited again on the 15th. :)

  11. sadistic_mystic Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/02/2000 02:15:57 AM

    Re: Nice

    Ah, I see…

    Sorry.. I scan Benews, BOSC and Begroovy so fast sometimes that I miss little things like that.

    (Being the non-java polluted “un-bandwidth hogging” little websites that they are, and especially with DSL. Speaking of DSL… even if you use the new PPPoE drivers that are out, I wouldn’t trust my security to just that. You don’t even need them with the Linksys Router/Hub. It supports PPPoE and makes you hackerproof all at the same time (Just in case anyone ever releases a BeOS virus) Doubtful.. but maybe a script virus.

    But anyway, back on the subject… Even if 3ivX gets released on the 15th, when do we get it for BeOS? I read the article, and it says the code is open source.. but it didn’t distinctly say that they are going to compile it themselves… or even optimize it for Be for that matter. And by chance, is it multithreaded?

  12. beaudio Says:

    In Response To Scot Hacker @ 12/02/2000 00:31:27 AM

    Re: This is excellent!

    Cool…now there is anothor way to show people that BeOS is the best. Show them a video with the same machine using 3 different OS’s, cranking the same 3vix;P movie. I liked Divx;)….The video quality in BeOS was better than any 3000$ groovy case Mac. The audio was not quite right, but consider the dll hack. Wow if it does BIAS Peak and Adamation
    are going be even better.
    Go Echo
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  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 12/02/2000 07:37:22 AM

    Re: Nice

    Well, they list available on 5 platforms in the press release, as part of their advantages, and everywhere they mention platforms, they distinctly state BeOS.

    As far as what you get, i believe you will simply get a codec. It will work like other codecs. All the apps will play it. :)

    And as far as optimization, i don’t know. I know their plan was to start with generic, and then put optomizations into it. Not sure if they optimized for first release, but i bet they would have.

  14. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 12/01/2000 10:38:17 PM

    Re: This is excellent!

    Well, even if PS can’t do it (I hope it will natively), this is still a good moment for BeOS. As mentioned earlier, Be had to be involved to assist in creating the codec, so that means they are still actively supporting us. I can’t wait for the 15th :)

  15. Delija Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/02/2000 11:44:06 AM

    Re: Nice

    The core encoding/decoding engine is probably written in ASM, so dont expect a significant increase compared to Win9x. What would really be cool though is that the decoding of one frame would take less than 250usec ie the time slice of R5 context switching. This will all seemless multitasking with other apps, hence you’ll be able to do other stuff with your multitasking PC while watching a 3ivX video.

    Just being able to watch a movie want impress your Win9x/Mac buddies, but being to multitask seamlessly, now that will blow their socks off. Couple a pair of CPU’s, and watch them drool over your keyboard.

  16. Delija Says:

    In Response To Delija @ 12/02/2000 5:48:21 PM

    Re: Nice

    Hmm, its Sunday morning, I need caffeine. Rereading my own article makes no sense. I cunt spell for shit.

  17. Matt Smith Says:

    Yeah right.

    I read the news on 3ivx. Made me laugh, same thing was said about BeOS a fewe years ago.

  18. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Matt Smith @ 12/02/2000 9:52:05 PM

    Re: Yeah right.

    Do you care to elaborate on exactly where the same thing could be said about beos (an OS) and 3ivx (a codec)? Cause your post is pointless otherwise.

    Note: The parent to this was modded down as flamebait. When he expands his point beyond that, i will moderate it back up.

  19. rain Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/01/2000 9:19:04 PM

    Re: Pronunceation

    or freeve x perhaps

  20. georges Says:

    [No Subject]

    The 15th is my birthday too!!

  21. georges Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 12/02/2000 00:06:50 AM

    Re: Cool new category!

    In the icon there is DIVX…. would it not have been more appropriate for 3ivx to be there? :)

  22. Hello World Says:

    Demos at The World of Amiga show

    The guys were present at the World of Amiga show. More info at http://www.ann.lu

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