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Stuff You Gotta Have – But Won’t

by @ 11:49 pm on 1/7/2002. Filed under Submitted News

Don’t misconstrue the headline – I’m saying right up front, Stuff You Gotta Have’s current BeOS software will still be supported. It’s anything new, that you “Won’t”. 😉

Citing “various reasons”, Stuff You Gotta Have has decided to get out of the BeOS software business. Mage Productions will carry on the current BeOS application Bookmobile (now called postcardware), and SYGH will still offer it’s Gobe Productive addons CD Templates and Checkbook XL. Click on Read More to read the press release.

While it’s always sad to see developers leave the community, even the developers of smaller applications, it is good to know that they still care enough to make sure those of us left behind are taken care of. 🙂 Thanks SYGH.

News from Stuff You Gotta Have and Mage Productions
Greenville, SC – Jan. 3, 2001

News from Stuff You Gotta Have
Stuff You Gotta Have has decided to get out of the BeOS software business for various reasons, but that does not mean that current applications are being abandoned. In order to continue to offer the proper customer support, Bookmobile has been licensed to Mage Productions, and the new version is now being offered as postcardware. (see below) SYGH has also licensed “Field Commander” to Mage Productions, and if developed, all registered owners of Bookmobile 1.0 will receive a free copy of Field Commander. Likewise, a free copy of Field Commander for Windows will be given as a way to say “thanks”. SYGH will continue to offer “CD Templates” and “Checkbook XL” for BeOS for download. Work is currently being done on version 2.0 of CD Templates. While it is primarily being developed for Windows, a gobeProductive 2.0-compatible version is “possible”, but no promises can be made at this time. CD Templates 2.0 will include three versions: for Excel, gobeProductive 3.0 and StarOffice 6.0 and will be offered as freeware. A Windows version of “Galley’s Rule of Nines” is nearing completion. If any BeOS developer is interested in doing a port, please contact SYGH at for the Visual Basic 6 source code.

News from Mage Productions
Mage Productions can now be found at a new address, Please update your bookmarks.

Bookmobile 1.5 released!
Bookmobile 1.5 can be downloaded at New to this release are a few enhancements as well as a separate utility, “Bookmark Converter” that will convert all of your Opera Hot List links to standard Net Positive bookmarks that can more easily be used in Bookmobile. For more details, please read the included help files.

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