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Japanese BeOS community still going strong

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2001 @ 6:24 PM
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BeatJapan, the BeOS Users Group over in the land of the rising sun, aren’t looking to see any sun set on their favorite OS either. They are even still organizing BeaCon4 - a gathering of Japanese BeOS users for the 4th year running.

Browsing through some of their pages - you can try Babelfish to read these pages - forum readers noticed a couple of interesting items - a glove attached to a BeOS machine, evidently for a virtual Tamagotchi (pictured here and here, found on this page), and the WinBe project (which was reported a very long time ago) is still actively progressing and planning on making an appearance at BeaCon4 (and the pages are in english). WinBe is an effort similar to BeWINE to run, not emulate, Windows applications on BeOS.

So, it seems, we still have a brotherhood of BeOS users over there. Now all that we need is a group of bilingual people to make sure that we all stay together and focus efforts together. Anyone reading this speak Japanese? Thanks to moooooo and AlienSoldier for the links.

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