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BeOS’s new home in peril

by @ 4:52 pm on 11/9/2001. Filed under Be Inc

It seems that Be’s new home may be made of straw. Palm‘s CEO has resigned as of Thursday night. This leaves what some view as a sinking ship drifting helplessly, while BeOS is tied to the mast wondering what will happen. Cheesy metaphors aside, this aint good folks.

Meanwhile, reports are eeking out that Nov.27th will bring lay offs of 300 to 400 Palm employees. This has not been confirmed, but seems reliable. Hopefully the newly migrated Be engineers will survive the cut.

Meanwhile, Monday brings the vote on the future of Be’s assets. That will seal the fate of BeOS one way or another.. ripped apart by creditors, or lost in the palm whirlwind. Neither seems all that great.. but things have been known to survive whirlwinds.

So where does this leave the BeUnited movement to license the OS from Palm? Exactly where it was before. When/If the deal goes through (VOTE YES!), BeUnited will contact the new owners (Palm) and attempt to reach a licensing agreement with them regarding the BeOS source. If that licensing agreement fails, BeUnited has backup plans for saving the OS, but would like to attempt licensing the real source first, as it will ensure the quickest and most reliable release of the next BeOS.

Hold on tight folks.. things are getting crazy.

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