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First Pixel32 BeOS alpha posted for registered users

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 28 Nov, 2000 @ 9:04 PM
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In a rather understated move, Secundum Artem has posted the first alpha of their BeOS port of pixel32. It is VERY alpha, and still has no file open/save features. But it is available to already-registered users. If you have recieved your username and password (you should have by now) head to their support page and log in. You should find the alpha on the following page. If you dont have a username or password, now’s a great time to register!

13 Responses to “First Pixel32 BeOS alpha posted for registered users”

  1. Billy Kakes Says:

    Wonderful to see

    It’s obviously not done yet, but I’m thrilled they posted this preview. Pixel32 has a [b]lot[/b] of good features and will definitely be one of the most professional applications for the BeOS when it ships. From the (admittedly fairly little) I’ve used Pixel32, I can say that it has most of the best features of Photoshop, with some nice extras thrown in. This is a program that the BeOS needs desperately, and it’s wonderful to see it coming.

    (Inferno also looks great, but Pixel32 seems to be more done and competition never hurts ;)

  2. ebuehler Says:

    In Response To Billy Kakes @ 11/28/2000 10:08:52 PM

    Re: Wonderful to see

    This is great. I had almost forgotten about Pixel32. For the brief few minutes that I have played w/ it I am impressed. It looks like it intends to be full featured and a definite Photoshop challenger, although I still haven’t tried everything.
    I wonder if following versions will see more Be api implementation? Such as separated windows, and more of a general BeOS feel. Although this may be a lot to ask since this program is geared to multiple platforms.

    I am glad I chose to support Secundum Artem.

  3. NorseLord Says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Thanks, Nutcase, for the update on this. I was beginning to get a little worried about the status of the port, but this is great news. I can’t wait to get home and give the pre-alpha a try.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s working for you?

    It just stops when it begins with a segment violation. I don’t even get to see a window…

    How did you make it work?

  5. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 11/28/2000 11:11:06 PM

    Re: It’s working for you?

    Run it from a terminal window. just open a terminal in its directory and type “pixel”

  6. rain Says:


    How far away is it from the windows-version?

    I just tried this baby out and I have to say that it’s sweeeet! It’s many times faster than photoshop! I hope it is this fast in BeOS, or perhaps faster?

    I will probably register any time soon, this thing is worth it!

    It lacks on a lot of features though, but it is still very good. What i’d need is better text-handling(perhaps as good as in fireworks) and better selection-tools.

    Hmm. wow, I am impressed!

  7. rain Says:

    In Response To rain @ 11/29/2000 01:59:43 AM

    Re: sweet

    OK, I stopped fooling around with it and tried to do some professional image manipulation. It wasn’t that good at working with large images. It was actually a little slower than photoshop in that area, and it finally crashed and gave me a lot of blue screens and i had to reboot.

    the app still looks great though! being version 0.99.7 I didn’t expect it to be rock solid.

  8. sadistic_mystic Says:

    I am a registered user of Pixel32 and I can’t get my password to work!

    Damnit.. I have waited this long to see it and my password doesn’t work

  9. datatec Says:

    In Response To rain @ 11/29/2000 01:59:43 AM

    Re: sweet

    I personally found it was faster in beos.

    The program is far from finished, But I have to say
    that I like what I see. It is nice to see a program
    with a fairly full complement of tools etc, although
    most are not activated yet it gives me great hope.
    the beos version is just alpha so I don’t expect
    much at this time but it is very encouraging how
    far and how fast the beos port has come. On the
    web page there was talk of having beos possiably
    be the main platform for it. So SUPPORT the author
    this is the only way we will get great apps for beos.
    NO support for authors = no ports and no native programs.

  10. datatec Says:

    In Response To rain @ 11/29/2000 02:13:17 AM

    Re: sweet

    If I am not mistaken you could download the previous
    version that is not a beta and see how that works.
    Or one of the original DOS versions.

  11. sadistic_mystic Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 11/29/2000 06:20:54 AM

    Re: I am a registered user of Pixel32 and I can’t get my password to work!

    I must say, Pixel32 has the best damn tech support I have EVER seen.

    I got a reply from the author of the software in less than 30 minutes from my email. These guys have me as a customer for GOOD!

    I couldn’t get my reg code to work to get the alpha version. He looked it up immediately.
    God I love small software houses.

    Hell, one good point for be for professionals is the fact they don’t have to trust “outsourced” tech support. There are true advantages to being small.

  12. MrEntropy Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 11/29/2000 6:48:06 PM

    Re: I am a registered user of Pixel32 and I can’t get my password to work!

    Gonna have to agree. My HD drive (LAST time I buy a Western Digital) died and I lost my password to the site. Sent an email at 5:30am (my time) and got a response just a few minutes later.

    And Pixel32 looks pretty good so far, although it sorta looks like you’re running Windows from BeOS. When it gets done, I think it’ll be sweet.

  13. Shice Says:

    In Response To MrEntropy @ 11/29/2000 8:09:35 PM

    Re: I am a registered user of Pixel32 and I can’t get my password to work!

    It’s apparently very skinnable, so hopefully a BeOS skin isn’t that difficult to build.

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