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Rumblings from the net

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 17 Oct, 2001 @ 11:30 AM
Bits N

Ok.. here are some of the recent smaller stories all rolled up into one big one. We’ve got news on the new PalmOS company, various website disappearances, non-ports, and continuing projects. Oh, and a magazine and some forum news. Read on…

[Update]: Just had someone point out that OpenBeOS is not dead. The obedn site is still dead, but the group has moved to a new site that I was unaware of. After some searching (as no one gave me a url), I located it at http://open-beos.sourceforge.net/. Pretty obvious I suppose.. But in any case, its good to see that things are progressing nicely. :)

First off, NewBe.org has shut down. It seems they need new hosting, and/or funding. Also, BeNews, BeOSCentral, and The BeOS Journal are all offline. While BeNews and BOSC are AWOL, The BeOS Journal Had this to say when one of our readers questioned them:

1. What happened to BeOSJournal?

The BeOS Journal began in February 2000 as a sort of BeOS home page, with
lots of links to other BeOS sites and also BeOS news you couldn’t find
anywhere else. It has been offline for several days but will re-launch soon.

2. What are your plans to re-launch it?

Chris Simmons and others are re-launching it on beosjournal.net and

3. Any of idea of the timescale involved before it’s back online?

It should be up in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, another reader thought this story about PalmOS being spun off as a company could be a sign of life. I think it is just an indication of where the former be-engineers will be spending most of their time. I think a good sign of life is the BeUnited Initiative of which I am a part. But that is dependant on a license from Palm.. so keep your fingers crossed.

In other news, InsideBeOS has recently launched Issue #5. You can see the contents on their website. Congratulations guys, and Good Luck!

Finally, I am going to be migrating the BeGroovy forums soon. This shift won’t happen immediately, but will happen sometime within the next two months. I am currently seeking comments on the move. They are going to become part of a forum with a larger scope, but will exist in their own subsection. All posts will be migrated, and users will be contacted with more info. This is because I love the community we have built, and don’t want to see it die, regardless of BeOS. By expanding the forum’s scope we can keep it alive without giving anything up. I hope most or all of you will come along during the shift and continue to post. We have a great thing going. Lets keep it that way. Please don’t take this as a sign of BeGroovy’s impending doom. It isnt. BeGroovy will exist for as long as there is BeOS news, and if the BeUnited initiative (or OpenBeOS, which seems to be MIA) is successful, that could be quite a long time to come.

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