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Great BeOS Machine for sale

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 04 Oct, 2001 @ 10:07 PM
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Hey all… I know there hasn’t been much news here recently, but thats mainly because there hasnt been much news recently. :P This article can’t really be said to solve that problem. Basically, in my quest to get my life together after graduating college, I am working on getting rid of a LOT of stuff I don’t need. A part of that is moving to a laptop computer. To do that, I need to sell my current pc. So, thats what this is. an ad for a custom built, 100% BeOS compatible, really fast computer. It also runs windows and linux quite well. Read More for all the system details. (P.S. I know the commenting is screwed up. We are working on it. Its due to a server software upgrade gone awry. For now you can discuss this article here)

Ok. The system is configured as follows:

I don’t really know what this system is worth money wise, but it is VERY fast, in very good condition, and runs very well. As such, and am currently accepting offers. If you are interested in the system, please contact me at
nutcase@begroovy.com and let me know what you are willing to pay for the system. I am pretty flexible,
but reserve the right to turn down any offer. If I don’t find a buyer from the community, I guess I will go to e-bay, but I would much prefer to find it a “good home”, so to speak.

If you have any questions, please email, or discuss this article here


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