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OpenTracker finds a new home

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Sep, 2001 @ 11:34 PM

Be recently announced that their OpenTracker server was going down permenantly, and suggested that someone move it to SourceForge. Well, Axel Dörfler answered that challenge, and moved it to opentracker.sourceforge.net. Source control is now cvs instead of perforce, but it’s there, and the server is stable. It may be a while until we see any new official beos releases, even under a different name/group. But in the meantime, developing on opentracker is a great way to move the OS along. You can discuss any ideas or plans in our OpenTracker forums. Read on for the announcement Axel sent to everyone.

Hi all,
I began to put OpenTracker on SourceForge yesterday.

The CVS is up and running and I put up a mailing list opentracker-develop@lists.sourceforge.net which may replace the one on the Be servers when they will be gone (sometime in the future).

I already imported the current source tree, and checked in Rene Gollent’s fix for the context menu crash.

I already began to move and update the website located at http:// www.opentracker.org to http://opentracker.sourceforge.net

So development can be revived again, now.

You can send me your patches (if any :-) directly, but I can also add you to the list of developers if there is enough interest.

I will present you my thoughts of what to do with OpenTracker in the near future - open for discussion.

Adios… Axel.

2 Responses to “OpenTracker finds a new home”

  1. filo Says:


    no one has anything to say. not evan a “thanks for the work! keep it up!”


  2. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To filo @ 09/28/2001 12:22:01 AM

    Re: ummm….

    Thanks for the work! Keep it up! :)

    No, really! It’s phantastic what those guys have accomplished compared to the standard R5 Tracker/Deskbar!
    Has the mailing list moved, too? There’s verrry little traffic there.

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