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by @ 11:29 pm on 9/25/2001. Filed under Site News

Hey all… many of you have been wondering exactly what’s up with BeGroovy. One of you even sent leBuzz an email about it. This is just an explanation.

Basically, I have been really busy, and simply havent had the time to update the site. There hasn’t been MAJOR news for a while, so nothing pressing made me update. And the time I did have to work on web sites was spent coding the new BeUnited site, based on Helmar’s design. I will post news about that later on, but check it out. It’s all about how to save BeOS.

In any case, I am actually going to be quiet again for the rest of this week, since i am on the road for 3 days, and saturday is my birthday. Then next week I am going to take a train into New York to see the damage with my own eyes, and try to get a sense of the tragedy from something other than TV. But in the meantime, I will post some news tonight to keep people happy. 🙂

Oh yeah, the sidebars not working is a cron issue. I am working on it, but i havent nailed it yet, due to time constraints.

Also, time is becoming more of an issue as I look for work, and work on several other planned sites. If any of you think you can make a contribution to the site, such as posting news or such, get in touch with me at and let me know how,why,etc… basically convince me to give you news script access. We need all the help we can get to keep the site lively during this somewhat news-less time. Thanks.

6 Responses to “Hibernation?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    [No Subject]

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. franknputer says:


    Happy Birthday, Nutcase! Nice job on the BeUnited site, too – looks great!

  3. Ruprect says:

    In Response To franknputer @ 09/26/2001 3:56:04 PM

    Re: Yeah…

    BeUnited looks awesome, dude! Nice work. Thanks for supporting the BeOS community!

    Oh… and happy b-day!

  4. Nutcase says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 09/26/2001 6:20:57 PM

    Re: Yeah…

    Thanks, and thanks! 🙂

    Of course, the BeUnited design was initially created by Helmar.. I just ran it through photoshop, cleaned up the image design, and recoded the layout to be more flexible. So it was a Helmar design, revised by Me.

    As far as my Birthday, it should be decent. Well, sorta. I am gonna spend 10 hours of it driving from Indiana to New Jersey. But the night before and night of should be fun. 🙂

  5. Ruprect says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 09/26/2001 6:29:05 PM

    Re: Yeah…

    Hey, Ryan, I noticed that Inferno is not listed on the projects page of BeUnited. Any significance to that?

    Just very curious…

  6. Nutcase says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 10/01/2001 2:13:24 PM

    Re: Yeah…

    BeUnited projects are meant for opensource/free software. Inferno is closed-source, and is going to be commercial when released. As such, Deej removed it from the list during the clean-up. It doesnt mean inferno isnt being developed. In fact, it is being actively developed, and is maturing nicely.

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