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InSite Constructor announced

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 26 Nov, 2000 @ 7:05 PM
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Raycone, The developers of InSite Designer, have just announced a new application developed exclusively for BeOS - InSite Constructor. This app is a completely BeOS native HTML editor in the HomeSite mould. The screenshots are looking impressive, and they are holding an open call for beta testers. Looking good!

9 Responses to “InSite Constructor announced”

  1. georges Says:

    [No Subject]

    Very nice!
    I hope this app turns out well…

  2. El-Al Says:

    In Response To georges @ 11/26/2000 10:20:38 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    yes…it’s looking like a very nice application. I wish them success with it.

  3. BeMan Says:

    [No Subject]

    I hope this app is finished soon. We really need something like this in BeOS. All the gadgets will increase productivity a lot.

  4. Michael Wulff Nielsen Says:

    This looks good

    It sure is nice to see some new apps for BeOS,
    Obviously this one has been a long time in getting here, but apparently Raycone has done a really great job…. Hope they make some money on it….

  5. Roger Andre Lassen Says:

    In Response To Michael Wulff Nielsen @ 11/27/2000 10:18:33 AM

    Re: This looks good

    They will make money, if WE buy it. I’m certainly gonna buy it


    Roger Andre Lassen

  6. NorseLord Says:

    nice editor

    I have been looking for an editor with these features for quite some time.

  7. ultrabe Says:

    Will Designer users get a price break?

    I bought Designer because there wasn’t much else and I still use it for basic grunt work, but it doesn’t handle CSS at all well. Anyhow I sure could use Constructor, and since I paid about $40 just months ago, I’m expecting something low cost or free.

  8. AllNew Says:

    Graphics People, Psuedo-Important

    If you can draw like yours truly you may be interested in this http://www.raycone.com/Constructor/index.html#Graphics

    It doesn’t say what you get, but I hope Raycone will give a discount at least. I thought the GUI of InSight Designer was rather weak, hopefully we’ll have something prettier than those Windows and Linux boys have if some artists contribute.

  9. DrB Says:


    i showed Designer to a couple of my friends that are pro graphic designer/web designers. they thought it was OK compared to homesite. they pretty much said the same about BeCasso in comparison to photoshop.

    they thought both worked like older versions of the products, which is a pretty good sign considering the time/money comparison.

    good news all around.

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