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BeGroovy server fixes & new pseudo-feature

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 12 Sep, 2001 @ 1:03 PM
Site News

Hey there all.. Just a quick note to let you in on a few changes to the server. First of all, all the @begroovy.com email addresses should be working. As far as I can tell, bemail.org is also working, but I will continue following up on my end to make sure that it is, and stays that way. Anyway, to those of you emailing me only to be bounced, we are back in business. Also, I got bored and decided to remove the security from the as-yet unfinished search engine. As such, you can all beat the hell out of my horribly buggy code searching all our old stories and comments. It was going to be a much grander thing, but I simply don’t have time to finish it at the moment. Should i have time later, i will. In the meantime, head over to search.begroovy.com if you need to find something. :)

7 Responses to “BeGroovy server fixes & new pseudo-feature”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    i think you should capitalize ‘I’ in your post

    (Don’t flame, I meant to do that. If you didnt catch the joke, don’t try.)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    New BeDoper Online

    Sony, Inc.: “We’re really stupid”.

    Sandwich Boy.

  3. Jedi Be Says:


    Any idea when the sidebars will be fixed? They haven’t been updating since BG came back online.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/15/2001 06:47:42 AM

    Re: New BeDoper Online

    Sandwich boy can’t spell “fourth” the same way twice. (follow links at bottom). Shame.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/15/2001 8:35:47 PM

    Re: New BeDoper Online

    Thanks for pointing out the typo, AnaLFacE.

    Sandwich Boy

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/15/2001 06:47:42 AM

    Re: New BeDoper Online

    I might read BeDoper more if it were, you know, funny.

  7. Sandwich Boy Says:

    Did you get a life yet?

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