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BeOS Journal reports BeIA and eVilla dead - officially

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 30 Aug, 2001 @ 1:15 PM
Be Inc

Well, BeOS Journal has the scoop… Palm has officially said that there will not be any continued development of BeIA - in response to the other news item - Sony is buying back all eVilla systems and has discontinued it, due to the fact that it has not performed well, and supposedly has nothing to do with Palm acquiring Be’s IP. Head over to BeOS Journal to read the stories and get the relevant links.

Well, at least they didn’t say BeOS - yet. And to answer Ryan’s question if anyone bought Qubit’s BeIA devices… the BeIA devices at Qubit never made it to market before being replaced with CE ones. :( I can say that BeIA, for what it’s worth now, was one peice of cool technology that could’ve been, but never was.

68 Responses to “BeOS Journal reports BeIA and eVilla dead - officially”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, BeIA sucked

    “I can say that BeIA, for what it’s worth now, was one peice of cool technology that could’ve been, but never was. ”

    From my own limited experience with an eVilla at Fry’s (perpetually locked up, even when I did unplug the damn thing), and all the reviews put forth by media and computer sites, everyone says eVilla was buggy,slow, and unstable.

    I don’t think BeIA was every a very good IA device. Despite Be’s engineering prowess on the desktop, maybe they just didn’t have enough time/money/expertise to create a good solid IA. Maybe they didn’t even know what an IA OS was supposed to be!

    All the negative things I’ve said that would happen to Be have. ANd now, Be’s only hope just one month ago, is now dead.

    The Internet Appliance- what a crock.

  2. Deej Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 1:30:15 PM

    Re: Actually, BeIA sucked

    I am speaking of my experience working with it as a developer. Unfortunately, Be didn’t work everything out soon enough (bugs), and there wasn’t a top notch browser for it, although the BeIA one was not all that bad.

    You can take the media and public opinions for what they are worth, but from a developer/engineer/geek point of view, it was some good technology that could’ve been, IMHO. I’m sure many others that have actually worked with it would agree.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 08/30/2001 1:34:26 PM

    Re: Actually, BeIA sucked

    I don’t deny it had potential, but let’s face it, if something doesn’t work well for a reviewer, that’s not a good sign it’s going to work for the mass public.

    Sending a review unit out, you make sure to hide the bugs/inconsistencies/undeveloped features.

    I remember at least two or three reviews of it saying it was slow and buggy, and Ryan posted this comment from a buyer:

    “eVilla owner Tom Beamer reports the eVilla’s e-mail system is “totally screwed up,” generating replies to incorrect messages. ”

    I don’t think BeIA was a quality product, unlike BeOS 4.5 and 5.

    All Monday morning quarterbacking at this point though.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well maybe its good SONY didn’t buy Be seeing they are lying sons of bitches

    I remember the head of sony or one of there important people saying they where sticking with the evilla and Be. Guess the trow out their words quickly. I understand the Evilla had problems, I would tend to think it was a hardware thing not a software thing. The geode chip is not a speed demon, and I don’t know how proven it is. I think the flop of the villa is SONY’s fault, the connection thing probly didn’t help but nether did the fact you couldn’t go to sony’s web sight and find it for sale easyily I tried many time to find a link through the sony web page and failed, the only way I ever saw it there was through a link on benews (please come back to life). If people can’t just stuble into it while browsing your page your not going to sell it. Wish I could have got to seen one in person. No stores have them, I think only that mysterous “FRYs” (store on the west coast or somehting?)place had them.

    anyways, fairwell evilla. maybe you will ecome a collecters item like bebox’s

  5. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    Now *WHAT* a surprise. So, after all the pessimists that cried out at Be since last year were right.
    Whatever problems the company had with its OS, the switch to IA’s made everything worse. Still there is absolutely no IA market. And what for? If you can buy a cheap PC.
    Every damn IA I have seen or read about *is* just a crippled PC. And they never stood up to what they were supposed to be. *LOL*

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 1:47:57 PM

    Re: Well maybe its good SONY didn’t buy Be seeing they are lying sons of bitches

    BeOS users don’t differentiate between PR talk and what these companies are really saying. Vapourware is always all mighty powerful. Very few companies would act responsibly like Adamation — in that they tell you with a straight face that they are not going to do a beos version.

    Dell didn’t tell the public for 6 weeks that they cancelled the linux pre-installed computers.

    How many times have poor benews or begroovy staff demanded 3rd party BeOS developers for information on release dates of BeOS software — only to find out that they were cancelled months (or even years) ago.

    Let’s face it, when Palm and Gobe said that they will think about releasing BeOS wares — that just PR talk.

    PS: you can’t keep evilla as a working collectors item (like the audrey) because evilla is ISP locked.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 1:47:57 PM

    Re: Well maybe its good SONY didn’t buy Be seeing they are lying sons of bitches

    2)Fry’s had them, and I wasn’t impressed. It was perpetually locked up when I used it.
    3)x86 hardware is tried and true. I think BeIA was is and forever shall be bug-ridden.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Osnews got it right

    Read osnews.com take on the issue of why eVilla sucked.

  9. Anonymous Says:


    You mean someone actually bought an eVilla? Must have been at gunpoint…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Tell me when are we running out of nails….

    ..to put in the coffin?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 2:42:10 PM

    Re: Huh?

    LOL! You beat me to it! I was gonna say the same thing.

  12. Jason Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 1:55:55 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Amen! How those silly bastards ever convinced themselves an IA could succeed is beyond me. At beat it all, it looks like it was not even good at what it was supposed to do. Look back it would have been alot nicer if Be bought the farm due while making BeOS instead of BeIA. At least then they could have still had their principles…

  13. Galley_SimRacer Says:

    eVilla monitor

    I still want one of those “portrait-mode” monitors!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Well …

    Buh Bye!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    where is …

    Where is yc these days?

  16. bkakes Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 4:47:43 PM

    Re: where is …

    HAHAHA! That’s exactly what I want to know. ;)

  17. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 2:09:43 PM

    Re: Well maybe its good SONY didn’t buy Be seeing they are lying sons of bitches

    you can still turn it on. Just can’t go on the net. Also most collectiable don’t get used they just sit there. Maybe the smithsonian will keap one. maybe for a history of computer secton, (the flop section). If i saw one on ebay for 5 bucks i would get it. though from what i hear on the weight the shipping could suck.

  18. LoCal Says:

    I want an eVilla

    Well, although there is not much use for it (according beosjournal). I would like to have one. Also one of the FIC BeIA-Webpads (k, they never hit public, but they are impressive!!!!).
    While BeIA was maybe the killer for Be, I wouldn’t doom it. BeIA was way ahead of it’s time, and that was it’s problem…..BeIA came 5 years to early.


  19. Anonymous Says:

    BeIA is not a complete Waste.

    At least is good as a bad example.




  20. kristan_slack Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 08/30/2001 1:34:26 PM

    Re: Actually, BeIA sucked

    Actually, whilst designing my university thesis, I formed a business and became a partner with Be.

    I must say that I was disappointed and angered by the lack of information they provided - I’m guessing this is largely because we weren’t a big bucks company.

    I received two cuts of BeIA… both only the dev kit, and both extremely poorly documented. I never received any updates, and the BeIA Dev website interface was never updated (despite the text which promised updates to be “coming soon”).

    After a year of attempting to design my thesis with BeIA, I ended up using BeOS instead and simply making my app run fullscreen - this was disappointing, and I still held out hope that perhaps Be was just very busy and didn’t have time to provide any more info.

    It was much later after this that I discovered that BeIA cuts were being made frequently for Be partners - I never received email about this, and when I applied, I didn’t receive any newer versions.

    So much for BeIA dev support - it disgusted me, frankly, and was part of the reason I don’t mind using XP now.

    I still have the BeIA dev kit… it’s not much use, and I really didn’t find it terribly impressive. JLG actually seemed to have quite a limited view of what an internet appliance was anyway.

    Ah well… any chance I had at making my thesis design commercially viable was sunk largely due to two things:
    1) my running out of time to try marketing it
    2) the lack of decent support and info provided by Be - making it almost impossible to complete in the footprint I wanted


    Kristan Slack

  21. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Galley_SimRacer @ 08/30/2001 4:14:09 PM

    Re: eVilla monitor

    Pick up your monitor, turn it through 90 degrees
    Put it back down.

    You have an eVilla-style portrait monitor.
    Now, assuming your video card has “rotate” support like a high-end Matrox you can use this with your computer in the normal way, but somewhat slower.

    The eVilla did not have a high-end Matrox card in it. It doesn’t go “somewhat slower” it goes a LOT slower.

    PS. Yes, you can buy REAL portrait monitors which won’t do this, but Sony could not afford to put these into a cheap $500 pseudo-PC that was already losing them hundreds of dollars per sale.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 6:02:31 PM

    Re: BeIA is not a complete Waste.

    Please don’t do that.

    I know that BeOS users are mostly not interested in copyright and licensing (see all previous “You can get OGL and BONE on BeShare” threads) but unlike OGL and BONE the images you’re reproducing are already available to be licensed for your use on condition that you link to the copyright holder’s web site so that you help advertise the products you’ve ripped off.
    So what you’re doing isn’t “sticking it to the man” it’s “ripping off some poor artist”

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Be Inc we tried to tell you …

    Basically, it means that Be Inc’s focus-shift decision the stoopidest idea.

    All I can say is Be Inc, we told you so …

    You SHOULD have listened to the BeOS community.

  24. Anonymous Says:


    Was this product *ever* advertised anywhere, outside of Sony’s web site? I recall seeing ads for 3Com’s Audrey on TV for a while, but *nothing* for eVilla. Were ads run in computer magazines? Newsweek? Time? It doesn’t surprise me that this device failed, but it doesn’t appear to me that Sony put much effort into seeing that it didn’t.

  25. Deej Says:

    In Response To kristan_slack @ 08/30/2001 7:53:05 PM

    Re: Actually, BeIA sucked

    Well, I can see this too. We had a Be engineer in the area, that was pretty much dedicated to us, or we liked to think that at least. :P So we got a lot of attention through this engineer, who often worked late nights along side of us. He always brought us the newest builds and the like. So our support was great. Too bad they couldn’t have treated every partner that way.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 9:48:21 PM

    Re: Advertised…?

    prolly didnt advertise for the same reason it was axed, it was a poor preformer, they’ll prolly revise it and release it under CE, and when theyre happy with it, they’ll advertise a lot

  27. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Galley_SimRacer @ 08/30/2001 4:14:09 PM

    Re: eVilla monitor

    try the viewsonic va800 flat panel. one of it’s features is portrait display. it also has dual-outputs which is useful.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 4:47:43 PM

    Re: where is …

    LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!!!!!!!#$@#!@$%$

    -ft standing in for yc

  29. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/31/2001 10:56:22 AM

    Re: THE difference

    That is truly the saddest part of this whole thing. Sure, Microsoft made life tough for Be, but if they had stuck it out who knows how thing might have turned out. One thing’s for sure, it couldn’t have ended any worse than it has.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 9:34:24 PM

    Re: Be Inc we tried to tell you …

    what difference would it have made? Even in its hey day, nobody could preinstall BeOS along with Windows. For those companies that wanted to go with Be it was an either-or decision If they went with Be it would mean consumers would be missing their favorite Windows app while waiting for the Be version. .The same thing is true with linux-nobody preinstalls linux along with Windows. Heck, VA and Dell gave up on even installing “just” linux. This does not make for a successful desktop platform. Linux users and some Be users are ok with it because they are hard-core but it’s hard to make money from that.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 9:48:21 PM

    Re: Advertised…?

    I saw eVilla mentioned in Newsweek, NY Times Circuits section, Washington Post…and the reviews were all bad

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Be finally finds its place

    Wouldn’t you call a wireless Palm an internet appliance? Here’s something that’s easy to use, stable and most importantly: lots of people will go for it. You can’t call it a stripped down PC that only newbies want because a wireless Palm goes where PC’s/laptops can’t. Now imagine Be technology in every Palm, Handspring, Sony Clie, Handera, Samsung, Kyocera, IBM Workpad, (Panasonic and Nokia too I think?) etc with tens of thousands of developers coding for it. Now for the first time in years millions of people will have the experience of using an OS that doesn’t suck. They will use it more often than the PC because you can actually have a life and still keep track of your email or whatever without slumping in front of a PC all the time. Now I like this future more than “Be in your fridge” or “Be for brain challenged newbies.” I would’ve liked Be on my desktop with established support but that probably was never going to happen anyway

  33. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 11:00:36 PM

    Re: Advertised…?

    which, of course, begs the question of why it was released in the first place. However, I imagine that Sony has plenty of money to burn like this.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/31/2001 05:40:06 AM

    Re: Advertised…?

    Yea, I had seen the reviews and mentions of it in the press. My question was more one of what Sony did in terms of marketing and advertising to sell the product.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/31/2001 03:55:33 AM

    THE difference

    Just imagine if Be Inc., instead of develop BeIA, used all this time to make BeOS better… more drivers, openGL, bone, etc.,etc…

    I think that BeOS is already a great OS, but just imagine Beos one year of full attention from Be inc.


  36. bkakes Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/31/2001 05:55:01 AM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    Palm wants the Be developers and maybe a little of their technology, but we are *not* going to see anything even close to the BeOS in a Palm handheld. Period. The PalmOS already has more applications than the BeOS, and they’re not going to start from scratch with an OS designed to work on PCs rather than handhelds just because it has some nifty features (many of which really aren’t appropriate for handhelds).

    I definitely like the idea of a wireless web, but checking e-mail on a small screen and composing e-mail with a stylus aren’t my idea of a good time. Maybe when you have contact lenses or “monitors” in glasses or whatever your vision may come true, but until then, Palms can’t get a bigger screen; the devices are almost too big as it is.

    I love the BeOS and am sad to see it die, but people thinking it will have a second life on Palms are simply denying reality.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 2:09:43 PM


    Regardless of expectations… the statement from Sony was a lie. Press releases are such BS. PR people are full of BS. The computer industry IS BS.
    sick of making accounts

  38. pimenta Says:

    Hack eVilla

    Is it possible to hack the eVilla BeIA so eVilla can be used to dial, connect and work with a standard ISP which does not have the MAP server that Earthlink may have for the eVilla Network support?

    This way eVilla users could browse the web and access IAMP e-mail accounts like they would do with the eVilla Network. Well, I would like to do that, as I need an IMAP e-mail client, some web browsing and a small appliance.

    All that USB and memory stich stuff thrown away?

    What a waste… That need a hacking effort!


    v i v a B e O S !

  39. tantalic Says:

    In Response To bkakes @ 08/31/2001 1:47:11 PM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    Here’s just a few reasons why Palm will probably use alot more of Be’s technology and engineers then anyone expects:

    1. They actually don’t have there own kernel, they license it. Now they have some of the best kernel engineers in the world, and one of the best kernels to start from (that has already been ported to two processors, not including it’s original).

    2. The Palm OS (mostly due to restrictions on its kernel) can not multitask…one thing we know the BeOS is good at, and the engineers are good at making.

    3. Pocket PC (WinCE) is far ahead in the multimedia department. Hmmmm…needs a “Multimedia OS”.

    4. The dragonball processor is extreemly unpowerful, and Palm has already announced they will be moving to the ARM processor. Thus all of their current apps you mentioned will become useless and an emulator will probably be made to fix this. Thus having an OS that isn’t binary compatable is not a problem.

    5. To keep costs at a minimum handhelds are built with slow processors, small amounts of ram, etc. BeOS has always been designed to get the most out of the least hardware.

    By aquiring Be’s IP they have aquired many key technologys to incorperate in their upcomming OS. Sure it is very unlikely that the outcome will look anything like BeOS (far to complicated for a handheld) or even be source compatable with BeOS software, but it is very likely we will see some key aspects of BeOS in the upcomming PalmOS. Most likely Palm will use it to create their own kernel based from Be’s that is multithreaded to allow for a multitasking OS that is very responsive on slow hardware. Then they will use Be’s media expertise to ensure it can play videos, music, and browse pictures.

    It may not be recognizable at the user level, but it is clear that upcoming Palm OS will utilize alot of technology from Be to make it a very solid platform.
    [Edited at 2:20 Sep 1 2001 by tantalic]

  40. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To pimenta @ 08/31/2001 6:21:47 PM

    Re: Hack eVilla

    Seams like if you wanted to keap one going you could have the thing dial into a desktop computer thats hooked to the next or a homemade router. set it up to think its hooking to earthink. then use your regular connection to acess the world. no need to pay earthlink this way. then you could just set it up in your house some place and use it.

    on a side thought. does anyone know if there may be just a jumper on its MOBO that you can activate the NIC with, then restart and it has ethernet. Just a thought. Maybe this is how that Hotel got the ethernet going.

  41. DrB Says:

    In Response To tantalic @ 09/01/2001 02:20:19 AM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    I agree wholeheartedly. I have had this contention since the buyout was announced.

    The facts are

    1. Palm is losing market share to WinCE
    2. Color handhelds are doing well
    3. Palm is moving to ARM
    4. Palm likes to design sexy handhelds

    Since Palm is not likely to allow MS to walk all over them, they will seek to take back market share with a sexy new PalmOS and sexy new hardware to run it on. Jeff Hawkins (guy who started Palm and is now head of Handspring) has always stated that the Palm must be funtional first and all else is secondary. Could Palm make their OS *more* functional than it already is? Certainly, but their are limitations to monochrome static GUIs. My old Mac Classic (yes I was one of the poor fools that bought one) running System 6 has a better interface and it is 10 years old. The Mac interface, in general, is even older. Outside developers have taken the palm apps and interface to other levels with custom hacks to increase usability and customization, but the hardware and OS have inherent limits.

    WinCE is a ‘miny Windows’. If Palm does not see how users (and developers) would think this is good, then they too will go the way of Be Inc.

  42. CattBeMac Says:

    So What Now?!

    So if BeIA is officially dead then what are those Be Engineers going to do until they are officially pushed over to Palm? Or have they been pushed over already?? I sure hope that the long awaited BeOS R6 will rear its ugly head once and for all! We all need to chant…

    “R6!” “R6!” “R6!” “R6!” “R6!” “R6!” “R6!” “R6!”

    And let our voices Be heard :-)

  43. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 09/01/2001 09:08:05 AM

    Are you kidding?

    1. Palm has been paying their salaries for a couple weeks now, and will continue to do so until the asset purchase is complete.

    2. There is no way in hell they are going to let them work on BeOS in the meantime. Hell, go to befaqs.com. It’s quite clear that BeOS is a total afterthought to Palm.

    These people wishing for an R6 release are DREAMING.

  44. mlk Says:

    In Response To Jason @ 08/30/2001 3:46:41 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    time to sound stupid….
    I still think the HARP-like device would sell… so nerr!


  45. mlk Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 3:45:24 PM

    Re: Tell me when are we running out of nails….

    when Palm bought Be’s IP?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 6:02:31 PM

    Re: BeIA is not a complete Waste.

    i want the last…

    maybe we could use one as the box art for OpenBeOS

  47. tantalic Says:

    BeOS on a Palm?

    Most people believe that although Palm will definately benifit from the technology developed at Be Inc and the great engineers they aquired, that the resulting effects upon Palm OS will be nothing like the BeOS we know and love. But that may not be the case, as it would be very possible and probably very profitable to make a port of BeOS to the ARM platform to use on future handhelds. Of course the Tracker and Deskbar would be replaced with another GUI, more simular to that of the current Palm OS, but the base of the system would infact be very simular to BeOS.

    If you think this is crazy take a look at what QNX has done to get QNX RTP running on a iPaq - the results look very nice, and we all know BeOS has the same possibility. It would provide Palm with the speed, media, and internet capabilities that they need to compete with the upcomming release of PocketPC 2002.


  48. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To tantalic @ 09/01/2001 4:03:25 PM

    Re: BeOS on a Palm?

    Be Inc. didn’t do such a great job in scaling down BeOS into BeIA. Audrey had a 24 meg flashrom versus evilla’s 32 meg of flashrom — and the audrey included everything that evilla has (a browser, realplayer, flash and remote management software). Audrey has extras that the evilla doesn’t (such as network card drivers and palm schedule synching software) — evilla’s only extra is the driver for the memory stick. Audrey only has 32 meg of ram versus evilla with 64 meg of ram. Face it — BeIA ia bulky compare to PalmOS and QNX — scaling BeIA further so that it can be put into palmtops will be even more difficult.

    Whereas for QSSL, putting QNX6 on the iPaq is actually scaling up. 99% of the embedded devices that use QNX4 or QNX6 today don’t have the footprint, the CPU power and the RAM’s as the iPaq has.

  49. tantalic Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/01/2001 6:22:12 PM

    Re: BeOS on a Palm?

    BeIA had alot of things on it, that used a significant amount of processesing power and memory that it would not need on a handheld. So it would be able to scale it down MUCH more to fit it on a handheld. (of course it would not be compatable with almost any of the current BeOS applications, which wouldn’t be useful on a handheld anyway)

    Java, RealPlayer, Flash, and the BeIA Browser, etc all take up lots of space, require lots of processesing power and memory. It also had device drivers for USB, IEEE 1394, serial, parallel, and the ethernet card it had (contrary to your claim). Not to mention the extra requirements of rotating the screen on the eVilla. Also having a native GUI instead of having the HTML generated UI would save alot of space/processing.

    To make a handheld version of BeOS you would need a few things: 1. A striped kernel (obviously some things wouldn’t apply to a PalmOS kernel so you would remove those) but probably add networking (a simplified BONE). 2. A stripped app_server, this would be VERY simple and contain only the GUI elements that would apply to a handheld. 3. A “launcher”, basically a deskbar/tracker replacement for a handheld GUI.

    The system requirements at Be Inc say 32mb, which is the current minimum on an iPaq, and we would imagine when Palm moves to the ARM, that it will probably be more like 64mb. It would be very possible to strip BeOS down to the key essentials, build a new GUI (”launcher”), and have a great handheld OS.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To DrB @ 09/01/2001 09:07:30 AM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    first of all winCE has nothing to do with Windows. It doesn’t look like Windows and it doesn’t run the thousands of apps available for Windows 98 or W2K. Apps have to be redesigned for the handheld platform so Palm actually has an advantage here. Chopped down Win 98 ports will suck
    2) Palm has almost total control of the US retail market (it doesn’t bother me that I won’t be able to use apps in a language I don’t understand) . It has some problems with the corporate market but that has nothing to do with multimedia capabilities. Do you think corporations really want their employees to play mp3’s and games on their pocketpc’s? However, while Palm needs to really focus on the corps, it should still think about the future of the consumer market and that’s where Be can help

  51. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To tantalic @ 09/01/2001 8:40:24 PM

    Re: BeOS on a Palm?

    It is much easier for PalmOS to scale up (i.e. former be employees putting multitask and multithread into PalmOS) than for BeIA to scale down.

    QSSL has been very serious about scaling things down for 20 years. It just look simple when QSSL staff post the ipaq screenshots on their website.

    I mean that QNX has an embedded webserver, a normal voyager webserver, and a (relatively big) opera webserver. They have a embedded tcp/ip stack and a full bsd stack. They have like 4 different shells: their default shell is a modified (aka an already slimmed down) korn shell, fesh (fat embedded shell), esh (embedded shell) and uesh (micro-embedded shell). Scaling things down is QSSL’s religion.

    At most, Be Inc. engineers have 18 months of experience of scaling things down — and they already faced big problems scaling BeIA down to the evilla footprint.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/31/2001 6:13:39 PM

    Re: Regardless…

    “sick of making accounts”

    Me too. Imagine if you had to login to your newspaper every morning before you could read it.

    Skiver (remembered that bit)

  53. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 09/01/2001 09:08:05 AM

    Get release 6 now ;-)

    If you want release 6, there’s an address for you:


    You’ll even get 6.1.0 ;-)

    Hey, but seriously: QNX is a great realtime OS.
    It has a few microseconds scheduling latency, while
    Windows has hundreds of milliseconds (you never
    know when a *high-priority* menu-fade-out happens)
    All that QNX needs is something like BeOS’ media
    kit. If BeOS does not get a new life in some way,
    I’ll start developing for QNX. Even if I have to
    write my own MIDI drivers first.

  54. CattBeMac Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/02/2001 05:16:20 AM

    Re: Get release 6 now ;-)

    Isn’t it still true that you can’t place Icons on the Desktop for QNX? Just curious!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/02/2001 01:56:58 AM

    Re: Regardless…

    1. Install Mozilla
    2. Tell Mozilla to remember stupid passwords for you

    problem solved (but I don’t have an account here because I really don’t think you care who I am)

  56. bkakes Says:

    In Response To tantalic @ 09/01/2001 02:20:19 AM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    I didn’t say that none of the technology from the BeOS will necessarily make it into the Palm OS; I said that the BeOS will not have a second life on Palm handhelds. Why should the BeOS community care at all if the Palm OS becomes more multimedia-oriented because of the BeOS (besides the fact that many of us love technology in general)? Great for Palm if they make some cool new device, and great for the consumers who can purchase it. However, it doesn’t help us whatsoever.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 09/02/2001 05:49:32 AM

    Re: Get release 6 now ;-)

    QNX6.1’s Photon 2 GUI has all the api’s in place for icons on the desktop and drag-and-drop functions. It’s just that QNX6.1 is so new that not even QSSL staff has implemented all those functions on the desktop RTP yet.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    This is one of my favorite humor sites…

    There are a few sites and mailing lists I read for purely amusement purposes. The yahoo BEOS message boards, BeNews (when it’s up), BeGroovy, and some other BeOS-related web sites. Nothing as good as a good laugh during lunch break, before returning to real work.

    That’s one thing to not necessarily understand the present situation (even though it’s pretty clear). That’s another thing to stay self-delusional about the past.

    Guess what? BeOS was never alive, neither was BeIA. That’s why they’ll never die. Move along guys, nothing to be seen here any longer. buuwaahaaahaaa…

  59. Anonymous Says:

    BeIA and eVilla dead? Well, surprise surprise…

    Anyone that didn’t see this coming was a BeOS zealot. Simply as that.

    All I can say is Be got what it deserved for losing touch with their core market and their desires. The laws of nature told the rest of the story…

    All easy to say now, but I’ve been saying this since the focus shift. Very few believed me then, and there are still some left thinking that Be and anything Be-related will be revived. You wish - sad but true.

    *watches some TV in BeOS*

  60. tantalic Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/01/2001 9:21:44 PM

    Re: BeOS on a Palm?

    The thing with scaling down to an eVilla was that while they were trying to scale things down they were also trying to add new features. It’s hard to “scale somthing down” when adding support for everything that the eVilla did.

    But either way, (BeOS being scaled down, or Palm OS being scaled up) it shows that the technology Palm recieved from Be may be used more then most have previously anticipated.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 09/01/2001 09:08:05 AM

    Re: So What Now?!

    I agree that it is a positive that Palm did not announce that they will discontinue BeOS as well as BeIA, but even if they were to release an R6, that would only go so far without some sign that Palm was going to support the system long-term, and I don’t see them doing that without completely rebuilding and rebranding the system for their own needs. So while I don’t think R6 as such is very likely, I am hoping that somewhere down the road a Be-esque Palm OS makes its way to the desktop. It really wouldn’t be BeOS at all–it would be all the technologies from BeOS that we know and love, pulled apart and then rebuilt. If Palm uses Be technologies (including the rumoured PicassoGL) to make the ultimate handheld operating system and shore up it’s user base, I can imagine it offering a version of that OS for the PC to its users (it does have an established user/developer base that has been resisting the MS push into the handheld market, so wouldn’t they be similarly pro-palm/anti-ms on their PC). Wishful thinking, I admit, and it will still probably need legal action striking down the MS OEM agreement before it’s a viable option. So we’re talking long-term here, maybe four years down the road. In the meantime, I’m planning to put my BeOS/Win95 system to the side, finally buy a G4, and hope for PalmOSX somewhere down the road.

  62. DrB Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/01/2001 9:20:44 PM

    Re: Be finally finds its place

    1) WinCE has nothing to do with Windows… other than they are both made by MS, VB programmers can can write apps for CE, and maybe I have never seen windows but what does this look like? Is that a ‘Start menu’ and ‘taskbar’? It even has the clock and systray.

    WinCE and Win9x have different kernels, but they have the same look and feel. If they didn’t then MS would have failed, because that was their goal.

    2) I consult for several large corporations (>5000 users) in technology planning. They make decisions based on a few factors: How much does it cost? What do the industry publications think? Will it make me look good? The people who REALLY make decisions in the corporate world know next to nothing about the technology. They are business people, not technology people. If someone, like me, recommends WinCE and gives them documentation and cost savings projections, they will likely do it. Since many corporations write their own internal apps, they will write to whatever platform is easiest. If they have people who are C/C developers, and they are familiar with the Palm, then they will write for Palm. If, however, they are a VB house, then they will likely write for WinCE.

  63. chrish Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/02/2001 05:16:20 AM

    Re: Get release 6 now ;-)

    When will QNX support UDMA modes for modern disks?

    I’m already at release 8 (Mandrake), so I guess I’m fine. ;-)

    - chrish

  64. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/30/2001 9:34:24 PM

    Re: Be Inc we tried to tell you …

    Sure, if Be had focused on BeOS, BeOS would be a lot better
    now, but it wouldn’t matter. What matters is that BeOS still
    would not generate enough revenue for the company to
    be profitable. The problem with people like you is that you
    only care about getting your next fix of BeOS, and you forget
    that there is a company behind it that needs to make money in
    order to survive.

  65. franknputer Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/02/2001 08:35:02 AM

    Re: Regardless…

    1) Reinstall Mozilla (you pick the reason…)

    2) What the hell was that password again?

    3) go thru various hoops to get password

    4) have password denied because you can’t remember your mother-in-law’s favorite color, which you chose as a hint

    5) Call mother-in-law, enter phrase, have access denied because you don’t have the correct zip code, although you have lived there for 5 years

    6) Attempt to sign up again, get denied because “that email addreass is already on file…”

    7) Get dumb free email account, so you can sign up AGAIN…

    Easy. Problem Solved.

    (think I’m kidding? Then you have been lucky…)

  66. Farull Says:

    Internet Appliances are not just stripped down PC’s

    Let’s not forget that Internet Appliances CAN be stripped down pc’s to fit in your pocket, but they don’t have to.
    There are still other uses for BeIA than a wireless internet surfing pad. Who would use that anyway???

    No, the real uses for an OS like that comes for dedicated appliances. Where is the HIFI-component sized MP3 player, with 60 gb harddrive, network connection and on-TV-screen browsing and searching?

    And the “house control unit” with touch-screen, I would use for monitoring aircondition, alarm, lights, answering-machine, and lots of other stuff at home?

    I am still waiting…

  67. tantalic Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/02/2001 05:16:20 AM

    Re: Get release 6 now ;-)

    Yeah and Microsoft Windows is already at release 2000, wow they really are ahead.

    Got to love the logic of some people.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 09/04/2001 09:41:39 AM

    Re: Be Inc we tried to tell you …

    Well guess what: BeIA made (virtually) no money, and now has an effective userbase of zero. If you’re going to go belly-up anyway, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you produced something that at least _someone_ can get some use from?

    Throwing money at BeOS might have been like throwing cash down a well, but throwing it at BeIA was like tossing it into a toilet, and that sucker just backed up, tornado-stylee, all over your nice white rug.

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