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BeOS and Pro Audio - The Need For Be

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 09 Aug, 2001 @ 10:38 AM
Submitted News

Michael Lumb submitted a short editorial for us (also submitted to leBuzz). It points out how, even in current times, the pro audio industry is still behind BeOS _AND_ BeIA, and shows that devices such as the eVilla aren’t the only things that could keep BeOS alive. Hit the Read More link for the editorial.

Submitted by Michael Lumb -

Recently I have been seeing alot of articles and reviews of the pro-audio hardware running BeOS or BeIA. Being a music enthusiast, musician, and radio professional I read many sound based magazines. Lately almost every magazine I read has some article mentioning Be (Keyboard, Pro-Audio Review, Sound-On-Sound, and Audio Media).

Last month in Sound-On-Sound there were 2 articles about the Tascam sx-1, one was just a small news article and the other was a larger article and made several mentions of BeIA and what it does for the system. Here is a link to the smaller article from their website.

Also the current Issue has a cover article about the RADAR24 system. Unfortunately you can’t read the article from their site unless you are a subscriber.

The main article I wanted to mention was in the August issue of Audio Media Magazine. A full page article on Tascam’s SX-1 and BeOS, with a focus on BeOS! The article is titled “The Need For Be, Manufacturers such as Tascam get OS from Be Incorporated”. This is a full page article about BeOS and how perfect it is for multimedia and especially hardware based system like the sx-1. The article goes through all the pluses of BeOS that we all know so well. Overall it was a very positive article that focues on BeOS in a major audio industry publication. I would link to the article on their website, but right now only subscribers have access to the August issue. Here is their website though: AudioMedia

This just shows you that Evilla isn’t the only thing BeOS has to keep it alive. Actually the pro-audio market has been very receptive of all the BeOS based hardware devices. As long as BeOS/BeIA is out there BeOS can’t be dead!

Michael Lumb
Audio Engineer
WAMC Northeast Public Radio
BeOS enthusiast/Avangelist

4 Responses to “BeOS and Pro Audio - The Need For Be”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    takeover rumours etc

    Yes, this is one of the main reasons I still am hooked to BeOS, this is the field where BeOS is unbeaten! With all those takeover rumours lately, why did no one think of Tascam, Steinberg or Emagic to buy Be? Many of the studio-quality software vendors have a hard time working around MacOS or Windows bugs, they’d be happy to have their own OS which would allow them to build reliable high-performance systems at competitive prices. In studios, nobody cares wether it can run Office or has the latest fancy web-plugin as long as it offers low-latency no-skipping audio performance.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very true

    Even without highly finished and complex audio-processing applications, I prefer to do audio post work in BeOS over any alternative.

  3. DrB Says:

    helmar’s survey

    I wrote about this in Helmar’s survey about BeOS marketing. I have not had as much time as I would like to use BeOS lately, but I am still convinced that it is the best OS for multimedia.

    I think about how much time and money Apple must have spend on iMovie and iDVD, and I wonder what we would be seeing if Be (or some 3rd party company) had spent that kind of cash. Obviously Tascam thinks it’s worth the work to develop for the platform. I wonder if the music equiptment divisions of Sony or Yamaha have taken this as a possibility.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To DrB @ 08/10/2001 4:33:49 PM

    The Domino effect

    >>I wonder if the music equiptment divisions of Sony or Yamaha have taken this as a possibility.

    I believe that it’s going to be a Domino effect. If one of the big Dealers in Audio will start with own Apps in here (with a better influence/penetration to the market than BeInc. ;-) combined with the experiences in Professinal Audio recording, BeOS will be that wat SGI is for Animation & Video. Let’s be real: the right tool for the work is not just a phrase.
    Me, I don’t want to work with Audio with Apple’s miserable quality of AudioLibs. May OSX put a bit more quality with portng parts of ALSA/OpenSound (I don’t know..)
    Right in here, BeOS’s state-of-the-Art SoundLibs, Latencies where other OSses dream of or have to use most modern recording techniques (which isn’t a must for BeOS -> one more pro for BeOS in the semipropfessional Cubase-o-ramic market…) and with one of the most responsive Deskops on the OS-market so far suits to that what SGI is for Animation/Video.
    While M$ conquered nearly any niche at the PC market which is very profitable, and now is going to prepare to realize its Idea of a transparent customer, Apple’s focus will stay on the DTP market and their infrastructure they builded up years before, when Windows (3.1/95) was more a nightmare than a workhorse - but in real MacOS is more like a living dead than BeOS (just read further, why :-) - because it is more easy to say ‘anything you can do on a Mac, you do up to twice as fast on an Intel PC’than vice versa - with less money to invest for the hard/software…By the way : a system wide coloursync’ing would also be nice for BeOS ;-) .
    Linux will go on on the server market although personally thinking everything works better & more reliable on BSD…
    Using Webmin extensively gives us no reason to configure those servers on the same Desktop of this server - a very simple browser (Net ) is enough.
    So Linux for Desktop/Audio editing/simple Video Editing ? I hink that’s nonsense.
    Summed up there are two things people should think when they talk about semiprofessional Videoediting and anything to do with Audio - BeOS. This is the goal.
    I hope that anyone works a bit for that goal. The tool for it is in our hands…

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