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Tons of Peices

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 09 Aug, 2001 @ 10:13 AM
Submitted News

Tons of little items to report that have been building up in my mailbox for some time… brace yourselves…

The article about potential buyers of Be on OS Opinion, later posted to Yahoo! and linked to from BeNews.

Helmut Hauff of Siegfried Soft is searching for beta testers for their upcoming software product Siegfried Backup. Email him with specs on your system (specifically “streamers”) if you are interested.

Samuel Hart wrote in to let everyone know about the release of Tux Typing v1.0. Tux Typing is a typing tutor game. There will be an IRC party to discuss the future of Tux Typing today. Click the Read More link to find out more about it.

TnBug, the Tunisian BUG, has found a home for the French version of their website on Profuzion. An english version, for their planned projects, will be uploaded to their account on BeUnited later (the same french version is there now).

And speaking of BUGs, Dlazlo at i-BUG is going to give away some BuzzCDs from leBuzz to the first 3 public library or public school technology directors that email him. There’s a proactive person at getting BeOS out there. Kudos to him for it!

We are extraordinarily pleased to announce the FIRST STABLE release (version 1.0) of Tux Typing! Tux Typing is an “edutainment” typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin. It is available for BeOS, Linux and Win32.

This release (version 1.0) is the result of over a year of development. It is a stable release, meaning it is feature-complete and should be relatively bug-free.

You can find Tux Typing 1.0 for your platform of choice at the Tux Typing download page.

To celebrate the Tux Typing 1.0 release we will be having an online IRC party. Anyone interested is invited.

The online IRC party will occur on:

Thursday, Aug. 9th, 2001 @ 18:30:00 GMT
on the #tux4kids IRC channel @ irc.openprojects.net

This will be a celebration of this release, and a discussion of future directions for the project, and other educational Open-Source/Free-Software topics.

To convert the time from GMT to your local time-zone, you can use this timezone converter.

Tux Typing on BeBits

Tux Typing Homepage

One Response to “Tons of Peices”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    I thought I’d post a comment cuz this article seemed a bit lonely. I think the OSOpinion article was also posted as a comment on one of the stories here. It’s also nice that the community has a new BUG to call brother. All the other stuff is good as well. I just can’t think of anything to specifically praise, cuz my mind’s just running on empty right now.

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