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Register Article claims Be Takeover soon

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 03 Aug, 2001 @ 11:09 AM
Be Inc

Everyone and their cousin sent in links the register article claiming Be has found a buyer. The article mentions Sony in relation to BeIA, and says the recent layoffs were a condition of the merger. One reader went so far as to submit this link to a Palm press release as support for his theory of a Palm takeover. This wouldn’t be too far fetched, since Sony already licenses PalmOS for it’s Clie… why not the eVilla too? And JLG is on the 3Com Board of Directors, which Palm was previously a subsidiary of. That said, there is a chance that Sony could buy Be directly, as they would be the most affected by their closing. And if you want to talk about speculation, let’s talk about Nokia and Apple. I have heard pretty convincing explanations about both of them. The potentials have been gathered for a while. Soon it will be time to see which of them actually won.

57 Responses to “Register Article claims Be Takeover soon”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tell ya again

    I have posted before, I would just like to say that Sony may continue the BeOS developement. I have some hints from other people that claim to be on the inside that say that if the Sony-Be deal pans out, the BeOS R6 will be released in a matter of days or weeks. They seem uncertain as to whether Sony will keep the BeOS alive forever, but MS has been put in a position, that it cannot contest any alt-OS co-existence directly with any company… so this could be very good, if these people are telling me no lies…. I believe not, I confirmed on person’s employment by Sony! I had to get this information through lots of guessing, as well… No person at Sony would comment directly. I used hypothetical situations… So this is just my draw off of the responses… Seems good enough though….

    Q: If SOny bought Be, would they continue BeOS development for the home pC?
    A: If that were to happen, Sony would probably finalize any unfinished code and release a final BeOS version. The results of that release would probably determine future BeOS development with Sony’s full or partial support. The more sold, the more Sony will help.

    Q: Be makes more than just the BeOS. The BeIA is what Sony is really interested in, it seems…
    A. Sony is probably interested in the technology, and the awesome talent of Be, INC.

    Q: Is Sony in any talks with Be, INC for the intent of purchase or merger?
    A: I cannot answer that. I told you this already, dude! What is this shit? Twenty questions?
    A: Actually, only nineteen,… I couldn’t think of another one…

    Q: You hungry?
    A: Yep…

    Oh….not related…. ;-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what about the press release?

    So what does the Palm press release have to do with this? I didn’t find anything in there, unless this Bradley fellow is connected to Be, Inc.

  3. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:13:31 PM

    Re: what about the press release?

    I havent got a clue. But the email was pretty convincing, so i figured it had something to do with it. I couldnt figure it out based on the release, so I figured I would post it and let everyone else sort it out. :P

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 12:04:25 AM

    Re: Tell ya again

    Will all of you skip R6-anything by now, please..?!! What would any sort of R6 consist of? - At least BONE and/or OGL, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything worth even mentioning in an update, but: There has been only ONE SINGLE person been assigned to OGL for a long time and while everybody was hysteric about a now-any-time-soon-release of OGL this very person was on holidays for weeks - not exactly what I would expect if something of such major importance would be just about to be released, so: Read is from my lips: NO R6, with or without OGL and whatever fancy stuff…

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Don’t forget AOL!

  6. filo Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:25:31 PM

    Re: Tell ya again

    apparently, BeOSRadio was reporting earlier on a rumour that a golden master of R6 is in fact now sitting on JLG’s desk.

    R6 would be far more than just OGL. It would definitely also be BONE and improvements in the media kit. What else might it also include? We can make a couple of educated guesses about that.
    1)A more updated version of Opera, brought over from BeIA.
    2)More and better hardware support (this would be a definite, but who’s to say what kind of hardware be’s been playing with.)
    3)Other miscellaneous bug fixes (a definite, but not sure which bug fixes those would be).

  7. filo Says:

    be’s gonna be bought out by AOL/Time Warner

    the final Be Dope was a clue to let us all know what was really going on inside Be, Inc. They’ve been in talks all this time, but only now have those talks come to fruition.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:58:22 PM

    Re: eeerrr…

    I make an effort to forget AOL at all possible times.

    (Not sure I would like to see Be taken over by Steve Case, et al.)

  9. cedricd Says:

    In Response To filo @ 08/03/2001 2:25:38 PM

    Re: Tell ya again


    yeah, heard that too.. gotta talk to the man (Dane), AFAIConcerned I’d prefer BR to remain a serious radio rather than a rumour mill :-}.. not sure if I have my say in it but it’s certainly not enjoyable to see that kind of things. (well, hear).

  10. filo Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 08/03/2001 3:17:06 PM

    Re: Tell ya again

    it’s the first i’ve known BR to do something like this, so either 1)dane considers the source to be VERY reliable, or 2)the idea of a golden master for R6 was just so nice sounding he couldn’t resist the urge to say something.

    if it’s the former, great, the latter, well, i’ll forgive dane this time.

  11. Anonymous Says:


    Nokia? Where did that come from?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To filo @ 08/03/2001 2:25:38 PM

    Re: Tell ya again

    Exactly. It would be far more than OGL only - and I pointed out that there is no reason to believe that any of those major parts have been worked on, hence no golden R6 master… but I guess you’ll just never want to understand.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:58:22 PM

    Re: eeerrr…

    “BeOS is so easy to use no wonder it’s number one!”
    hmm is that such a bad thing?


  14. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 12:04:25 AM

    Re: Tell ya again

    One thing is for sure-if Sony takes over Be at least good technology won’t go to waste. The endgame is here: either Sony takes Be or Be goes byebye. Take your pick


  15. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:58:22 PM

    Re: eeerrr…

    If AOL or Apple were to buy Be, it’d definitely be time to find something else. Apple would just shut BeOS down and AOL would turn it into an unsightly mess…

    If somebody is buying Be, I hope it’s Sony and that they at least allow a year for BeOS to prove itself.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:31:57 AM

    Re: Hyped rumour

    You know, someone has been posting this at quite a few Be sites, I replied to all of them, so I may as well reply to this one *sigh*

    Yes, you are right, Be, in a desperate attempt to boost stock prices is circulating a rumour about a takeover, and I’m sure the guys at the stock exchange won’t mind either!

    In case you don’t see it, that was sarcasm of the highest form. BE WOULD NEVER GET AWAY WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

    Secondly, Be has been in negotiations for about two months now…this is supposedly the outcome of the negotiations.

    Thirdly, again in response to your ridiculous comment about boosting stock prices, you do realise that the news about a takeover was announced by theregister.co.uk - Why the hell would they want to boost Be’s stock price.

    So stop being such a pesimistic twat and think before you next posts. You have no idea how patheticly idiotic you come across!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 5:11:50 PM

    Re: Nokia?


  18. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 08/03/2001 8:35:25 PM

    Re: eeerrr…

    What a bright assessment. If noone buys Be this will be the natural end of BeOS. Therefore noone has to buy it, in order to shut them down first hand. Further, if they would do it, the shareholders would use Apple’s ass - they can’t spend their money on buying something only for the purpose to trash it… that would be a destruction of the shareholders’ assetts.

  19. Anonymous Says:


    I thought the rumors of Apple buying out Be died when they bought next instead. It would be foolish for apple to buy Be now that OS X is finally making some headway and has been fairly well recieved by the public. Or is there something I’m missing?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hyped rumour

    This rumour is just like the red hat thing…nothing will happen..

    I think that it is only a way to boost up the stock prize.

  21. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 5:11:50 PM

    Re: Nokia?

    Well, it goes something like this… Motorola has licensed PalmOS for 3G devices & stuff. Nokia, Being market leader, needs something to power the next generation of portable devices, when cell phones & pda’s and all merge into broadband “communication devices” which allow video, etc. Enter BeOS/BeIA w/ it’s media prowess. Its out there… but not that far out there.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    some thoughts from other sites

    few thoughts from other sites…some comments from mac-users


  23. Jason Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 5:42:23 PM

    Re: eeerrr…

    ROFL!! No Wonder!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 08/04/2001 1:59:58 PM

    Re: Nokia?

    Americans! Have you not heard of Symbian? Nokia has pumped many millions into it, and it is a part-owner. *Every* phone company has licensed it and plans to use it. Motorola is a major shareholder also in Symbian. They plan to use Palm OS for short term projects (i.e. this year and next year) but their long term products will use Symbian. Sony, Philips, Ericsson, Siemens etc etc.

    The fact is, Symbian is *much* more suited to powering phones and PDAs. And in my opinion, it is much more suited to IAs like the eVilla too. It has the latest Real, Flash, and Opera, and has many many third party companies behind it. It is also more stable (yes, it really is), and more compact, even with Be’s super squishy algorithm. It is also real-time.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/05/2001 10:01:15 AM

    Re: Nokia?

    Actually, not every phone company has licensed it. Every major one has though. Sendo (no i’ve never seen on either) is the only phone manufacturer that Microsoft has in its corner.

  26. BizKiffer Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 08/04/2001 1:59:58 PM

    Re: Nokia?

    Just a few things.

    1. Nokia has a share in Palm and have already a license in place that will let them use the PalmOS gui and apps on top of Symbian.

    2. Nokia also is one of the owners of Symbian.

    3. Their 9210 is running on Symbian and it seems that they really want to continue using that.

    I really do not think that they need BeOS or should even need BeOS. The only thing that might be interesting for it is OstDev (http://www.ostdev.net) but that is based on Linux as far as I know.

    Oliver - oliver@benews.com

  27. BizKiffer Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/05/2001 10:03:37 AM

    Re: Nokia?

    Sendo is just starting and they only have two phones out I think. The z100 should arrive in a few weeks/months and looks interesting at least. But I presume that it will be expensive. I mean it is relatively small with a big screen.


    On top of that, Sendo markets their phones not to users but to service providers. Those are the people that will buy 100.000 phones from you and just sell them to their customers. Sendo also let’s these people customize the phone before selling it. So Vodafone could have their own Vodafone phone, just with a empowered by Sendo entry.

    Oliver - oliver@benews.com

  28. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:31:57 AM

    Re: Hyped rumour

    well _something_ is going to happen because they just wiped out their entire sales/marketing dept and a bunch of other guys. Either Be will be taken over or they’ve made the dumbest decision in their lives-even dumber than that stupid focus shift

  29. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:31:57 AM

    Re: Hyped rumour

    Uhmm…. I would think that announcing being
    bought out would be BAAD for stock. Who would
    want to buy stock in a company whose stock is
    about to be converting into something else, like
    10000 shares of Be to 1 share of Sony? Greaaat deal.


  30. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 02:25:55 AM

    Re: Sony maybe - the rest forget it.

    Right, so if I go out and buy a copy of XP, I’ll be able to develop software, play mp3s, and have pervasively multithreaded apps? Also, own my software, own my software, and own my software? Riiiiiiight.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    My chips are down

    My chips are down on a secret buyout by AMD, shrouded in lots and lots of secrecy, and resulting (to us) in a sudden new release of BeOS. AMD still hasn’t found a committed OS foundry for their slegehammer–just a few waxed reassurances from Microsoft and the promises of a handful of Linux users of a recompile. Hardly the optimization that one could expect from a group which has an OS with 64-bit built in from the start.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Sony maybe - the rest forget it.

    While it is still not beyond the realm of possibility that Sony may indeed acquire Be, the persistent Palm and Apple rumors are pure fantasy.

    Apple has already stated at MacWorld that it is not interested in acquiring an operating system nobody wants - read the recent press releases - and Palm simply doesn’t have the money to acquire BeOS unless it’s going for a bargain basement price.

    But let’s get real. Apple has MacOSX and see’s it’s version of Unix as the future. Palm may itself be fighting for survival in the not too distant future. And Microsoft already has a BeOS operating system called Windows XP. Who would really want to buy BeOS.

  33. filo Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 5:18:53 PM

    Re: Tell ya again

    there’s no reason not to believe it, either.

    and i understand perfectly well. you’re a pathetic little troll who likes to post anonymously.
    [Edited at 9:32 Aug 6 2001 by filo]

  34. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/03/2001 1:13:31 PM

    Re: what about the press release?

    This is the person who wrote the email regarding Palm…
    It seems the link got fubar-ed.
    This is the correct link.

    http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_stories.pl?ACCT=153400&TICK=PALM&STORY=/www/story/07-27-2001/0001543345&EDATE=Jul 27, 2001

    I’ll post more later. (the professor is getting a bit pissy that I’m typing while he’s lecturing…)


  35. franknputer Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 02:25:55 AM

    Re: Sony maybe - the rest forget it.

    “Microsoft already has a BeOS operating system called Windows XP.”

    Ha. Ha-ha. Stop it - you’re killing me…
    [Edited at 11:22 Aug 6 2001 by franknputer]

  36. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:25:46 AM

    Re: Apple???

    Apple’s supposed new product line of internet appliances perhaps?

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Who buys Be?

    Aug 6, 2001 (NewsFactor.com via COMTEX) The Internet rumor mill has been buzzing once again, as recent reports have suggested that struggling Be Inc. has found a buyer of the company’s assets. Similar stories have been floating around the Internet for several months now, but talk of the buyout kicked into high gear last week after the company made yet another round of sweeping layoffs which reportedly were part of the supposed buyout agreement.

    While Be Inc. hasn’t made any official statement on the topic, industry analysts have held up a few likely contenders for the rumored buyout. Last May, I was among the handful of individuals who speculated that AOL was considering buying Be’s assets so that it could build an operating system to integrate with its Internet services for Sony’s Playstation 2 after having secured an ISP partnership with the gaming console manufacturer. AOL continues to be a strong candidate for such a buyout.

    Being There

    An unknown fact hidden from the press, but made known to only a few after the deal fell through, was that Apple nearly purchased Be (again) back in March of this year. Apple was so interested in purchasing Be’s assets for bargain basement prices that Apple actually funded Be while the company mulled over the decision.

    Only a handful of individuals know exactly what caused the deal to go sour, but either Be or Apple decided that the two companies would not create a successful marriage. Despite rumors and wishful thinking, I think it can be said with confidence that Apple is not among those who are currently likely to buy Be, Inc.

    Palm Reading

    On a purely technical level, Palm makes a likely contender to buy Be’s assets. Be’s recent refocus on the embeddedInternet appliance market really showcases the advantages of the company’s operating system. A realtime (or at the very least, lowlatency) operating system can shine.

    Moreover, since Microsoft hasn’t yet conquered the embedded market, the barriers to entry aren’t the same as the desktop market. PalmOS is quite sufficient for the current generation of PDA’s. However, as devices become more inclusive personal organizer mp3 player cell phone Web browser the need for a wellarchitectured operating system such as BeOS, is absolutely necessary.

    Another rumored buyer is found within Transmeta, the company that makes the Crusoe Processor. Some have suggested that the company could use BeOS and BeIA as an embedded operating system for its chips and thus create its own Internet appliances.

    Not Playing Games

    Earlier in this report, I suggested that AOL might purchase the operating system to aid in an ISP partnership it recently created with Sony for its Playstation 2 game console. Indeed, Sony all by itself may be a worthy contender for the buyout agenda. Despite money that Microsoft helps generate for Sony by creating an operating system for the company’s stylish VAIO line of personal computers, it has been suggested that Sony’s partnership with Microsoft is a reluctant one.

    Sony would love to have an OS that could be tuned for superior multimedia capabilities with its own hardware, not to mention create a superior standard similar to that of Apple’s OS and hardware for interfacing with its line of digital and video cameras, MP3 players, memory sticks (heck, even Aibo).

    Sony is one of the few companies with the marketing clout and the consumer knowhow to pull off a Be buyout.

    Sun in My Eyes

    Another Be, Inc. buyout contender that only few have proposed is Sun Microsystems.

    Sun is most noted for producing highend hardware, focused on the server side rather than for consumers. Java was Sun’s attempt to make a significant footprint on the desktop. While Java has had considerable success since its inception, Java’s penetration levels haven’t been as significant as Sun had originally hoped. This was due in part to Microsoft’s bastardization of the software through its traditional extend and extinguish techniques.

    Now that Microsoft has been exposed for its misuse of its monopoly, and that future extend and extinguish techniques of Sun technologies are now all but quashed, Sun may choose to reenter the consumer desktop market once again. Sun is already known for its savvy in the network computer market.

    Be’s BeIA makes it an attractive opportunity for Sun, which is looking to fulfill its dream of a world using Sunbranded network computers.
    Silly Solutions

    One of the more amusing buyout scenarios I heard was from an individual who proposed that a company buy Be and simply rename the company’s BeOS operating system to: ‘Be’s Yummy Operating Comforting Hipubub’, which in acronymform would be named: BEYOCH!!!!!

    The renamed software would inevitably become the operation system of choice amongst inner cities. Everyone knows that cool products sell. But in all seriousness, who do you think is the most likely buyout contender, (assuming the rumors are true)? Let me know by responding in the talkback forums below.

    Author’s background: Kelly McNeill is the creator and managing editor of osOpinion.com as well as the talent behind all of those cool graphics you see each day on OSO’s home page. He appreciates comments in regard to this editorial, and hopes you’ll post them to osOpinion’s forums for all to see.

    Contributed by Kelly McNeill

    Copyright (C) 2001, NewsFactor Network. All rights reserved

    “SOURCE” :




  38. Anonymous Says:

    Buyer for Be

    Okay… here it is:
    Be’s buyer is…


    Wouldn’t the best way to find out be to call each company’s PR department and ask them “Are you going to be buying Be Inc? Those who are not buying will say “no.” Those that are buying will say “No comment.” End of rumour mongering…

  39. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:25:46 AM

    Re: Apple???

    Yes there certainly is something you’re missing. The morons still using BeOS who refuse to accept BeOS is DEAD. The world now belongs to the immensely superior WindowsXP

  40. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/07/2001 01:05:29 AM

    Re: Who buys Be?


    There are two types of people in this world my friend. those who wank and those who dsnt read the news.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 12:43:34 AM

    Re: My chips are down

    You know something. You are the first BeOS user to actually say something sensible in the last 2 years. All this bullshit about Apple and Sony, etc etc is just so much bullshit that BeOS users are becoming an embarrassment. You are one the very few BeOS supporters to have actually said something sensible about the future of BeOS. I thought it obvious AMD will need access to an alternative OS if Microsoft refuses to support AMD’s processors in future Windows releases, but obviously BeOS users are too busy lusting after Sony eVillas than there are of remain part of the real computing world.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 2:04:05 PM

    Re: Who buys Be?

    Where do you read this shit. The toilet obviously. Apple buying Be? Take your hand off your cock you wanker

  43. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 10:41:09 PM

    Re: Buyer for Be


    I called Volvo,they hanged up the phone.

  44. franknputer Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/07/2001 00:54:44 AM

    Re: Apple???

    And, in a related story, Microsoft today announced the adoption of a new mascot, presumably in response to the ever-widening acceptance of Tux, the Linux penguin. The Microsoft Troll will be shipping with Windows XP, and will be able to post irrational pro-Microsoft messages to all newsgroups and posting sites on the internet simultaneously, and completely transparent to the user. Sources at Microsoft say that this new innovation will revolutionize the art af trolling, and will free up Microsoft users worldwide so that they might all get second jobs in order to continually upgrade their personal computers.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/07/2001 1:19:31 PM

    Re: Buyer for Be

    Then it must be them!

    Will R6 be available in a stationwagon?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/07/2001 6:31:11 PM

    Re: Buyer for Be

    gives new meaning to the term “bebox”


  47. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To moooooooo @ 08/08/2001 11:02:13 AM

    Re: BeOS surpasses all OSes

    Well said. Even if Be, or the company that assimilates them, never puts a single ounce of energy into the OS, it will still have a place on my computer. There are still things that BeOS does better than any other OS, and the performance is great.

    - Brian

  48. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 12:43:34 AM

    Re: My chips are down

    This actually makes a certain amount of sense. More sense than Sony or Nokia or any of the other silly rumors around (at least to me).. Although I can’t say I have high hopes for any future of BeOS these days, I can say I like this line of thinking best. :-)

  49. moooooooo Says:

    BeOS surpasses all OSes

    Well fuck off doomsdayers. Sell your BeOS copies to the W9x weenies.
    MY BeOS connects to MS SQL Server 7 and MS SQL Server 2000….but that’s not all (are you ready for your free steak knives???)….my BeOS also connects to…Sybase 11.x (11.03.3 in fact) and 11.9.2 and ..12.x….so….

    I am SICK of all you people who say BeOS needs this…needs that…can’t do this…can’t do that….well FUCK OFF.

    MY BEOS connects to so called “enterprise databases”…yes the ones mentioned above….

    Only connects?? well no you cynics, i issue and retrieve data from this as well.
    Ordinarily i would post a url for this claim, but the cynics amongst us would view that as something other than what i meant.

    What i mean by this post????

    BeOS can do a lot of the things the DOOMSDAYERS say/said it can’t.

    Alli ask is that you TRY and show these wankers that BeOS is capable of the things they it isn’t.

    I hope i haven’t offended too many people

  50. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/07/2001 6:32:10 PM

    Re: Buyer for Be


  51. Anonymous Says:

    Overlooking the Obvious

    With so much speculation about who might buy BeOS, JLG must be hysterical with laughter that those claiming to know the answer have overlooked the obvious.

    For months the 3D graphics industry has been abuzz with anticipation about Sony’s yet to be unveiled 3D rendering workstation. Some noted 3D artists claiming it will revolutionise the way in which 3D rendering is done. Like Apple, Sony has been coy about the actual details, but what has come to light is that it uses a propriety Hitachi processor - abeit some 20 of them per box, a propriety OS - Sony has not named the developer, and propriety rendering applications. The word propriety is the key to the mystery, and unless Sony has been secretly developing it’s own OS - highly unlikely - it is obvious what BeOS is to become. Not much need for a marketing department at Be when Be will only ever have one customer.

    Obviously Sony never intended ownership of Be or BeOS, but with BeOS and BeIA no longer commercially viable operating systems the corporate situation may have changed. If BeOS is the basis of Sony’s propriety OS the days of BeOS on the desktop are obviously over unless you’ve got a spare $30,000 to spend and do only rendering.

    For all those who still believe in fairy-tales, buy a copy of the local newspaper and read the business section. Nobody with half a brain is going to release a new operating system into the present IT corporate climate unless they already have the millions of customers needed for success. At last count, I believe BeOS had a few thousand. Not enough to justify the cost of pressing the CDRoms. If Sony doesn’t, then I am certain someone else will buy Be. But in the current economic climate BeOS6 is just a fairy-tale, believed only by those who have no understanding of commercial realities.

    So now that we know BeOS is no longer an alternative, can we now move onto something more relevant like enticing developers to port their BeOS applications to WindowsXP and MacOSX so we can continue to use them.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To franknputer @ 08/06/2001 11:22:16 AM

    Re: Sony maybe - the rest forget it.

    No actually it’s about 5 years ahead of what thant french wanker has to offer.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/06/2001 12:41:23 AM

    Re: Sony maybe - the rest forget it.

    If you want to own your software develop your own os. not even be gives you rights to ownership of the os or did beos suddenly get renamed linux.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/09/2001 01:46:23 AM

    Re: Overlooking the Obvious

    interesting. i read something about this recently in an english magazine. beos wasn’t mentioned but you could be right. i think you are right about beos6. no one named would be committed to developing beos6. apple might buy some parts of beos for osx. sun might buy the gui for solaris. sony might buy some parts for it’s professional audio video gear. no one seems interested in a complete os. it may not be if we will have to dump beos from our desktops but when.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/09/2001 01:46:23 AM

    Re: Overlooking the Obvious

    Sorry to disappoint but it’s not BEOS. Sony have chosen UNIX for this one and LINUX for PS2. Possible BEOS is not compatible with HITACHI processor and EMOTION ENGINE chip being used in both devices.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To filo @ 08/06/2001 09:25:40 AM

    Re: Tell ya again

    Here’s another of those bids you don’t understand: Certainly, a lot of work had been done in relation to BONE, still, it is disabled (hardware-wise) with the eVilla. Now, why would that be?! I guess it is still sort of Beta - If it worked _propperly_ they could have left the LAN slot open an only not allow LAN-access provider-wise if there can be a reason for doing so at all, if not for the unavailability of BONE.
    So, no BONE (not to say BONE for BeOS), no OGL but you are confident about golden masters sitting on JLG’s desk… I’ll keep track on that since you called me a troll…

  57. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 08/04/2001 08:25:46 AM

    Re: Apple???

    I presume Apple has no intention of aqquiring Be Inc. the only reason is because it would be competition for them ,thats why that meglomaniac steve jobs who looks identical to that twat Bill gates(seperated at birth)wouldnt allow be Inc the source code to utilize PPC G3 And G4 processors.
    Old Jobs has his new toy now a shitty *NIX kernel with an equally distasteful aqua desktop BLURGHHH!
    There has been alot of doubt about Be’s future with Palm OS but i do sincerely beleive this could be the second coming for our favourite OS .
    There is definetley one thing steve has got right with macos X unlike his twin Bill is Open source ,that is the only be will survive ,for gods sake the Linux community has been doing it for your years now look at them geeks there nearly bigger than MS all i say is if they can do it then so can Be, lets get open sourced.

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