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Survey to find out potential BeOS market

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 09 Jul, 2001 @ 11:23 AM

Not so much a petition in kind, but still - gets the petition category. :P

Helmar has set up a survey to research the market of BeOS. From Helmar:

It was done with the aim of finding out about the “material” [resources] available to someone interested in licensing BeOS from Be, Inc. and relaunching it outside Be, Inc.

I’d appreciate you taking some time to fill it in. It is merely for my own purposes, but it may also be vital for those taking on the task of licensing the BeOS from Be, Inc. in order to relaunch it.

I am particularly interested in his ideas, as I have been saying the same ideas for a while now, and would like to see at least an attempt at doing this.

45 Responses to “Survey to find out potential BeOS market”

  1. rppp01 Says:

    Good idea

    Isn’t this how OS/2 was able to gain a new life? I mean they are called ecommstation or something like that, right? While I think this is a great idea, I wonder how seriously Be Inc will take it. I’ll take the time to fill it in, tho I am not sure how much help I can be in this venture- I am not a developer, and I have a family- thus little cash to spend.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/09/2001 1:32:03 PM

    Quick feedback

    Be likes the idea, and is open for ‘proposals’.

    Family man with cash to spend or not, it’s your heart and mouth that we’re after, because that’s worth more than the money you may be able to spend. :)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea!!

    I just wanted to express my support for this idea.
    It is probably the first idea that I’ve heard that seems
    to have some promise for actually allowing BeOS to
    survive and finally grow again.

    I will be filling out your survey once I have time to
    sit down and give it some serious thought.

    Helmar, if you would please keep the community updated
    on the status of this….approach, I know that I and I’m
    sure that the rest of the BeOS users/developers would be

    Thank you


  4. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 3:12:29 PM

    Re: Quick feedback

    hey Helmar..

    based on your posts on benews I had long since dubbed you ‘AACEO’ (another Arm. CEO) in my book(tm), but got to grant you’re the first one to actually sit down and write a CGI script to gather information, let’s just hope that it does not stop there..

    cedric (hopeful, but not hoping too much…)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    That’s one hell of a survey!
    Well thought out and stuff though. I just finished filling it out.

    Thanks for your work.

    OJ Dorson

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 3:12:29 PM

    Re: Quick feedback


    Does that mean you’ve been in contact with Be and
    JLG or another exec has said they’re really


  7. CattBeMac Says:

    Great Idea Helmar!

    I think this is at least an encouraging sign to give BeOS a second coming. For one thing BeOS is still unrealized by the public and when you go up to a normal PC user and say “hey have you ever heard of BeOS?” and their reaction is like “what!@#$%^&*?” and they are like “I thought there was only Windows on PCs” (unless they have been introduced to Linux) and these same people think Apple is dead or almost dead… trust me I actually run into these type of people… they do exist!!!

    I think to add to Helmar’s plan is for everyone in the community to help this guy and we also need to come up with a game plan for the applications that need to be re-introduced as well. What I mean is that we need to go through all the applications, utilities and so forth and pull out the best ones and really get a list of standard apps for BeOS and get the bugs sorted and for these particular apps. One thing that I always here from people who have some knowledge of BeOS is that they think that BeOS has no applications when we in the Be community know better! Now don’t get me wrong, just about every application and utility I have used is great in someways, but there are some apps out there that are still evolving and need more work and some that are mature but need to be polished up to really prove to those ‘normal people, that BeOS is a viable commercial product. We all know that BeOS beats the rest when it comes to performance, flexibility and userability, but BeOS is lacking things needed to stay alive. For one I think the GUI needs to be optimized to todays standard, its pixel rate is alittle behind the times and I think eveyone knows what I am talking about. Now the structure is fine, maybe the graphics could use some tweaking (other than just the pixel rate) you know, redefine the lines and shadows and really smooth the graphics out and such, but that is something that will have to be addressed down the road, but it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t come up with some of these ideas now and plan together so we can be ready for the transition in the future.

    Well I hope I am going in the right direction with this and hope the Be community is in some sort of agreement.

    My belief is that Be (or BeOS) does have a future and can be brought back to life with the right people doing the right things like Helmar.

    Here is our starting point!!!

  8. WhiteRabbit Says:


    This is a wonderful idea. I just hope that you are able to do this.

    You have my full support. Cash, develpoment time, whatever else you need.

    BTW will you be able to share some of the results with us?

    [Edited at 17:06 Jul 9 2001 by WhiteRabbit]

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Market research

    Excellent idea, and a good first survey.

    My concern:

    This needs to be followed up with a good “real market” survey. It’s good to get information from the converted to determine a viable direction to travel, but we need to match it up with something the more mainstream market wants/needs.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 07/09/2001 3:40:39 PM

    Re: Quick feedback

    Sorry, BG doesn’t allow me to log in…

    The script is a simple Miva script. Maybe I go fancy and post the sender a copy of their submission or have some live stats available, but the important part is to get the feedback.

    More under the normal thread….


  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 4:07:55 PM

    Re: Quick feedback

    I’ve been in touch with JLG, but none of the other execs.

    I am still pretty clueless as to what’s going on, what’s required, etc. but JLG said that they’ve done a bit of homework on that front already.

    More in the main thread…


  12. Anonymous Says:

    The depth of the abyss ;-)

    I’ve had some interesting insights from the development perspective, and all I can say is that that part seems to be the really challenging one, even if the licensing stuff gets sorted out.

    There are -I wouldn’t call them obstacles, but- challenges on the BeOS source code front, especially the lack of modern development and debugging tools, plus some … aehmm… deficiencies of the BeOS when it comes to the much-haunted mmap() and the multi-threading, which apparently (so I was told) requires major .. aehmm… modifications. Addressing this would cause problems (read: binary compatibility would break (again)), but that won’t go away by not looking at it.

    All in all, the pieces of the puzzle come together, allowing me to form a complete picture.

    So far thanks for all your encouraging words but moreso for your feedback (yes, you know who you are. :-) ) and input. It’s really appreciated.

    Again, I dunno where this goes, but I can tell you one thing: it’s better to make a decision with data than without. :-)


    P.S. And to the board admin, please do NOT put the “reset” fields as the first one after the text input field, because that should naturally be the “post” button.

  13. rppp01 Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 3:12:29 PM

    Re: Quick feedback

    Ok, I have signed. What kind of time table are you looking at for moving forward with this? I would hate to have to wait for 1 year to hear anything from this.

  14. LeftTurn Says:


    Had to really sit and think awhile before answering each question. This is a step in the right direction. As previously stated, having a follow-up to this is a great idea. Market research IS very important when considering ideas like this. Having factual data to back it up makes it even better…

    I hope this survey leads to good things.

    Thanks for putting this up Helmar

  15. georges Says:


    If Be licenses the code to you you’ll need every developer under NDA. You’ll also need to pay those developers. You’ll also need to pay Be. If you come up with a new release you’ll need to market it and package/ship it.

    This is getting very expensive, very quickly. I think that it eventually gets so expensive that there is no way a community effort can pull together enough money to finance it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it is an intriguing idea. I just think we are all being a little idealistic. To be able to keep this organization moving it’ll need to turn a profit, or at very least break even. Take BeUnited for example. Deej has realized that the community has fairly limited resources, so he’s going to be charging for the drivers.

    Im my opinion, this organization will need a large financial backer and a team of permanent engineers working on it for it to be successful. Be Inc. had/has these things.

    Not to sound like a troll, this is a serious question: Why will you/we succeed where Be Inc. hasn’t?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Approach Linux distros?

    Maybe we should approach some of the major Linux distributions…

    They might be interested in licencing BeOS from Be and marketing it as their desktop OS solution, with their Linux distro aimed at servers. They could work with Be to bring us Bone, OpenGL, and even other useful desktop software like Sun’s OpenOffice (possibly even GTK, QT, and everything that comes with them). They’ll have the money to fund this development, as well as packaging and distribution of a new version of BeOS Pro.

    We all know that BeOS makes a much better desktop OS than Linux, maybe they’ll come to realise this too. It will take many years for Linux to evolve in to a desktop OS that is user friendly enough for the masses, and it will never be as simple and efficient as BeOS.

    What do you think?

    James Matson

  17. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/11/2001 10:06:21 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    If Linux distributors started giving away BeOS CDs under some sort of scheme where Be fans pay them say $1 costs that would be OK with me. I can put the CD in my trash, or I could run it through Plex86 some day and see it in a window (the personal edition never managed to boot fully on my old PC when I tried it)

    As to fundng for it: Why would they? Every Linux vendor has a stake in Linux, they share development costs and they all reap benefits. With some crazy re-born BeOS Pro they’d be back in the stupid old proprietary development model.

    Hint: That model has mortally wounded Be. Which is why you’re all trying to flee the sinking ship.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/11/2001 10:06:21 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    not really.

    Linux has its own pride.

    The problem with this: Linux IS a desktop OS, the same as Be, thats some of the pride. If you’ve really used Linux, then you would know that the Linux distribs are getting more and more install and go all the time (look @ Mandrake). They include a hell of a lot more cabibilities for users than BeOS has or will have anytime soon. Linux has apps and developers where Be has never had, and may very well never have if they dont do something fast. Areas Be hurts in like internet and productivity apps, Linux has more options than users can decide on. It would be a step backwards for a Linux company to actually use BeOS as its desktop solution. There may be some chance of a few kernel enhancements, media servers, etc, but never the whole enchilada. Most Be users dont understand just how much Linux has going for it. Its not truely all that hard to setup anymore, and is a hell of a lot more compatable with users machines. It may not zoom on all computers, but neither does BeOS. After an install of Be is on for a bit, I find that it starts crashing, and slowing down major. Linux does have its segfaults, but all in all, its alot more stable for running than Be is right now. Mabe a release of R6 that wont come could help that, but Be Inc is not releasing that, because they dont have the cash to do so. Be obviously cant opensource its OS because of the various NDAs and licencing stuff. Somebody big like RedHat, Debian, SuSe, Turbolinux or Mandrake would have to buy Be Inc out before it would be of much use. And as far as stock look, even tho RedHat isnt doing awesome, I see that BeGroovy reports .480 stock worth, that just aint good.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/11/2001 11:19:07 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    From your writing I gather that you’ve never actually used BeOS. Because if you would have, you’d see why people are still trying.
    As for fleeing the sinking ship and mortal wounds, it’s not the model that’s to blame, it’s Be’s lack of advertising. If more people actually heard about it, things would have worked out better. I know a lot of people who used to use Macs and Amigas, and they were all thrilled by BeOS, but found no use for it because the apps they use weren’t there.


    If PacMan had affected us as kids we’d be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to electronic music

  20. Tom Hoke Says:

    In Response To georges @ 07/11/2001 5:06:57 PM

    Re: Financing?

    I think you’re looking at the problem the wrong way. There are plenty of people who want to see BeOS succeeded. Many of them frustrated Be or ex-Be engineers. If you can structure things so that you have the equivalent of an open-source model while keeping things necessarily “closed” you could probably get tons of free kibitzing. In any case the R6 stuff is good enough to make a release of its own already. I just wish we had it to distribute.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To georges @ 07/11/2001 5:06:57 PM

    Coz we’re smarter!

    You asked: “Why will you/we succeed where Be Inc. hasn’t?”

    That’s the wrong question to begin with, because it should have been “where will you succeed” rather than “why”, but that’s semantics.

    The short answer is: because we are way smarter.

    The long answer goes as follows:

    1) It would be a virtual organization with very very little overheads.

    2) We would have really smart marketers at the helm of the company and not somewhere down the hierarchy with little to say or change.

    3) We’d be leagues better in communicating with both the user and developer base. We’d harness the goodwill and potential that is out there. An instant messaging-like application would be at the center of the operating system - the entire “system”, to be more concise.

    4) We will put customer satisfaction before making money, because we know that making money is a logical result of customer satisfaction. Incidentally, this is also why Be’s revenues are such a joke. They aren’t good at customer satisfaction. In fact they don’t seem to be good at knowing who their customers are in the first place.

    5) With the planned initiative, there’d be at least a 100 programmers, way more than Be ever had. And even without big money, you can make it work, because money doesn’t follow technology - as Be has just found out the hard way. Money follows visionaries, who dare to be different, who think smarket and care about others, and who lead the way rather than get frightened by an obscure outlet from Redmond.

    And sooooo much more. :)


  22. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/09/2001 8:17:06 PM

    Re: Quick feedback

    The feedback will be analysed over the weekend, but the survey will remain online for longer.

    I hope to have a proposal ready within the next 2 weeks, starting next Monday.

    We’ll see, but the quality of the feedback is very very good and encouraging.


  23. rppp01 Says:

    In Response To Tom Hoke @ 07/12/2001 04:15:39 AM

    Re: Financing?

    Tom, if this were to take off, would Gobe be a possible vein for actually providing the product to the public, ie, continuing to be a point of distribution?
    I wish you could say more on how the beta of the OS and Productive is doing, but I’m sure NDA’s force you to stay quiet.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 6:14:40 PM

    Re: Market research

    Agreed, awhile back I asked on [H]ardForum(.com) who (how many) uses BeOS seriously. But all I got in response was people saying they tried it but found it a joke to their actual use. These people are true techies, and thats the type of user that would be interested in a venture into Be. Most of them are on Windows2000, and mabe 1/4 on a well installed Linux. Its just not smart to dive into things as if the world cares, if in fact the community is too centered to care.

    Not too long ago, I sent an irony to the BeNews guy. I thought it was a good laugh that a Microsoft Office XP add from buy.com was on benews. He responded with a nasty short (tempered) snooty, almost rude note. Another friend of mine thinks that just because I find that I cannot use Be for purposes, and then I prove him wrong about a few *little* things that dont matter, that make BeOS look bad, he suddenly hates me.

    Be users are becoming too Be centered in thinking that everybody is either out to get them/BeOS or isnt good enough because they dont want to make sacrifices for a cool OS. And thats turning users off, which works against honest movements to keep Be alive. (like this project)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Os/2 did the same

    Serenity Systems did the same thing with os/2 a client called Ecomstation. It seems to have been a great success with people collaborating around the world to do some improvements. It is now gold and has been sent to manufacturing. This is a great idea for Beos. I hope it comes to light.

  26. CattBeMac Says:

    In Response To Tom Hoke @ 07/12/2001 04:15:39 AM

    Re: Financing?

    Okay… almost like what Apple is trying to acheive. They have open sourced MacOS to an extent so that they have more flexibility and respect from their developers and users alike. Of course they don’t make alot of money on their OS anyways. But I think they try to keep their open source concept in a somewhat disciplined environment so it doesn’t get out of hand. This sounds like a good thing to me. It could work for BeOS!?!

  27. CattBeMac Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/12/2001 10:16:41 AM

    Re: Coz we’re smarter!


    Hey I definitely have the same objectives you do. I thought I was the only one feeling that there is quality before quantity! Well hey I would like to keep up with what you are doing and would like to join the pack to help the revolution. Where do I sign up?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    i just finished the survey and i found myself a new boost of creativity. This could really be good. The only thing is that a major investor would need to climb in to give confidence that the project will last more than 2 year.

    Does a limite date is hooked on this. I hope those data will be public with some of the most popular and most innovative comment present.


  29. Anonymous Says:

    Survey on BeOS market by Deej

    It’s a very great idea, BeOS needs to come back on the market. I will follow this with a great (very great) interest. I hope it will succes. Can this bring some investors in BeOS, or convince a society to buy BeOS ?


  30. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 07/12/2001 7:08:42 PM

    Email me

    Send me a mail to helmar@argo-navis.com so that I have you in my email folder or send me your real name so that I can take the details from the survey.


  31. chrish Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 07/12/2001 7:03:06 PM

    Re: Financing?

    Apple has only open sourced irrelevent parts of MacOS X. 100% publicity stunt.

    - chrish

  32. georges Says:

    In Response To georges @ 07/11/2001 5:06:57 PM

    Re: Financing?



    If someone does license the code, then couldn’t that person then decide that the code be released under the BSD license? Of course, this doesn’t apply to code Be Inc. licensed, but it would apply to anything Be Inc. made itself.

    Is this possible? This is all, of course, assuming the terms of the license don’t forbid releasing it.

    [Edited at 9:37 Jul 13 2001 by georges]

  33. CattBeMac Says:

    In Response To chrish @ 07/13/2001 08:40:52 AM

    Re: Financing?

    Thats not totally true dude! But thanks for the reply though!!

  34. cedricd Says:

    In Response To CattBeMac @ 07/13/2001 10:55:37 AM

    Re: Financing?

    If one abstracts the “dude” (w/o even considering who you’re talking to, let alone your posting history on benews *g*), it’s still somewhat disturbing that you don’t backup your “claim” with some facts.

    You know, something like “that’s untrue because they OpenSauced the core of their most essential/precious IP, namely the eye-candy source code”. This is only for example of course, since Darwin is not even remotely related to Aqua GUI code.

  35. CattBeMac Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 07/13/2001 3:10:54 PM

    Re: Financing?

    You shouldn’t take things so personally! And if you don’t like the forums on BeNews you shouldn’t read them!!!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/09/2001 6:45:00 PM

    (Breaking binary compatability) Was Re: The depth of the abyss ;-)

    I say break binary compatability if it will allow a better product. If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing right. I don’t like half-baked potatoes.


  37. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/12/2001 12:56:54 AM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    Linux is not a desktop OS, it’s a server OS with desktops available, just like FreeBSD.

    And, yes, I’m grumbling, but I’m not trolling–I work at a place where our development workstations are 100% FreeBSD. I don’t really have complaints with it there. But KDE at work is perceptually (and occasionally objectively) slower than not only my home BeOS installation, but also my home Windows 2000 installation. This is alarming because my home machine is a Celeron 433; my work machine is a 1G Duron.

    Yes, Linux installation has gotten much sweeter, but the one with the claimed nicest installer (Mandrake 8.0) wouldn’t read my partition table. I’ve successfully installed FreeBSD 4.3, Slackware 7.1, Slackware 8.0, Debian 2.2, RedHat 6.1, and SuSE 6.3 at various points over the last two years or so; so far not a single one has recognized all my hardware automatically, and nearly all of them required a kernel recompile to get sound working. (The most recent attempt, Slackware 8, only let me have access to the sound card when I was running at root, and I never could find what the problem was: the KDE sound server claimed it didn’t have permission to access /dev/dsp even when all the permissions on it, and all the other sound devices, were set wide open.)

    We like BeOS ultimately because it WORKS for us, and because it represents the best mix of Maclike responsiveness and a “concrete GUI” with Unix power that we’ve seen. (Some will say Mac OS X beats it, but I’m not one of them.)

    And, incidentally, the lack of the open source model isn’t what’s harmed BeOS–the perception of being unwanted by its developers has. For all those people who think just throwing code out into the wild when the company goes under will cause fans to pop out of the woodwork, finish unfinished code and extend and enhance what’s already there, one question: played any Golgotha lately?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/12/2001 12:56:54 AM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    I have to laugh whenever I see someone trying to claim that Linux is a better desktop OS than BeOS.

    I’ll believe that claim when the following is true:

    - there’s a Linux distro that will install on my laptop’s hard drive (connected to a desktop via a convertor because my laptop has no cdrom/floppy), and correctly re-detect the hardware changes when I stick it back in my laptop. A laptop which is full of supposedly supported-by-linux hardware, I might add

    - I can change resolution/bpp in X without having to restart the server

    - There’s a decent graphical mail tool that doesn’t require me to screw around configuring fetchmail (and please, don’t bother mentioning NS Mess)

    - when installing apps/drivers/codecs in Linux is as simple as it is in BeOS

    Oh, and would you like me to describe to you my “fun as razoring your own eyelids off” experience of trying to view a DivX file in Linux?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/15/2001 11:28:12 AM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    Either youre blind, or youre stupid, cause I can do all that.

    Orig poster, amen brotha…I would say that youre right all da way

  40. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/16/2001 11:18:38 AM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    *sigh* I just love linlots, aka the Knights that say “blame the user, blame the user!”

    And since you couldn’t be bothered to reply with anything other than a childish insult, allow me to follow suit:

    Calling someone else “blind” and/or “stupid”, while obviously not having mastered the apostrophe just serves to make you look like a brainless hypocrite. Hope this helps!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/16/2001 1:39:06 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    k, theres a difference between lazy and bored and stupid, so that could just show how smart you are in diagnosing stupidity, dont bother me with trivial crap, the important fact is on the table that beos’s stocks are still under $1 and the company wont tell any of you stupids what state the development of the os is in, methinks youre stupid for ivesting time in this dead os and dead company.

  42. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/16/2001 1:53:32 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?


    stupid BeOS user with inferior stock.. blah.. blah.. we superior linux users.. blah.

    Just go away, if you’re a linlot (hey, love that name! gotta use it) you’ jsut helping prove right now that the linux crowd is made of arrogant pricks; if you’re a Be-friendly troll (yeah, your post sounds _that_ much lame that it seems to be made up dude :-) willing to fake/prove the above then at least leave a clue of that so as to clue others in and they let you demolish the “image” of linuxians, thank you :-)

  43. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 07/16/2001 2:56:59 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    Well, I dont hate be, but I am gonna say that its nothing compared to what I have available thru linux. I hate QNX for you idiots who think twards that os first. I spose I’m in limbo cause every os sucks. I hate the general way Be people look on linux, not really giving much chance cause theyre mostly afraid that its better, thent theres the qnx people who you cant find any of..duno - I’m just wishing that Be or somebody would create a real solution, but that wont happen, cause there arent enough apps for be, or drivers, and linux is too hard to configure for my grandma to do…duno

  44. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/16/2001 11:02:38 PM

    Re: Approach Linux distros?

    > duno

    not to sound too pedantic or philosophic but that’s the one problem with this world, ignorance :-)

    The other being apathy.. oh well, anywya I don’t know and I don’t care (**g**)
    (for the humour impared ones, read this again)

  45. Anonymous Says:


    Its time to examine what is the dilemnia we are facing:-

    1/. Be Inc on verge of closure;
    2/. Be inc closing means in practical terms an end to development of the BeOS as an operating system;
    3/. Without an updated OS, applications and developments will dry up;
    4/. As 3 above occurs, support for hardware will dissipate so eventually only ageing obsolete machines will run BeOs;
    5/. BeOs becomes a hobbyist’s OS with a shrinking user base like Amiga;
    6/. Eventually only atavistic techno fanatics will use the OS


    BeInc needs more money, either from a second product (eg eVilla) or from a sugar daddy who wants to subsidy BeOS. In either case it can not be assumed that BeOs development will continue, as the company would be deflected into other ventures.

    Perhaps a leaf should be taken out of the MS book. Why can’t BeInc sell updates to the OS or have a subscriber system. If enough users buy into paying BeInc per annum for updates (at a reasonable price) a cash flow would be generated to keep BeInc in business there would be an incentive to keep innovations coming and to expand the applications base.

    Making BeOs open source won’t change anything, BeInc would fold, development would be in the hands of too few developers. The fiddlers/developers would remain mostly Linux people.

    Any suggestions ?

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