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Stuff you gotta have, stuff you wish you had, and stuff you’ll never have

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 05 Jul, 2001 @ 5:09 PM
Bits N

Stuff You Gotta Have - A Press Release from, well, Stuff You Gotta Have. It’s a press release for the application Book Mobile. You can read the press release by clicking the “Read More” link.

Stuff You Wish You Had - Ryan (NorseLord) Christiansen has put up a bunch of pictures of the original BeBox. Go Check It Out and drool. :P

Stuff You’ll Never Have - Karm wanted us to remind everyone about something that appeared originally on BeNews - Karm wanted everyone to sign the petition to open source BeOS. We all know Be’s feelings on this, but Karm believes that Be shouldn’t close their doors with BeOS still inside. Yeah, I know… no flames. Stuff you’ll never have.

Greenville, SC - June 29, 2001

Stuff You Gotta Have is proud to announce the release of its latest software for BeOS, Bookmobile. Bookmobile is a floating toolbar application to manage bookmarks for use with either Net Positive or Opera.

Some of its features are:

Saves bookmarks using the standard BeOS file type, so they can be edited in the tracker, and you can easily import your existing bookmarks.
Keywords can be added right away (unlike Net Positive).
Up to ten bookmarks can be added to each of the ten folders. Each folder can also have a keyword that will display in the menus and in the tool tips.
Bookmobile uses the “Navigation By Numbers” menu system, which means you can launch any of the 100 bookmarks simply by pressing the corresponding numbers on the keypad. In other words, you can launch a bookmark by pressing only two keys!
Any of the bookmarks can be easily updated using the add bookmark form.
Can be aligned either horizontally or vertically.
Can be used with both NetPositive and Opera.
The toolbar can be made any color.

The demo version is fully functional but will not “see” more than two bookmarks per folder. Download it here. The full version is a reasonable $5 and can be purchased at SYGH with PayPal.

Please visit Stuff You Gotta Have for more info and screenshots.

Stuff You Gotta Have has several other apps for BeOS in the works, Vortex, a backgammon-like game, is currently in pre-production, and Field Commander, an “attri-view-itor”, will soon enter pre-production. Coming soon is Checkbook XL, an “extra-large” version of the Gobe Productive sample checkbook app, and version 2.0 of CD Templates for Gobe Productive.

Stuff You Gotta Have, a developer of software for BeOS and PalmOS was founded in 2000.


17 Responses to “Stuff you gotta have, stuff you wish you had, and stuff you’ll never have”

  1. rppp01 Says:


    Wow, those LED lights are cool. I saw the old BeOS desktop, but I also saw what looked like 4.5. What is the latest version of BeOS that runs on a BeBox?Man, they should have stayed in the hardware market- they could have been the next Apple (if they marketed it– I never heard of the BeBox until recently).

  2. Deej Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/05/2001 7:06:01 PM

    Re: bebox

    Those LEDs may come back for the x86 platform… I’ll let you know how that project goes. :)

  3. rppp01 Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 07/05/2001 7:31:35 PM

    Re: bebox

    Sweet. Keep us posted.

  4. Anonymous Says:


    As cool a machine as the BeBox was, that was one fugly computer!

  5. Galley_SimRacer Says:

    inuts and jacks galore

    Good lord look at all of the jacks on the back of that bad boy! Were they all like that?

  6. Anonymous Says:


    Hey look! Its just as stylish as NeXT… and the Cube… and most of SGI’s boxes… and hey, do we see a pattern here?


  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/05/2001 7:06:01 PM

    Re: bebox

    From what I heard you can run BeOS 5 on the BeBox.

  8. mlk Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/06/2001 04:15:35 AM

    Re: bebox

    Be Inc promised BeBox owners support up to r5.
    Thats why R5 was the rushed sub-Be-Inc-Quality product.

  9. chrish Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 07/06/2001 08:25:46 AM

    Re: bebox

    Somehow, I doubt it was released the way it was due to the 1800 BeBoxes that are out there (probably 1000 or fewer still in use; these are [I]old[/I] computers).

    - chrish

  10. Digger Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/05/2001 7:06:01 PM

    Re: bebox

    FWIW there are a few BeBoxes on eBay for sale right now.

    One comes from Menlo Park….


  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 07/05/2001 7:06:01 PM

    Re: bebox

    WTF is that first thing???
    Some Chinese/taiwanese copy or what?
    Never seen anything like that before.
    Even more ugly than a BeBox.

    Damn i’m glad i managed to get me a beBox :)
    just need a rev5, rev 8 and maybe a hobbit based one too :D

  12. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Galley_SimRacer @ 07/05/2001 9:35:54 PM

    Re: inuts and jacks galore



  13. Anonymous Says:

    Make your own

    The first picture on the top is an ATX case that is supposed to resemble the Be Box. This is presumeably to allow us X86′ers to build our own. If you look closer this case lacks the front LED’s or “geek lights”, but other than that is a fairly good copy.
    When I first heard about these cases They were available only in Asia, this may have changed I don’t know.
    As for being “Fugly”, (the copy and the original) aside from the color and the front bezel there is very little difference from our “beige boxes” . I think it looks better than lots of custom cases I have seen. Anyway the most attractive part of the original was on the back and inside. Back when they were made there wasn’t anything that compaired with the hardware, or the OS.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/06/2001 7:27:40 PM

    Re: Make your own

    I have seen a better “copy” than that fugly thing :)
    Pic is here: http://www.beatjapan.org/beacon3/reports/photos/inf05.jpg

    It appears to have the LED’s down the front just like the originals. This is the best replica/copy I can find. However, I emailed the guys in Japan about it, and they never responded to any of my emails, which I think is rude.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/07/2001 01:08:44 AM

    Re: Make your own

    and what language did you ask them in?


  16. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/07/2001 02:54:09 AM

    Re: Make your own

    english as they have at least 1 person who can read/write it.(i know this coz the site has english and japanese sections)

    But to be sure, i also emailed in Japanese :)

  17. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 07/06/2001 1:23:06 PM

    Re: bebox

    For those who came to BeOS late, and want more info on the BeBox, the best place to go is a site run by forum member atlamp, www.bebox.nu

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