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BRS TuneTracker Demo Released

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:21 PM

Dane Scott Productions has released the demo version of BRS TuneTracker. If you downloaded the demo version from BeBits the first couple of days it was out, and it has problems, download it again. And, better mention that this app is a great one to do demo’s with at BUG meetings. Hit the Read More button for the full press release. Way to go Dane! You are truly an entreprenuer on the BeOS platform!

Dane Scott Productions today announced the release of an inexpensive new sampler CD containing BeOS 5 PE, BRS TuneTracker radio automation system, SoundPlay audio player, Army Knife TTE, and a fully-functioning sample radio station, complete with free music.

“The reason we’re doing this is to make it easy and inexpensive to fully try out the TuneTracker system without having to buy a license for it,” says Dane Scott, designer of TuneTracker. “The sample radio station on the CD gives people an excellent sense of how TuneTracker will actually work for them. The other reason for this CD is that there are a lot of non-BeOS-users who are going to want to try out TuneTracker, and they’re going to need the BeOS installation in order to do it.”

The entire TuneTracker system is included, with only minor use limitations. The system’s contents can be registered, and a full-access key provided via the Internet, for $59.95.

The CDs are being sold at eBay at a reserve price of $6.95.

TuneTracker, which sold 80 copies before a demo was available, is already in use by individuals, companies, and organizations in the U.S. and many countries, broadcasting Internet and over-the-air radio programming. It became available to the general public as a downloadable demo at BeBits on Monday.

“We did have one snag on our first day at BeBits,” says Scott. “There was a small error in the installation package. For that reason, we’re encouraging people to either re-download and reinstall the package, or just move the BRS folder on their hard drive from a folder called ‘TuneTracker Uninstall,’ directly into their /boot/home/apps folder.”

2 Responses to “BRS TuneTracker Demo Released”

  1. LeftTurn Says:

    Good job Dane!

    Keep plugging away!

  2. cedricd Says:

    killerS appS ?

    bringing the truly killer app to BeOS

    well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is /the only/ killer app with potential under thsi platform ;-) And yes I guess it has to be said by an ‘insider’ from the team as other people might be belive it ‘inappropriate’ to voice this or something..

    I guess my point is, the market/mindshare of BRS is safe because it has so little competition, but small, because
    there are way less sound-content providers than there are e.g. web pages designers (does this sounds sensible BTW?). A contrario, an app like (totally “random” example huh) a web page editor would have much more competition but also the opportunity of having way more customers, though granted, they’d have less reasons to buy BeOS PRO and help Be,Inc just for it than in the case of BRS.

    Of course, until another ‘killer app’ can prove its potential to the world it’s all rhetorics…

    cedric. (wishes he had talent to put crowds in trance and collect help and give momentum to projects too..)

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