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Speaking of Dust Biting

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:17 PM

Pirx wrote in with this:

The domain BeDope (www.bedope.com) is up for sale. The website has been dormant for a while. The ‘About’ page says that “Be Dope will remain operational in its website form until Project BE comes to its logical and inevitable conclusion”.

Pirx wonders if we should collect some small cash and point the domain here, since many of BeDope’s features are now on BeGroovy. What do you think?

UPDATE:Brett Jungblut wrote in to tell us that the yaBel domain is also up for sale. Dropping like flies, aren’t they?

One Response to “Speaking of Dust Biting”

  1. cedricd Says:

    how much?

    how much would it cost? I have this paypal account I’ve opened for a certain app and I’d feel like re-investing into the Be community, and err.. voila. Especially as gobe wont’ take my money it seems; i thought the various posts about them being unresponsive were FUD but indeed, sending a mail to gobe@gobe and sales@ to know if they’d accept paypal payements yielded no repsonse for 10 days :-/

    PS: the stories are piling up quite fast today :-) , so if I forget to monitor this thread later on you know where to reach me..

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