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Cappuccino runs BeOS

by @ 2:12 pm on 6/25/2001. Filed under Submitted News

Not sure how old this article is, but it is a slow BeOS news week, and Mattias Toth evidently just found it on Ars Technica. Looks like a very interesting “bookshelf” PC, that, later in the article (page 3), reviewer Hannibal tested with BeOS and QNX, and reports that both were “snappy”. I, for one, love these little boxes (such as the NIC one, which I’m hoping Axel finishes the ethernet drivers for) – And this baby clocks in up to 1Ghz! Now, where can I get one of these to test stuff with? At iBuyPower, which I maxed out the system and it ran around $1700USD, for a reasonable system (minimum on everything) it ran at $1000. Anyways, thought some of you tinkerers out there would want to know. 🙂

12 Responses to “Cappuccino runs BeOS”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Compact System from MSI

    If you are looking for a compact, affordable system, try the MSI-6215.

    It has everything from infrared port to Firewire, not everything is supportetd by the BeOS though. Haven’t tried TV out yet …

  2. Big Al says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/25/2001 4:03:23 PM

    Re: Compact System from MSI

    Am I missing something? The device you’re looking at is several times larger than the Cappuccino… or am I reading the specs incorrectly?

  3. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 06/25/2001 4:24:22 PM

    Re: Compact System from MSI

    You’re right! But I am talking about an affordable system 😉

    It is probably the smallest full-featured system available. It even has 2 PCI slots.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Espresso & Cappuccino PCs

    These things have been around for awhile now (1 1/2 years). If you want to “build” out the system yourself you can get them barebones from the links below.

    Barebone Cappuccino with 24XCD US$425
    Barebone Cappuccino with DVD US$525

    Barebone Espresso with 24XCD, Docking Station, and carrying case US$350


  5. Anonymous says:

    Worse than the G4 cube urge

    I’d give two G4 cube’s for one Cappuccino 🙂
    Considering that it runs BeOS, it is my dream machine. Everything but the soundchip seems to fit my needs.
    If they could make a really cheap version of this one. Say $400 but with a really good soundchip. I’d use one as a home-stereo.


  6. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/25/2001 6:14:03 PM

    Re: Espresso & Cappuccino PCs

    Oh.. didn’t know that they had barebone versions for sale.. interesting.

  7. h_ank says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/25/2001 4:03:23 PM

    Re: Compact System from MSI

    I really want to see the TV-Out on either the MS-6215 or the Cappuccino. That would be a great mp3 box with irMan and BIYS.

  8. moooooooo says:

    i emailed this and other stuff to Technix

    Deej, tell technix to check his email. my lotus notes account won’t let me send email to news@begroovy so i sent it to him.
    there’s also news that SDL 1.2.1 is out and included in the doco is news that theres a bug fix in it for BeOS.
    i can’t rememeber what else i put in there but anyway.
    keep that news coming!!

  9. Deej says:

    In Response To moooooooo @ 06/25/2001 10:04:09 PM

    Re: i emailed this and other stuff to Technix

    Okie, if I see him… Technix doesn’t have posting capabilities – right now, only me and Nutcase do. And for some reason, my deej at begroovy forwarder (and thus news@) takes quite some time to get to me, sometimes up to a couple of days… send it to deej at beunited dot org, if all else fails, I should be able to easily determine that it’s not for BeUnited, but you can say begroovy in the subject to make sure. 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    In Response To h_ank @ 06/25/2001 9:28:34 PM

    Re: Compact System from MSI

    I don’t think that onboard TV-out will work because there is no driver for that. The onboard Intel 815 chipset graphics engine is not supported by the BeOS and you only get grayscale output.
    Since the MS-6215 has two PCI slots, you can always add a graphics adapter with TV-out that is supported by the BeOS. In the second PCI slot you should put a sound card that is supported by the BeOS, since onboard sound is also not working (Intel 815).

  11. dhuff says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/25/2001 6:14:03 PM

    Re: Espresso & Cappuccino PCs

    Can’t get to this morning, but the barebones systems are also offered at Directron:

    Directron is a good place to deal with and has lots of cool stuff. I bought most of the parts for my current, built-it-myself PC there 🙂

  12. Muktar says:

    From my experience

    OK, from my experience with the Intel 810 chipset and the TV out suff, no you do NOT need any drivers, you just plug in the RCA cable to the TV-OUT plug and the other end into the TV. I have a small all in one bookshelf PC like the Capuccinno and BeOS runs fine on it. I usually hook it up to the Kids’ TV and let them watch the Chicken Run DivX on the TV via BeOS. Personally, I like the sound of the MSI system with the 2 PCI slots so I can put a nice Echo card in it and take it around as a portable BeOS mixing studio but I do NOT like the greyscale stuff on the Intel 815 chipset. May need to look for a similar system with an Intel 810 chipset instead.

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