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CNet on eVilla… and it aint good.

by @ 4:26 pm on 6/14/2001. Filed under Be Inc

Over at CNet, they have a pretty negative article about Sony’s eVilla. They discuss how the IA market is “poisoned”, and eVilla is going to suffer as a result. There is talk about an eVilla “sequel” with “always-on, fast access to the Internet.” It also mentions integration with other Sony companies like the record label and movie studio.

48 Responses to “CNet on eVilla… and it aint good.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    [No Subject]

    The E-villa – what a piece of crap. Who in their right mind would pay $500 for a internet terminal with a bunch of proprietary junk. This is what the BeOS was abandoned for? Goodbye, Be inc…

  2. RepairmanJack says:

    [No Subject]

    I dunno, I read the article and it doesn’t sound as negative you suggest. Admittedly, it’s not full of rosey predictions and glad tidings, but it’s not calling it an outright bomb. Also, Sony’s own marketing guy calls the well “Poisoned”

    Trully, I’d much rather buy a BeIA-run tablet with touch sensitive screen. That’s easily be worth two-grand. But another big box, that resembles an iMac is not something I want eating up the space on my desk.

    [Edited at 17:56 Jun 14 2001 by RepairmanJack]

  3. Jedi Be says:

    [No Subject]

    The “poisoned” comment actually came from Sony if you read the article. They are aware of the market they are getting into. I don’t think they would have went ahead with the release if they didn’t think it would fly. They have tons of money for market research, etc.

  4. Anonymous says:

    -evilla? where?

    This thing isn’t even avaliable yet – if you go to Sony’s online store, it claims the e-villa is backordered and no shipping date is avaliable. Is this ever going to actually come out? Has Sony changed their minds and buried it? They would be wise to…

  5. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 5:04:21 PM

    Re: eVilla, where? Here.

    eVilla was launched officially today.
    Go to the Metreon, the San Fransisco’s down town SONY centre, and you will be able to buy it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    and what??

    What do you hopefuls believe, that if the eVilla ‘flies’ Be will survive and ‘spend’ a little time and ‘tons’ of money to release a new version of BeOS?

    Wake up! Get back to reality!

    a) If eVilla ‘flies’, Be will ‘Be’ constrained to support/ update / fix bugs/ implement new Technologies into the eVilla. So what, they survive momentarily only to service Sony for the exisitance of eVilla. eVilla goes away -> Be goes away.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    Exactly. If eVilla succeeds, then Be wil be encouraged to keep working on BeIA – improvements, new features, customization for other partners. If eVilla fails, well then Be will probably no longer be.

  8. hirbie says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    If the eVilla survives, maybe other companies will be more willing to commit to the market and Be Inc.

  9. h_ank says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    If the eVilla takes off, or even just keeps Sony’s interest, Be will be able to keep working on it. If that happens, maybe Be can hire someone who can get R6 out the door. If R6 were released (soon) with things like BONE and OGL (and maybe a PictureSucker-esque programme), BeOS might be able to gain back some of the interest it’s lost as well as a couple new players.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In Response To h_ank @ 06/14/2001 9:35:20 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Look, I can appreciate you ‘want’ for a good Os.

    But majority of the BeOS community is ‘wantin’…’be’ happy with what you got it is not going to get any better. Not this not ever
    Be has walked away from the OS.

    I have only just gotten in BeOS (1year), but I can tell you this, If I ever see JLG of BeOS in person I would suggest that he go back to school and learn a thing or too about business.

    Does not matter if the OS is ‘cool’, can you sell it. It seems that 5 years later. WE KNOW THE OUTCOME

    Bye Bye -> Be

  11. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 9:43:38 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Very well said – Why are we reading these posts about a dead OS anyways?

  12. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 10:44:18 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Because there are still people that use it and love it. And wish Be had done the proper thing and let other people know it existed. It’s called marketing. And Be knows nothing about marketing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 11:22:50 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Yea really… Didn’t they hire some ‘expert’ that used to work at Coca-Cola in marketing ?? Coke sells itself. We can see how well he did.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 9:43:38 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    If I met JLG and staff I would shake their hands and shake my head. They have done a fantastic job in creating an OS that simple, fast and a joy to use. The marketing situation, however, would give me cause to shake my head.

    Be, like every other company, lives at the whim of the open market. The open market can be swayed by good advertising and getting people to know and SEE the product. Be failed to advertise properly and the market let them go.


  15. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 07:39:55 AM

    Re: and what??

    You poor delusional SOD. Can you actually separate btw Company and Company product?

    It seems to me that you are obsessed with Be-OS.

    You will be waiting a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time before you see the BeOSR6 or Derivative.

    Separate what you need and what you have not, If you can accomplish your daily tasks on BeOS then great you are a star, as for the rest of us that need a ‘hobby’ OS BeOS is just fine.

    Try develop a multimedia production on BeOS, oh that’s right there are no tools for you to do that.

    What happened to all the ‘great apps’ that were coming to BeOS?

    I know, where you will find the current release schedule for BeOSR6: In the Trash

  16. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 12:04:32 AM

    Re: and what??

    Can you calm down. I like BeOS, i program every day on it, and i will still use it without an update. And if i’m obssessed, it’s my choice, nothing to argue about!

    sad you get me wrong 🙁

  17. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 11:22:50 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    and so…

    live and let die!!!!!!
    What are you whinning over? Mismanagement, Ridiculous marketing pratices in a company YOU? did or did not work for…

    One thing i have to say to all BeOS Users.

    Be content with what you have, make others notice of what you currently have, not have not. Then maybe just maybe others (I mean interested parties) may be attracted to a self assured Kick-ass multimedia Os in serious need of a lift up.

    But if everyone keeps whinning over what they have not (BONE and OGL -> I mean how many of you actual BeoS users REALLY need the aforementioned updates?), makes you ALL A BUNCH OF MISERABLE SODS. So why don’t you all just sod off or do something that will make others look your way.

    I have full respect for the BEUNITED CREW, their angle is right. TRYING to improve the OS a little at a time. WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION of a clueless company whom we will not mention (losers).

    ANYWAY, If you want the OS to live get your butt down to BEUNITED and donate to the DRIVER fund. This appears to be the only intelligent movement in the BEoS community.

    WANT a better OS, support the developers who still care about it, support the small companies or individuals that actually give a shit. They in their small way are paving the path to the BeOS survival.


  18. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 11:22:50 PM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Word UP !

    Man, they know nothing about marketing.
    And they still going on with that sh… Hope they are inteligent enough to give some parts they never will finish up (y’know what I mean – lol – R6/OpenGL – Bone – Drivers !!) to people who know how to put Q&A and software emissions together – look at – superb work, ladies&gentleman out there ! If eVilla – mania should start (2nd lol), they will punched up there at Be with update-/extension-work for this funky trend-machine until XMas.

    And if things should turn good for Be (don’t think so) : my bet : they gonna be as arrogant and imcompetent on the marketing side as ever (remember 1997 Apple Merge – Talks – 200 Million Dolares or end of 1998 – M$ – swallow – Talks with be (could be even a bigger mount in here that JLG wanted for his ‘Hacienda’).

    As long we got our communitiy and rocking coders with patience, BeOS itself will work & live – look at…miga (pls no, not in the face, use your fist instead of that baseball curl, pls, oh that hurts-HELP ME…911!!911!!)

  19. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    What about Tascam,Roland,TowerRecords,Ntt-east, i think that Be has got some nice pro deals, don’t you?
    Also, who knows if this is actually Be that will work on the e-villa enhancement, didn’t you heard of MAP? ,i think Sony will do the job.

    BeIA is a great _OS_ , it IS the last version of “BeOS” , and that’s why i’m happy to see it’s coming out finally, e-villa is just a Sony customized version.
    If we don’t have it on PC’s is just a question of hardware, BeIA has been created by the same guys that created BeOS, it is object oriented and also easily portable, it has the same architecture-mentality and has only MORE features than BeOS5 (not less:)). How do you know it will cost ‘tons’ of money to get a PC release ? It’s just a matter of time, Be engineers are really good.

    Know everybody look at the specs, they speak by themselves.Everything for a killer Os is here !

    btw, there are some nice videos,

    BeOS is the development platform:) so it’s still worked on(new fixed bug btw), they don’t have the money to release a full packaged cd but could always release a downloadable version.

    Sorry for the long post but i think BeIA actually rocks compared to other OSs and that it’s a matter of time to have PC version (BeOs6 or whatever you call it).

    The E-villa is shiping, you should all be saying Woohoo!! something new to see out of Be !!. I can’t wait to see all those pro media devices that will come .

  20. Anonymous says:

    [No Subject]

    Those analysts know nothing about how it is diferent from the other IAs, they know nothing about BeIA, nothing about c .
    They know $ and Mhz, that’s all.

    People new to internet will like the evilla because there is something different in the box.

  21. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 07:55:04 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Right. I suppose you still think they will release bone and opengl too.

  22. cedricd says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 08:38:59 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    troll (or “automated script”, whatever could explain a “there will be no opengl” FUD post as a reply to an “analysts know nothing” unrelated post).

    Oh, and they’re actually shipping BONE today, since that’s obviously what the eVilla uses.

    [Edited at 10:49 Jun 15 2001 by cedricd]

  23. Anonymous says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 06/15/2001 10:48:02 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Check the SEC filings:

    It’s called BeIA Network Environment — not BONE.

  24. Anonymous says:

    In Response To RepairmanJack @ 06/14/2001 5:01:27 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    From: Andrew

    I have to agree, its just saying that the device is great, CNET isnt saying that the device is bad. Sony has said that poisioned the IA industry with the new device saying it will be a success. Be is getting no business out of this becuase nowhere in the article have a seen Be get any credit for the OS embeded into the device. Sony is backstabbing Be in my eyes.

  25. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 12:47:59 AM

    Re: and what??

    oh yeah, what do you program?

    little app there a little app here a little app over there a little everywhere

    Get a life

  26. Ash says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 10:58:32 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    That’s remarkably close to Beanie – lexically.

    ash (pointlessly)

  27. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 1:49:28 PM

    Re: and what??

    what kind of arrogant guy are you? i write for my pleasure for almost 14 years, as an expression form! i’m a scientist so i wont write a web browser, that’s all, if you don’t want my programs, don’t download them and just shut up.

    for the other curious guys:


  28. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 2:14:15 PM

    Re: and what??

    buh to you to so do I write, and I write ‘WEB BROWSERS’

  29. Anonymous says:

    Relief !!

    Today, stated that they ‘see a winner’ in this one – this is straight from the guys who _really_ know, so go out and buy Be stock immeadetly !!!!!

  30. Ruprect says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 2:56:15 PM

    whiny troll

    So write one for BeOS, you arrogant dick!

  31. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 06/15/2001 4:59:25 PM

    Re: whiny troll

    you’re the whiny troll

    I just call it as i see it

  32. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to say..

    who gives a flying fuck what C|Net dot-com shitheads have to say. I don’t.

  33. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    ‘I’ like to ‘use’ a lot of ‘single’ ‘quotes’ because it ‘makes’ me ‘seem’ more ‘intelligent.’

  34. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 5:06:18 PM

    Re: whiny troll

    well, you are an arrogant whining troll. it’s you who might want to look into ‘getting a life’

  35. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 5:50:11 PM

    Re: whiny troll

    well if you recognise that, then maybe it is you that need the life and not i.

    I justly state what I see

  36. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 5:17:13 PM

    Re: and what??


  37. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 5:14:24 PM

    Re: I would just like to say..


  38. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 5:17:13 PM

    Re: and what??

    well at least I got you reading it, so what does it say about ‘you’

  39. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 01:15:48 AM

    Re: and what?? Origianal

    Why should we be content? Why should we be grateful for what we have? We are consumers, who wanted a quality OS. We want to be able to do things that cannot be done right now on the current release. Why shouldn’t we want a new version.

    Look around. The free market is working. The more the company stays away from this product– not providing an update, the more people up and leave. They go to something else. Why should we put up with this? Why should we even care anymore? Obviously the company doesn’t. The Next Big Thing will come along, and hopefully it will either be from a company that is stronger financially, or else open source– so that it cannot die the assinine death BeOS is dying.

    So screw your ‘be happy with what you have’. Why should I be? If an car maker pulled what Be Inc had pulled, they would be dropped even faster than BeOS has. You can’t for a product to compete if that product isn’t able to do so.

  40. Anonymous says:


    Time Magizine’s extra magizine ON gave the EVilla a A- rating….

    I personally don’t see a market for these… but let’s hope other pepole want to buy them!

  41. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 6:26:50 PM

    Re: and what??

    It says that ‘I’ ‘=’ ‘1337’ and ‘YUO’ ‘=’ ’14|V|3′

  42. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 6:24:58 PM

    Re: whiny troll

    I smell the stink of a rotting troll’s corpse, care to continue the stalemate? You seem like turd enough too.

  43. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/17/2001 00:43:28 AM

    Re: whiny troll


  44. Anonymous says:


    It seems that a lot of US giants jumped in and out of the waters while Sony has stayed. Is it possible, that Sony, a Japanese giant, is not trying to reach the same market? I wish not to overly generalize about something I’m not sure of, but I think that the NorthAm and Japan markets differ in a lot of ways. Maybe enough so that the eVilla will fly overseas.

    The biggest problem with the eVilla is the dialup connection. If 10/100 base T ethernet networking is added (as hinted at in this article) the computer may be usable for more than broadband internet access. In the BeOS Bible, JLG hinted at the IA market and made referance to an ‘NC’. The eVilla II, with a little rework, would be ideal for a network computer.

    The cost is pretty good too. A $500 machine with a lot of the vulnerabilities of the PC not present (see where I’m going with this) has great potential. Basically, you end up with a lowcost workstation suitable for use in large labs of untrusted users. Yup. The high school computer labs might be able to use eVilla II at a significant savings ($500/unit with OS and no need for virus checkers and other security measures on each station).


  45. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 7:44:41 PM

    Re: and what??

    Why so bitter?
    It sounds more like you wish Be not to succeed,
    than anything else.
    I use a small Compaq with BeIA and it’s neat.
    The Sony eVilla is probebly much better and
    I would like to have one.

    You can’t stop me.

    Be, Inc is making products which are better,
    but that is not all one have to do to succeed, I agree.

  46. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/17/2001 6:01:25 PM

    Re: Hmm…

    I think you are right, the BeIA devices are infact
    cool. The subscription models seen in the US aren’t
    available in Norway and may never be.

    I don’t see the point in having a bunch of PC’s at
    home. I wouldn’t have time to support it. A couple
    of Sony eVillas hooked up should be no trouble at
    all though. A BeIA tablet near the sofa would be nice


  47. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/14/2001 5:00:58 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Strange how the anons are always the prats!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/15/2001 3:53:52 PM

    Re: Relief !!

    hahaha… guys who “really” know…

    have you read the site title from

    “We dont even know what the OCP stands for anymore”

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