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BeZilla 0.9.1 released

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2001 @ 6:00 PM

Just had it pointed out that as of June 7th, the mozilla release page has BeZilla 0.9.1 on it. I dont know if this is up to speed with the rest of the mozilla ports, or even if it’s news, but it is listed under the most recent version number. So, I think it is pretty good news. :)

6 Responses to “BeZilla 0.9.1 released”

  1. rppp01 Says:

    new build old problems

    This gave me a reason to boot beos.

    I pulled it down, installed it, and ran it. Same problems with the dialogue boxes. Still no go for sites like www.hotmail.com (for my wife, come on here). It is a bit faster that the previous build. This thing needs some debugging. And I’ll do my duty.

    It’s still not the browser we all hope and want. Honestly, it still feels like the old build.

  2. georges Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 06/12/2001 7:07:59 PM

    Re: new build old problems

    Hey, it’s a damn good thing they are still developing it! Be happy about that!

    I have yet to try it, but if it is anything like the Win32 port it will kick ass!

    I have a feeling it’s not at the Win32 port level yet :)


  3. altp Says:

    In Response To georges @ 06/12/2001 10:39:19 PM

    Re: new build old problems


    I’m gonna use this as an excuse to load Beos tommorow at work.. compair it to the Linux port to see how it preforms ;-)

    I’m still suggesting a feasability study into Beos for the computer labs here … mostly cause i wanna waste time and play with stuff like bezilla once in a while, but HEY ;-)


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Tip Jar for Bezilla..?

    Well, I know there are several people working on Bezilla, but maybe beforever could make them a candidate for the Tip Jar once..?!

  5. Anonymous Says:


    This is brilliant news ..ok its just a browser, but after losing Wade and Yannick from the team its good to have news that the Bezilla team are moving along.

    What we need to do is support the Bezilla team - Ham, Matt, etc the best we can.


    ; o )>

  6. Anonymous Says:


    As far as I know nobody really fix bugs in BeZilla :-(
    The BeOS-related code in BeZilla 0.9.1 was not updated… Only code of the main branch are new.

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