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Lost Marble calling it quits on BeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 01 Jun, 2001 @ 3:59 PM
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Well, it’s official. Lost Marble has dropped support for BeOS, after reluctant updates in the past. The 0confirmation came in a reply to BeNews inquiries about a 2.6 release for BeOS. They sounded upset about dropping BeOS, but realistic about their business, and it is hard to fault that sort of thinking. Like they said,

When we first created Moho for BeOS, we saw a great deal of potential for multimedia artists. Now however, we can’t imagine why an animator would choose this OS. It seems that anyone doing animation on BeOS must be putting animation as a second priority behind choosing an operating system.

I would love to say that we should all hold on, and that bone/opengl/r6 will be released soon, and we can get back up to speed. But at this point, Be has let things degrade so far that I am not sure it’s possible to fix it. Oh well. I hope they try, and even more so, I hope they succeed.

7 Responses to “Lost Marble calling it quits on BeOS”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Woopy (Sarcasm)

    With all the people dropping BeOS this comes as no shock to myself. In my opinion the fat lady sang for BeOS about the time that Be introduced the BeIA, funny thing is the lady has sang for it as well. I dunno about Be, if I was JLG I would think of BeOS as my kid, my creation. And I would do everything a parent would in fear of loosing there child. In Be’s case they can’t take care of it so they should put it up for adoption. But alas I think it is a bastard child that no one wants.

    Ah well that is my two cents and hey, there is always Windows ;)


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great products

    Yeah, it’s sad, and yeah we’d all like to see all sorts of BeOS updates being released. But what people seem to miss is that products like personalStudio and Moho are small-time players, and imperfect ones at that.

    The problems with personalStudio were well-documented even before Adamation’s dropping of BeOS support (and I’m talking about issues with the application itself, not about known Media Kit issues).

    Moho is no different. Anyone use it for serious use? The BeOS codecs aren’t great (for christ’s sake either fix them or let us fix them), so you find yourself doing rendering on either Windows or Mac. Mac won’t render 90% of the time (just quitting without any warning when you try), and Windows is buggier than BeOS when it comes to things like TrueType font rendering (with sizing and spacing and kerning all over the place). So you end up shipping your Moho project around between its various ports just to get it finished.

    I would imagine that despite some neat things about Moho, serious animators use something else (namely Flash, or maybe one of the other professional animation packages).

    At its price, Moho was not for a hobby market, even though hobbyists bought it. And if you’re not a hobbyist–if you’re a professional–you’re going to be willing to pay a little more for a package that works.

    Good luck to Lost Marble (”they” after all are just one, hard-working guy). Hopefully he’s able to bring Moho up to the level where it’s a viable alternative; if not, it was a nice try.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/01/2001 5:48:36 PM

    Re: Great products

    I’m glad you said it. I’ve never understood all the moaning and gnashing of teeth of the loss of developers of “hobby” level applications.

    I hate having to use Windows or MacOS to work, but the bottom line is that if I want to animate, I’m at a serious disadvantage if I don’t use Flash.

    All these “designer imposters” that aren’t quite up to the task of a professional aren’t doing anything to win converts. They’re just making the pro’s say “Why should I waste my time with this great OS, if I can’t actually do any WORK in it.”

    Now on the other hand, when I’m mixing music or making sound effects for my animations…there’s just no comparison with the responsiveness of BeOS. The sound and music software available for BeOS is definitely of professional quality.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is NOT BONE issue

    I am not into animation myself, but the lost marble guys once outlined that it takes a lot more than this program for animation as it would cover only one aspect to it. It is these other apps that BeOS as a platform is missing, not BONE or anything else. And because including the LM guys ever more developers are leaving, don’t expect anyone to come to BeOS who hasn’t been there first place by now. The entire environment isn’t there, as they outlined again in their letter to Benews. Sometimes I really don’t understand you guys, maybe it should be mandatory for BeOS-users to read S Hackers assesssment of BeOS’ situation every morning, then you would _understand_ that there will be no revival of many apps for obvious reasons, even if the user base would rise again.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Oh well but dont lose faith

    Yeh ok … so its another company to call it quits on BeOS coding. Is this sales driven or code driven ?

    Anyone knows if a BeOS product is good — the community will pay for it. Not like Windows, most ppl download cracks.

    I’d like to think of it this way …

    The wind of one door closing, opens another …

  6. Hugh Says:

    A glimpse of hope

    Although I don’t want to raise false hope, here’s the full story:
    (I incidentially mailed them, too, before I read this news-article)

    I suspected that the code is still cross-platform and should be easily compilable on BeOS in the future, they replied:
    “[..] our source code is still cross-platform, and if Be unexpectedly made a comeback, it wouldn’t be too hard.”

    And, regarding the BeOS-market:

    “Unfortunately, the BeOS market was never viable before. It seemed to be getting closer, though, and if it got back t [there?] again, we’d probably be crazy enough to give it another shot.”

    So here’s at least some hope, should Be come to life again (and I sincerely hope so).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 06/02/2001 11:15:26 AM

    Re: Oh well but dont lose faith

    Community ? :-)

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