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InsideBeOS magazine now available

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 16 Nov, 2000 @ 12:24 AM
Inside BeOS Magazine

InsideBeOS Magazine, the german BeOS magazine, which was announced as being translated to english, is now availible in both its english and german versions. They are selling issue one and two now, via bebits. I think this is actually the first print magazine available focused on the BeOS. You can also order the accompanying CD. So go have a look-see.

17 Responses to “InsideBeOS magazine now available”

  1. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 11/16/2000 10:10:46 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    In German? Sorry. No. I mean, i support as much as i can, but buying something that i have absolutely no chance of ever finding a use for is a bit too much.

  2. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 12:06:17 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    Just teasin’ ya nutcase (you monkey). If anyone has supported the community, it’s been you (along with many others).

    Hey somebody’s gotta bust ya from time to time. :)

  3. Digger Says:

    Got mine on order

    Looking forward to seeing them soon.
    Good thing I’ve got a friend who can read German.
    Probably post some tranlations on the BeGroovy message boards.


  4. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Digger @ 11/16/2000 08:47:03 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    its availible in english too. was that not clear?

  5. Digger Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 08:54:57 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    But only issue 2..issue 1 is only in german, unless I’m completely off my rocker.


  6. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Digger @ 11/16/2000 09:13:43 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    oh yeah. wow. thats intriguing. Guess it’s issue 2 only for me then.. :-/

  7. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 09:26:24 AM

    Re: Got mine on order

    Bah, get ‘em both for support. Besides, I like the idea of having the first *published* BeOS magazine.

    Here’s hoping there’s many more to come!

  8. Maikeru Says:

    When will they arrive?

    I just ordered mine. Anybody have any idea on how long it’ll take until it reaches my mailbox?

  9. (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz Says:

    In Response To Maikeru @ 11/16/2000 1:37:18 PM

    Re: When will they arrive?

    End of next week we will start to send the mags. We send is with airpost. So i think the duration will be one week from this point to your mailbox.

    (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz

  10. Reddog Says:

    BeOS magazine

    BeBits needs to get their shit together. The only way I found to order the magizine is from a link on another site. You can’t get there from the BeBits site.


  11. (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz Says:

    In Response To Reddog @ 11/17/2000 04:35:32 AM

    Order the magazine

    Hi !

    Thatīs not right. Go to http://www.bebits.com/product/28 and you can order the mag.

    On the right side of there Homepage is an animated gif. There are all productīs to order at bebits. On of this is the mag.


  12. Davod Aquilina Says:

    I just hope…

    I just hope they haven’t used Babelfish to translate it :)


    P.S. Site looks great :)

  13. David Aquilina Says:

    In Response To Davod Aquilina @ 11/18/2000 4:49:17 PM

    Re: I just hope…

    Good lord, I can’t even spell my first name right… I should probably go back to sleep.

  14. (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz Says:

    In Response To Davod Aquilina @ 11/18/2000 4:49:17 PM

    Re: I just hope…

    No, we have a professional translator for the magazine. Sorry that i must say this, but i really love the americanpeople, in all this comments on benews and begroovy i must see, that the america, the best of all and her homepage the really best of all in the universe and at first the BeOS magazines from the USA it is rally GREATTTTTT (where is it, icant found it)

    Sorry that iīm write this but every day i must heart bad things about my person and the magazine on begroovy and benews. What is the reason to say this??

    (Be)rnd thorsten korz.

  15. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz @ 11/18/2000 5:22:25 PM

    Re: I just hope…

    Um. I am not sure what you mean…

    Are you saying that our article was negative or insulting to the magazine? It certainly was not intended to be, and if it was, tell me where and I will fix it immediately.

    Or are you saying that the comments on BeGroovy have been negative? I dont really see that either.

    On our site one discussion was about if issue one was in english. Another was asking when it would show up. And a third had a problem with BeBits not linking it more directly, but was not negative about the magazine itself. The last comment was pretty much a joke saying they hope the translation is good (i.e. - not from babelfish). I don’t think David meant that seriously… but i cant say so for sure.

    I havent looked at the benews comments. :-/

    Anyway, i havent seen any bad things about you or your magazine on begroovy…. I think you may be transferring your complaint from the BeNews comments, or else you are taking the comments a bit to literally. I think everyone here thinks your Magazine is a great great thing, and is really greatful for it. :)

  16. (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/18/2000 5:35:52 PM

    Re: I just hope…

    Sorry for may command, but in the last 5 dayys i receive so much bad commandīs on other pages that i am tired about this. I think it isnt OK, to say, all on may mag is bad or may homepage is a horror. I spend my time to make the magazine and i work EVERS DAY ON IT 6-8hours and this from momnday to sunday. Itīs a pretty hard work.

    I hope that every one see this magazine as a cool thing.


  17. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To (Be)rnd Thorsten Korz @ 11/19/2000 01:54:42 AM

    Re: I just hope…

    Believe me… I know just how much work something like that can be. And its greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! :)

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