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BeOutback launches Australian BeOS Site

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 31 May, 2001 @ 9:05 AM
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Just got an email about BeOutback, an australian Be user site, whose aim is to help beos users in australia locate each other, and help them start to promote beos. To do this, they are creating a database of australian BeOS users, so that newbies can find people with experience to talk to, etc. They ask that any australian users submit their info, and/or write articles to help out. And if you aren’t australian, i don’t think they would turn away any articles you may want to submit either. ;)

2 Responses to “BeOutback launches Australian BeOS Site”

  1. Chevron Says:

    Thanks Nutcase

    Thanks Nutcase for the publicity:D
    We suddenly got an influx of additions to the database.

    I also encourage as many aussies as possible to contribute to the site, be it in either new articles or new ideas.
    I’ve already submitted one article, with a few more in the works:)

    Now it’s your turn.

    All articles should be newbie orientated or simple to follow as to encourage as many new users as possible.

    Though articles which deal with more complicated aspects of the BeOS will be enthusiastically gobbled up:P

    We welcome all suggestions so drop us a line.

    [Edited at 4:43 Jun 1 2001 by Chevron]

  2. thebard Says:

    In Response To Chevron @ 06/01/2001 03:55:02 AM

    Re: Thanks Nutcase

    Been away a while[H/drive failure & shifty retailer!] Great stuff Chevron. When I find which backup’s on which data CD I’ll come visit,& maybe get added to the Oz database.

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