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Neverwinter Nights FAQ Updated - and talks of BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 21 May, 2001 @ 10:09 PM
Submitted News

Scar noticed that in an evident update to the Neverwinter Nights FAQ, now at version 3.0, there’s a good tidbit for BeOS users. Directly from the FAQ:

We are planning a simultaneous PC / Macintosh / Linux release for Neverwinter, with all three versions to be included in a single box. BeOS users will be happy to know that we are also developing a BeOS version in parallel to our other platforms. It’s been going very smoothly so far and, if all goes well, we hope to include it as part of our standard release.

Heres the link again - click on “The Technical Stuff” (Section VIII).

UPDATE: A small warning - The FAQ requires some Javascript, and thus is not very Net+ friendly. :(

22 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights FAQ Updated - and talks of BeOS”

  1. Nutcase Says:

    Bioware simply rule beyond any reasonable expectation.

    I cannot believe how incredibly cool bioware are. Everyone should worship them.

    Either there will be a beos binary on the disk requiring opengl and bone, but no opengl and bone (both of which would leak in about 30 seconds if be decided against official release), or bioware know that opengl and/or bone will be released in time.

    Either way, NWN on BeOS is gonna be an amazing thing to see. :)

  2. Syn.Terra Says:

    Their Site needs Downgrading

    Cool as they may be, clicking on “Technical Stuff” in NetPositive gives you a JavaScript error.

    Ah well, the excerpt on the article sounds cool enough. Yay for Neverwinter Nights!

  3. georges Says:

    [No Subject]

    Good to see some decent news for a change… and good news to boot!

    I hope we never see “Why Be Inc will/will not be bought by Hustler/AOL/My mom” type articles on BeGroovy.

  4. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To georges @ 05/21/2001 11:43:39 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    You may see links to other peoples articles, because frankly, that is news. And occasionally, we tend to rant away in an editorial. But for the most part, we try to stick with more tangible stuff.

  5. Deej Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 05/22/2001 07:48:23 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Same here. Bought it, and yes, it was addicting. While I was on vacation between Hawaii and Colorado, I didn’t do anything else. Really, really took my time away. I’ve hesitated firing it up again for that reason - I’ve got too many things to do! The CD sits next to my computer, tempting me daily, but… I… must… resist……..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    I usually don’t play games but in this case, I might consider buying it, just to show them there IS a BeOS market!

  7. mlk Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/21/2001 10:33:07 PM

    Re: Bioware simply rule beyond any reasonable expectation.

    I will be!
    As soon as I have a box with Designed for BeOS on the side.
    And not just any box :)

    Now, if we can get a Be OS fan into the Operation FlashPoint team :)


  8. mlk Says:

    In Response To georges @ 05/21/2001 11:43:39 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    I knew your mum was upto something, snicking round Be HQ with hugh bundles of cash!


  9. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/22/2001 03:48:23 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    same here, I still have the Civ CTP box on my desk “nearly un-opened” because of lack
    of time and even though it’s said to be a highly addictive game..

    Next time (NWNights) I won’t wait till it’s too late to show support
    and buy NWN right when it’s shipping… Though it might be an awful shame to
    not play it this time, so I might “take an exception on my busy schedule” for once, Lol.

  10. Tasslehoff Says:

    Contacting Bioware

    It’s really nice to see Bioware stick to the BeOS. I’ll buy it the second it comes out!
    BTW: When does it come out? I’ve scanned their website quickly, but haven’t discovered a date or at least time frame.

    Now, I’ve been asking that before in the comments of another NWN news item: Has anyone a contact address for Bioware/Neverwinternights/BeOS?


  11. altp Says:


    I know this has been mentioned before…. but …

    The question has to be asked: will beos be able to play it when it arrives.

    I was looking through the hardware requirements, and they have jumped since the last time i saw them. The video card is now a minimum of a TnT2 and voodoo3 having at least 32MB … previously any 3d card with 16MB ram woulda run it.

    Now, one must think they have a way of testing it, but will they be able to release/will beos have released the openGL drivers by then.

    I’ve got a dual boot of Linux/Beos right now for shits-n-giggles, and i’d love to see how my voodoo5 preforms in it using openGL stuff (i’d also love to hear my sound blaster live sound half-way good … all choppy right now).

    And thats another consideration … sound card support under BEOS, from my experience sucks, i’ve never gotten all choppiness outta the sound. How will this affect the playablity of NWN on BEos?


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Incredible Screen Shots

    This game’s going to be stunning! Hopefully you won’t have to purchase a win32 disk or a beos disk–all os’s on a single purchase would be great, especially while we wait (and wait, and wait…) for OpenGL and BONE to be released.

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To altp @ 05/22/2001 11:05:50 AM

    Re: hardware

    As far as the graphics go, I imagine the drivers will be out by NWN’s release… or else I expect one of the beta testers will probably leak them. And they have much better performance then other platforms, so maybe older cards could keep up.

    As far as sound, I have seen my make this compaint many times, but I have never been able to reproduce it on my SBLive. In fact, BeOS has better sound support than any other platform I have tried (though i do get some feedback when I am ripping a cd and playing a mp3 at the same time, which never happened in 4.5)

    In any case, the best time is not to max out the volume. Other OS’s restrict the volume so that you wont get static. BeOS treats it a bit more professionally/realistically, and lets you do what you want… but you can go /way/ past where you should be.

  14. DaaT Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/22/2001 12:01:35 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    /me pops the CD into Deej’s drive….

    /me walks away laughing evilly (not evilla)

  15. Scar Says:

    In Response To Tasslehoff @ 05/22/2001 08:20:11 AM

    Re: Contacting Bioware

    I believe they are looking to release the game “when its done”. Bioware will not under cook this one. They’ll keep it untill its the best game they can make and then they’ll release it. It will be worth the wait, trust me.

  16. Anonymous Says:


    it would really cool to see a “modern” game to come out on all OS so we can really show BeOS.

    Bioware are really cool. When MDK2 got out on Dreamcast they showed on many message boad for a month to talk with us!! Too bad the game sold poorly on DC and even the “all mighty” PS2 ;)

    Speaking of Sega, now that they are platform agnostic, i wonder when we will see BeIA game (they do cell phone game and other IA device). Perhaps we will even see sega game in BeOS: i would be on my knee if that happen.

  17. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To Scar @ 05/22/2001 4:35:50 PM

    Re: Contacting Bioware

    No problem with that. In fact, the longer it takes them the better are our chances to have OpenGL to be able to play it… :)
    Now, how can I contact them?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Why Is Bioware So Cool??? - There Canadian ;)

    Americans may bail when the water gets rough. But not us good ol Canadians ;) We like to finish what we started. And take the time and get it done right the first time.

    hehehe (this is meant as humour so no flaming!) :)

  19. Scar Says:

    In Response To Tasslehoff @ 05/23/2001 02:39:59 AM

    Re: Contacting Bioware

    from the Bioware Site: nwninfo@bioware.com

  20. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To Scar @ 05/23/2001 10:58:31 PM

    Re: Contacting Bioware

    Uh… Thanks. It never dawned on me to try it at http://www.bioware.com. :}

  21. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/22/2001 5:01:31 PM

    Re: good

    I was really curious about this and when I emailed my message of support to Bioware, I couldn’t resist asking. There is no business case for a BeOS port, so why are they doing it? The only value they can possibly get is an extra port to know their code is really portable.

    So I voiced my queries - that although I think it is really cool and my money is burning to be spent - I couldn’t understand it from a business perspective.

    It turns out the whole thing is being driven by one guy within the company who is basically doing the port in his spare time (I’d rather not name him). I was also told that they’ll be releasing a multi-format CD of the game.

    It sounds like the BeOS interest has some kind of effect - from all the info I’ve seen it looks like the port has caught up with the windows version and is being regarded as an ongoing concern. I hope that all these promises from the BeOS community turn into cold hard bucks for Bioware. :)

  22. Scar Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/24/2001 5:51:17 PM

    Re: good

    This is not “new news”. In fact it was covered in the rather extensive interviews done with Bioware. These can be viewed here and here

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