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BeForever’s TipJar - Daniel Switkin

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 18 May, 2001 @ 7:01 PM
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BeForever’s TipJar this past month was for Daniel Switkin, author of a few BeOS freeware apps, including the absolutely necessary, GIFTranslator. Now, I don’t think there’s anyone out there that can honestly say that this isn’t one of the first things that they install on a fresh install of BeOS, as it’s needed for the web, and it’s not in BeOS itself.

Show a lil’ support and toss Daniel a tip. Even if you only have a couple of dollars to tip, it sure helps when it adds up. And if you don’t even ante up a single dollar, I expect the guilt of this to take over your soul, and you’ll un-install GIFTranslator for a week or two, so that you can remember not to take it for granted anymore. :P

8 Responses to “BeForever’s TipJar - Daniel Switkin”

  1. Deej Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/19/2001 05:42:13 AM

    Gifs are a “Bad Thing” - Yes

    Gif’s format is owned by Unisys, I believe, and Unisys has this crazy idea that they can make money off of the format. So if you are a commercial entity, and you want the ability to write to .gif format, you have to pay an exhorbant amount of fees for a license. This is why Be doesn’t have a gif translator… the technology is old, PNG is much better, and free, and why pay fees for gif capability, when they should be working on paying for something like DVD capabilities.

    Unfortunately, in the world of Windows, gif is almost a standard that is all over. Websites use gif’s almost exclusively, etc, etc… so Daniel’s GIFTranslator bridges our gap between the old “should be thrown out but can’t” and the new “OS that doesn’t bother with it”.

    Anyways, tip him anyhoos. :D

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    you nearly got me started again about ranting towards Be that they even have never been able to provide such basic things as this gif translator

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/19/2001 05:42:13 AM

    Re: [No Subject]


  4. markh Says:

    How does it work ?

    Maybe I’m a bit stupid, but how does it actually work. I found the tipjar website to be a bit confusing.

  5. Deej Says:

    In Response To markh @ 05/19/2001 2:27:16 PM

    Re: How does it work ?

    Yeah, I guess you send a check or whatever to the TipJar company, and they send it to the person. If you’d like to donate, and would rather do it PayPal style, I’ll start up a TipJar “Fund”. I will be sending a check directly to BeForever for the “Tip”, as I did last month. I have a paypal account, and I can collect there and then send all the money in one check to BeForever to forward to Daniel, if that sounds any easier. :P Seriously, let me know here if anyone would rather do it that way. :)

  6. markh Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/19/2001 2:31:37 PM

    Re: How does it work ?

    I don’t have cheques, so that makes donating a little bit hard for me. I do have a paypal account however, so if you’d like to set up a fund I’d donate that way.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/19/2001 2:31:37 PM

    yes, absolutely

    That tip jar system is a mess. It’s no wonder no one is tipping if you have to mail a fucking check in! I couldn’t even find the info regarding that.

  8. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/19/2001 2:31:37 PM

    Re: How does it work ?

    I was also confused by the TipJar website and the whole system. I contacted Peter about it, but didn’t get an answer…
    Since I’m in Europe, sending a check isn’t feasible either. Why not going with PayPal in the first place? So, I’d really appreciate if BeGroovy could cooperate with BeForever and establishes a PayPal system.

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