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BoostSignal needs help

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 16 Nov, 2000 @ 12:15 AM

BoostSignal, the #2 beos files site on the web, is looking for help. On November 5th, BoostSignal’s webmaster posted a request for volunteers to help grow the site beyond what he has time for on his own. He says he has “been bogged down with the general management of every day life.” While everyone goes to BeBits, boostsignal has sort of languished in the background. I think now is a perfect time to help expand the community. So if you have free time, voluteer at begroovy (i will reply to those applications soon, i promise). If you have even MORE free time, help boostsignal. :P
Update: Greydawn has posted details about the needed help in the comments.

17 Responses to “BoostSignal needs help”

  1. greydawn Says:

    About My Request

    First, thanks Nutcase for posting the note about Boost Signal. Lots of people have written to me and aren’t sure how to help even though they are willing. I would of course love to find web developer types who have experience with php3 and/or mysql but I’m also looking for people who have their own ideas on how they can help.

    Think of it as “open-sourcing” Boost Signal. I’m looking for people who have good ideas on how to improve or expand upon the existing Boost Signal and are willing to put some effort into it. For non-developer types this might mean offering up a feature suggestion or enhancement that would make your BeOS experience better and then doing some research or polling for feedback and suggestions on it. Then us programming types could take what you’ve put together and make it a reality. Hopefully something really quality would come out of that.

    That’s not to say I don’t need help on the development side… I do. I have all the skills but not enough time to make things happen by myself. If you don’t think you could work in a team on the entire site then maybe you would be more willing to take over the maintenance and development of a particular page. Or maybe you have some great software coding experience and could write some companion programs that work with Boost Signal (ie. software submission and management applet).

    And if you aren’t that into site development at all then maybe you are into “market” development. I’m always looking for ways to promote the site and create a better user experience for everyone through partnerships. Even if its as simple as spending a couple hours submitting Boost Signal to the search engines I sure could use the help.


    PS: On a more personal note the last few months have been very trying in the BeOS community but I’m happy to see that it looks like we are in an upswing community-wise. My respect and thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and are getting me back in the mood for some serious BeOS action. Go Be Community!

  2. Scott B Says:

    Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    I know the original intent of BoostSignal was to be a BeOS community site and not just a source for downloads. (It does lack in the amount of software compared to BeBits at this point, but I like to way the site is structured.) My thought was, BeGroovy already has the most kickin’ BeOS community on the net, so what about “combining” BoostSignal and BeGroovy into one giant, mega be-all end-all BeOS site!? That would rock! I don’t know about the logistics involved but having BeOS news, boards, comics, polls AND downloads of all the awesome BeOS software on one site would be awesome.
    Okay everyone (especially GreyDawn and Nutcase), whadaya think?

  3. Sean Long Says:

    In Response To Scott B @ 11/16/2000 4:47:11 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    I think that is a great idea! I pitched such an idea to BeOS Central when I submitted this story to them last week (they did not post it). So Nutcase & GreyDawn what do you think about such a “merger”?

    Sean Long
    Hailstone Software

  4. ThePunisher Says:

    In Response To Scott B @ 11/16/2000 4:47:11 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    Yes, I too believe that BeGroovy should display the BoostSignal software list on the left instead of the BeBits one. You see, BeBits are already well known and BeNews/Freshmeat already link to them. Boostsignal needs some… boost, and that can only come from sites like Begroovy and BOSC.

  5. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Scott B @ 11/16/2000 4:47:11 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    Well, I am obviously not about to abandon begroovy to merge into another site. :P I imagine greydawn is just as protective of his site as I am of mine. If he was looking to get out of a lot of the work, or was just interested in becoming part of begroovy, i would be willing to talk to him. But its hard to imagine he invests that much time in a site to just make it part of a different site. So i would say its probably a don’t hold your breath sorta thing.

    p.s. - we are gonna have a lot more than just news/boards/comics and polls. We havent launched everything yet. :P

  6. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To ThePunisher @ 11/16/2000 5:01:47 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    I wont remove the bebits list, because the sad fact is that bebits gets most of the updates first, and we are about being fastest with news. But there will be configurable sidebars in the relatively near future, and boostsignal WILL be an option.

  7. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Sean Long @ 11/16/2000 5:01:15 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    If, for some strange reason, he wanted to merge, BoostSignal would basically just become another item on the side menu. It would have the same begroovy look, and would work the same as the rest of the site.

    In other words, while the actual file interface would stay like boost signals, boostsignal would pretty much cease to exist. I don’t think that is gonna happen. And i don’t plan on being the one to pursue it. Competing with BeNews is already a pain. Competing with BeBits would just be more (fun) stress. :P

    Besides, this article is about HELPING them grow on their own and expanding the community. Not about absorbing them.

  8. chuck Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 5:06:38 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    I like the status quo - it’s nice to have a choice in software sites as well as news sites ;)

    One thing I don’t see much of is current software reviews. Aside from major software releases such as Gobe Productive or Opera, most reviews I can find are one or two years old (old PPC, R3, R4x stuff.) It would be great if BoostSignal featured these as it is now recognized largely as a software site.

  9. Nodaclu Says:

    In Response To chuck @ 11/16/2000 10:52:10 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    This is something along the lines that I had mentioned earlier to Nutcase in my application ::hint hint:: to write for BeGroovy. I could also envision taking on the task of writing about Be as it relates to other OS’s (think OSOpinion.com) or even writing the occasional flame-bait article about things that are wrong with Be.

    There is lots of material to write about. :-)

  10. bbjimmy Says:

    Give BoostSignal the same siodebar as BeBits

    I notice on the lwefty side of BeGroovy there is a “Recent BeBits” section, how anbout the sane for BoostSignal?

  11. greydawn Says:

    In Response To Sean Long @ 11/16/2000 5:01:15 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    Believe it or not I thought about pitching the idea to Nutcase before I put the post on Boost Signal. At that point BeGroovy hadn’t relaunched and there was a possibility of making it work.

    Nutcase’s points on the matter are essentially my own as well. I love the layout and design of Boost Signal and I’ve put a lot of work into researching the best way of setting up the software portal part of it. BeGroovy is neat because they have community intentions and a great friendly style but their direction is more of a “read the news, let’s talk about it, and let’s make some news & noise” (ie. News, Discussions, Call to Arms). The rather incomplete Boost Signal was more trying to attack it from a “this is what’s out there & let’s get connected” direction.

    The major things I’m was/am trying to accomplish were to create a decent software download site that offers some great features for developers and users. Developers could get _detailed_ reporting on who was downloading their software and when. Users could interact with developers through bug reporting and feature request services (neither of which exist right now). Maybe even a FAQ service so that users downloading could have instant access to information on the program. We’re talking about some Communication rather than just some links (which is mostly what it is now).

    I also want to be able to gather BeOS headlines and articles from across the web. The sidebar on the front page is a pre-natal version of that and was awaiting completion of the customization features of the site before it really went anywhere. The other part of that was to get BUG headlines from around the world and have something similar to what general portals do as “local news” with a BeOS twist: “your local BUG news”. All customizable of course.

    Those are the big next steps and I have ideas going well out beyond that but you can see where most of that would get lost if Boost Signal became a BeGroovy “service” rather than trying to grow into a useful “portal” and communication hub.


  12. James Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 5:14:01 PM

    What do you mean “Competing” with BeNews?

    Forgive me for saying this, but there is a huge difference between BeNews and BeGroovy.

    The niche that seems to bring people into BeGroovy is the difference in the overall atmosphere of BeGroovy. Remember when Technospider, H-kon (and his many other aliases, Nutcase (the man himself), etc., have been, and will continue to create a non-hostile environment surrounding the BeOS user community.

    Is this similar to BeNews? I think not… that’s one site geared toward “see that news? Eugenia come back.” and, “nay-sayers, go kill yourself!” type environment.

    In short… I don’t think you two have the same exact audience… I personally find BeGroovy to be THE BeOS website to be… remember the numerous times I’ve asked you when this site was coming back ;-)

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To James @ 11/17/2000 8:24:20 PM

    Re: What do you mean “Competing

    Thanks. H-Kon is back. I never left. Several others are back. Technospider now works for BeNews. (that was a shock to see, but its cool.)

    We are competing with BeNews in the fact that we have to keep our news flowing fast (hopefully FASTER) and we have the same basic features. Course, ours are much cooler. :P

    The ways we are dissimilar are in attitude. BeNews is taking a stab at the “professional” side of news reporting. We have never attempted that. We dont really want to. We want to be professional, but not at the expense of fun. So we tend to be more easy going in our posts.

    BeNews is good at what they do, and their people are really cool. But yeah, BeGroovy is better in every way. Course, i may be a bit biased. :P

  14. bob Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 5:07:57 PM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    sad? huh? why is everybody anti-bebits all of a sudden? they aren’t perfect but they do a pretty good job and they seem to be nice guys. why doesn’t boostsignal refocus on something else… there are plenty of other niches they could fill instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

  15. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To bob @ 11/18/2000 07:30:47 AM

    Re: Givng BoostSignal a Begroovy boost!

    It isn’t sad that bebits is doing well. I am NOT anti bebits. It IS sad that boostsignal is not doing well.

    I happen to really like the guys that run bebits, and i usually go to bebits to look for my apps. But Greydawn works on his site as well, and he seems to be a nice guy.

    Competition is good, and Boostsignal is competition for BeBits. Just because BeBits is good doesnt mean Boostsignal should just quit. It just means they should work harder. Either they will become the standard, or they will push bebits to get even better. Either way we win.

  16. H-kon Says:

    In Response To James @ 11/17/2000 8:24:20 PM

    Re: What do you mean

    I am back for the time being. Had to sit down and find myself so to speak.

    Thanks for the words :)

  17. mario Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/17/2000 8:45:30 PM

    Re: What do you mean

    “But yeah, BeGroovy is better in every way. Course, i may be a bit biased. :P

    No shit! Hehe, well, nice to see you guys back! With a vengeance (and an attitude), I’d say!

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