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BONE, VideoPro, and BeGames

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 11 May, 2001 @ 11:27 AM
Bits N

Couple of quickies sitting in my mailbox…

DJMaytag wrote in with an observation that BONE Beta 7 might be making it’s way around the NDA circles, as shown at the Be Bugs site here and here. Still got something in the works for us, I’d say.

And here’s a bit about an app called called VideoPro. From the Press Release, Magnus Hellman has released a video playback and conversion utility for BeOS. Some features are: Slow and fast motion playback, Reverse playback, and Freezeframe. A screen-shot of VideoPro is available here. VideoPro can be downloaded here from BeBits, and is shareware that costs $9.95USD.

Thies also noticed that BeGames is still alive, only that instead of reporting BeOS game news, they are now planning to port/develop games for BeOS.

And speaking of games… it seems that the role playing game “Pirates Ho!” that was being developed for BeOS is dead. BeGroovy reader zegenie wrote the developer who wrote back that he has had no time. Sorry to those that may have been looking forward to the game. And sorry I have no links, post them in the comments if you got ‘em!

And that should about clear out my mailbox… have a good weekend! Cheers.

PRESS RELEASE 9 May 2001: Video player “VideoPro” released

BeOS software developer Magnus Hellman has released VideoPro, a video playback and conversion utility for BeOS. VideoPro includes the following features:
* Slow and fast motion playback;
* Reverse playback;
* Freeze-frame with single-frame advance both forwards and backwards;
* Playback in a hardware overlay for ANY format video if your graphics system supports hardware overlays;
* Playback and conversion of videos and selected clips of videos to any format for which there is a codec on BeOS.

A screen-shot of VideoPro is available at http://perso.magic.fr/magnush/VideoProScreenShot.jpg. VideoPro can be downloaded from BeBits at http://www.bebits.com/app/2223.

VideoPro is shareware and costs US$9.95 to register at http://www.bebits.com/product/38.

12 Responses to “BONE, VideoPro, and BeGames”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Most encouraging comment on http://bebugs.be.com/devbugs/detail.php3?pkey=34351:

    “a new bone/7 package is on its way…” This must have been written on May 10 or 11.

    Is there still hope?

  2. H-kon Says:

    [No Subject]

    hear hear. this is some good news. Hopefully it wont be long before hell breaks loose once again ala 28th of March 2000.

    btw. Posting from an iBook sitting outside in lovely 78 degrees in sunny Norway.

    I gotta get me one of these hehe

  3. Anonymous Says:

    R5.xx or R6

    It’s good to know they are still working on it. That gives at least a little bit of comfort.
    Still not done yet

    I hope that Video Pro can replace our Adamation loss soon,
    it looks promising.

    Pitty the links to the old BeGames archives are broken.
    I checked them yesterday, but no go.

    ah well that’s why we have BeShare.

    ” A journey of a thousend miles begins with taking the first step”
    [Some Chinees Dude said that]

  4. rppp01 Says:

    and more!

    The newest entry references OpenGL beta. So, we have betas to both BONE and OpenGL. But I still don’t understand why they don’t say anything to anyone (other than the beta testers through bebugs). Gobe would like to know what it going on, I would think.

  5. oberon Says:

    In Response To rppp01 @ 05/11/2001 3:06:13 PM

    Re: and more!

    My guess would be that Gobe knows what itīs going on, they still are BeOS R5 main distributor and have always had a special relationship with Be. Still as Be acting so strange lately it could be possible that they donīt know anything…nowadays nothings seems certain in the Be world…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To oberon @ 05/11/2001 6:19:45 PM

    Re: and more!

    Yes but I hope it is sooner than later. I feel like someone who is in a competition trying to hold their breath. Now I am starting to wobble and turn purple, soon I will colapse and slip into a coma. Supporting BeOS has been hard this last year especially with the expectation of BONE and OpenGL to come out of the stable 3 months after BeOS 5.0 was released, or that was the impression. To be honest though, I would probably like to see the Media Kit fixed with BONE before OpenGL as I see such great potential with BeOS and Audio/Video creation and editing. But, if anything gets fixed or released it will be nice.

    For Audio/Video I hope Titan is still being developed for BeOS as this app looks like it might kick serious but and make professional Audio/Vid creators very happy.

    Piers Bray

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/11/2001 9:00:10 PM

    Re: and more!

    If they release anything i will be surprised :P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/11/2001 9:00:10 PM

    ahh yeah!

    I’ll gladly take anything. :-) I can’t wait to BONE my server.

    Uh wait.. that’s not right . . .


  9. zegenie Says:


    -”Hopefully it wont be long before hell breaks loose once again ala 28th of March 2000″

    What happened 28th of March 2000?


  10. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To zegenie @ 05/14/2001 12:29:10 AM

    Re: ???

    BeOS PE came out, of course.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/12/2001 02:48:52 AM

    Re: ahh yeah!

    I’ve been waitting for BONE to come out since last year…

    I REALLY would like to see it ASAP or my hair will turn white. I see alot of potential in the BeOS, and I’m only hoping that Be Inc. know what its doing with it.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To H-kon @ 05/11/2001 1:38:58 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    How much is that in real degrees?

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