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We did something cool, and didn’t notice. :P

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 10 May, 2001 @ 7:26 PM

Wow. Ok. So I was browsing the web a second ago, and imagine my shock when I saw this story on BeNews about this thread in our forums, creating a sort of skills database for BeOS users. The story also mentions this thread in which Chris Herborth has opened the source to his BeOS projects. That will teach me to hang out in the “Everything Else” forum rather than the “BeOS Discussion” forum. Anyway, I think this skills database idea is a great thing. If anyone (someone from that thread maybe?) has the time to commit to writing a simple web-app to do this on a grander scale, I will gladly host it here. Hell, I will help you write it, if you take the lead. Finally, Why am I reporting on a BeNews story about us rather than just reporting the news? Cause I thought it would be fun. ;)

20 Responses to “We did something cool, and didn’t notice. :P”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to help

    I’d like to help think of the questions to ask.

    -Ryan Christiansen a.k.a. NorseLord

    (sorry, I forgot my BeGroovy login password.)

  2. LeftTurn Says:

    That’ll teach ya’

    Sleeping at the wheel eh?

    This skills forum is a great idea and I hope to see an actual web tool in place for it. Unfortunately, I don’t know diddly about web programming except for a few HTML tags. If help is needed for content, I’ll help ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 05/10/2001 8:15:38 PM

    Re: That’ll teach ya’

    While we coders get all the glory, there are ***SO*** many TONS of things to be done on any project, one need not even consider coding. I write, btw, as a professional coder with many years of professional experience.

    Look at most open source projects. They are very poorly documented, often not well designed (UI, feature coherency), poorly supported, etc.

    Non-code work that needs to be done on most projects:

    Project Design - thinking of a project that needs to be done

    Project Communications - someone who is in charge of keeping in touch with everyone, keeping emails, etc (low maint job).

    UI design - often can be done with a paint program

    documentation - this is *HUGE*. And all you need is to be able to use the app and to write coherently.

    translations - do you speak a second (or third) language?

    testing - another huge thing. This can include coders/newbie coders for automated testing.

    web page building - what is an open source project without a web page? :-)

    art/sounds/music - all apps need at least an icon. Some others may need more.

    enthusiasts - coders need lots of this. :-)

    donate money - low on time? Most projects would go faster if the chief coder could afford to stay home and work on it once a week.

    Source control manager/build meister.

    Support - if you are an expert with the app, answering new user questions can relieve a lot of pressure from the developers.

    Business opportunities - Some OSS is saleable (RedHat, for example). Offer to accept $$$ through paypal and burn CD’s and ship them for those who donate.

    For new coders/wannabes. there is plenty of work - code reviewing, code documentation, etc.

    I am sure that there are more that I have not thought of. But SO many people out there are saying things like “I want to help but can’t code” that I wanted to speak up.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Futile attempt

    Work and tout BeUnited, instead of re-inventing the wheel jerks.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/11/2001 10:51:39 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    You should ask Nutcase if he would be kind enough to move it over.

  6. Zaranthos Says:


    “Finally, Why am I reporting on a BeNews story about us rather than just reporting the news?”


  7. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/10/2001 10:00:16 PM

    Re: Futile attempt

    Yes, I love French fries with my tomatoes too. Not as
    tasty a fried grasshopers though.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/10/2001 8:10:58 PM

    Re: I’d like to help

    OKay, here’s some questions:

    What programming languages do you know? (use checkboxes for each language and include checkboxes for “other” languages to fill in a name.) Also include radio buttons to choose how proficient you feel you are in the language.

    How would you like to help out? (again, use checkboxes for several items and include an “other” checkbox and a text area to fill in the “other” idea.) Checkboxes could include:
    -Help maintain a BeOS community web site
    -Help maintain a BeOS community MUSCLE server
    -Help mod a BeOS community IRC channel
    -Help mod a BeOS community web forum
    -Help promote BeOS
    -Help sell BeOS PE CDs containing software aimed at various target audiences

    How many hours per week are you willing to help out the BeOS community? (this question is critical)


  9. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/10/2001 9:03:33 PM

    Re: That’ll teach ya’

    That’s a very good list, I’d like to try building something out of it :)

  10. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/10/2001 10:00:16 PM

    Re: Futile attempt

    BeUnited has NOTHING like a skills database. All they do is take developers who email them and try to match them up with an open source project they can work on.

    Next time try READING the whole thing before making an ass of yourself.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/11/2001 08:51:30 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    I agree. BeUnited wasn’t well organized and it was launched too quickly. That is key here: take enough time to do it right.

  12. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/11/2001 09:18:17 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    I wasn’t trying to belittle BeUnited… what they do is important, and has resulted in some great stuff. I was just pointing out that the skills database and BeUnited are not the same thing, and don’t really overlap.

  13. Deej Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/11/2001 10:13:00 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    I’ve been wanting to add a skills database to BeUnited for some time now (ask the other admins), but haven’t had the time. Someone wants to step in and build it, Great!, we could use the help.

    I’ve also wanted to add a “classifieds” like system to post “ads” to find people with certain skills to help projects, using this skills database as the basis - which makes it overlap and makes it fit into BeUnited as a whole.

    Anyways, my time is precious right now… if someone wants to step in and make this happen, contact me… otherwise, wait until I get more time (Jean, did you ever get a beta out of that app that adds another 8 hours in a day? :P )

  14. seether Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/10/2001 9:03:33 PM

    Re: That’ll teach ya’

    If you’re not a coder and want to help out, I second the above mention of….


    This would include not only finding where the software breaks, but seeing how easy to use/understand an app is ( usability ).

  15. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/11/2001 10:51:39 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    haha… too late. :P

    Begroovy started that first. :P

  16. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/11/2001 11:16:20 AM

    Re: Futile attempt

    At this point in time, it would be really helpful if all of the active sites were to merge. The “community” is becoming too fragmented.

  17. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/11/2001 1:16:55 PM

    Re: Futile attempt

    Actually, I offered to let BeUnited merge into begroovy, and to cover all the serving and stuff, as well as helping out.

    The thing is, BeUnited wants to be independant, so that it is seen as impartial. As such, they wanted to have a go at doing it on their own.

    I personally don’t think that being a part of BeGroovy would hurt BeUnited, as we are not exactly corporate drones around here… but i can see their point, and I respect that.

    If they do decide they would rather merge into begroovy, the offer stands. :)

    Hell… the offer stands for just about any site out there. :P

  18. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    j00 sux0rs. B3||3//35 0wnz j00!

    *big fucking giggle*


  19. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are losers

    Be Inc. is pissing on you in case you didn’t notice.

    No one, who has posted at the forum, has skills to lead any kind of serious development. Let alone something as complex as BeOS.

    Get a self esteem. There is a time to play, time to work and a time to quit.

    That said, my heartiest congratulations for the honest effort and I hope I’m proved wrong.

  20. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/11/2001 7:48:31 PM

    Re: You guys are losers

    Actually, I don’t consider anybody trying to fix a situation “losers”. The main purpose of this thread is to see who and what we have out there skill wise.

    The only loser I see is somebody who has nothing better to do but post insults anonymously.

    The BeOS community is trying to be proactive at helping our OS continue on. Obviously, you’re not a member and thus your post has absolutely no meaning to us whatsoever :P

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