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CNN focuses on National Semiconductor and BeIA

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 16 Nov, 2000 @ 12:01 AM
Submitted News

BeIA’s COMDEX appearance recieved some extensive covereage from CNN among others today. In CNNFn’s article about National Semiconductor and BeIA, they skip directly past Windows CE to focus on BeIA. It actually takes up about half of the articles’ attention. This is definately a good sign for BeIA and Be, but the article points at BeOS as a thing of the past. Check it out and then let us know what you think in our comments.

14 Responses to “CNN focuses on National Semiconductor and BeIA”

  1. rain Says:


    oh.. here we go again “To Be or not to Be”.. Do they really think it’s still funny? or do they think they are the first one making that up? :)

    it was a nice to se beia get so much attention though..

  2. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To rain @ 11/16/2000 00:51:53 AM

    Re: hmm

    It’s probably for the old investors who have never heard of BeOS before. To the BeIA crowd, it IS unique and funny. CNNFn probably thought they were hot stuff for thinking of such a great headline…. and their readers probably agree. It’s a sad strange world.

    Oh well. At least no one uses it for their nickname on beshare. That would just be REALLY dumb. :P

  3. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 01:00:02 AM

    Re: hmm

    Yeah, can you imagine the shame that that kind of nick would carry? /me shutters.

  4. Zaranthos Says:

    BeOS is dead again?

    I wonder why I’m using it? Hmm, must be because it’s still cool to use. Yup, BeOS still rocks!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/16/2000 02:29:01 AM

    Re: hmm

    I’m not sad!!!

  6. ToBeOrNotToBe Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 11/16/2000 03:34:06 AM

    Re: hmm

    Not me either!!!

  7. mr_skreet Says:

    Possible breakthrough?

    This really could be a turning point in Be’s fortunes. This is a very high profile report, and will hopefully serve to generate considerably more interest in the Company’s products. With this kind of report I can seriously push the BeIA as being a part of the product we ship (unfortunately I can’t tell you much but take my word, the potential market for what we make is humongous).
    I don’t think the article was really saying that BeOS is a thing of the past, merely that it has had limited success - which is true.
    According to reports, Comdex appears to be trumpeting the end of the PC this year. My feeling is that they should be somewhat more circumspect. I think that we will start to see the end of the PC as an entirepre-fabricated unit. I believe they will be around, but in a more modular form, with system components shipping as fire-wired and usb modules that people plug together in their own configurations. Internet enabled vcr’s, stereos, phones etc will be integrated seamlessly into these systems. No more fingers getting cut on casing, no more wrestling with swathes of ribbon cable. In other words, the PC will change drastically, but it won’t disappear. They’re way too much fun for that.

  8. ZurGs Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/16/2000 02:30:35 AM

    Re: BeOS is dead again?

    Yes it’s still cool to use and I don’t think that BeIA will run in a BeIA machine, it’s almost certain to me that it will run in a BeOS machine with BeOS. Is that only my wish or is there some logic in this assumption? 8-)

  9. ZurGs Says:

    In Response To ZurGs @ 11/16/2000 07:47:38 AM

    Re: BeOS is dead again?

    Corredtion: BeOS with BONE… 8-(

  10. Dave Says:

    In Response To mr_skreet @ 11/16/2000 05:35:02 AM

    Re: Possible breakthrough?

    I hope it shows up on the radar. I just checked on the Yahoo stock quotes page, and it’s not showing up under headlines associated with Be :/
    I’d love for people to see how low the stock price is, and think that it’s an incredible bargain, and start snapping up shares like Reese’s Pieces at a Weight Watcher’s convention :)

  11. TSW Says:

    In Response To Dave @ 11/16/2000 08:25:33 AM

    Re: Possible breakthrough?

    I believe only press releases would show up as news for the stock.

  12. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To ToBeOrNotToBe @ 11/16/2000 03:35:24 AM

    Re: hmm

    Look mommy, it’s a 2 bit ToBeOrNotToBe hack! Not even a shadow of the real man.

    “Not me either!!!” You blew it with that. ToBeOrNotToBe doesn’t talk like that. The first thing out of his mouth would have ripped on Nutcase. :P

  13. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 01:00:02 AM

    Re: hmm

    Yeah, can you imagine the shame that that kind of nick would carry? /me shutters.

  14. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/16/2000 6:53:41 PM

    Re: hmm

    Everytime I refresh in Opera it reposts my old posts. So I’m not trying to be a post-a-holic here. Clearing the cache doesn’t help….

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