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Rio300 Drivers… Finally

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 07 May, 2001 @ 8:03 PM
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Wow. Ok. So ages and ages ago, we ran a fund to develop drivers for the Rio300 under BeOS. That fund actually worked, and driver development happened. The drivers were very delayed when their developer left BeOS development. He agreed to finish the flash expansion support however. To date that hasn’t happened, though I trust he will do it eventually. (soon?) He has a problem with people not keeping deals. :P Well, I am sick of waiting, so I am going to release the drivers as is. They aren’t packaged nicely, but they should work. Here they are: First, get the actual drivers (http://news.begroovy.com/files/rio-1.0.7.zip) and install them. I don’t know if they install correctly as stated in their readme, so someone figure this out and post the how-to in the comments. Then you can grab the Rio Manager (http://news.begroovy.com/files/Rio Manager.zip) and use it to copy files. Again, these drivers are as-is, and hopefully will be continued to be developed. No guarantees though. I hope you find them useful. :)
BTW: The drivers were developed by a Mr. Christopher Plymire, also responsible for AbiWord on BeOS among other things. (There, that should get him moving… :)

17 Responses to “Rio300 Drivers… Finally”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats the stuff.

    Whats the next device to have drivers pimped out to the world?

    It worked once, do it again.

  2. gearjammer Says:

    [No Subject]

    Well, I’ve managed to erase all songs on my rio, but I haven’t been able to acutally see it mounted. Anyone get it working yet?

  3. Duffahtolla Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/07/2001 8:56:43 PM

    Re: Thats the stuff.

    Rio 500 of course..

  4. salvo Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/07/2001 8:56:43 PM

    Re: Thats the stuff.

    Hrm… (Looks at Computer)

    Yamaha USB Speakers (OK, but still very Quiet)
    Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI (OK, but flaky)
    Epson Perfection 610U USB Scanner (OK)
    Logitech Cordless Trackman FX USB Trackball (OK)
    Gravis Xterminator Digital USB Gamepad (OK)
    Iomega USB ZIP 250 Drive (In Development)
    Epson Stylus Color 580 USB Printer (Will be supported when/if BeOS 5.5/6.0 is released, with luck)

    No, I’m fine here. When/If Be releases the next version of BeOS, then It’ll be time to drag out th driver funds again.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Did he actually get the money?

    Was Christopher Plymire paid for these drivers? If he was paid before finishing them, I am not surprised they aren’t finished, and I wouldn’t expect they will ever be finished.

  6. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 06:19:09 AM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    He was paid, upon completion of the main portion of the drivers. This was so he could purchase a flash media card to use in the two rio’s he purchased expressly for the purpose of writing the drivers. In other words, he barely broke even (if that) and did it because he wanted to help.

    That said, I used these drivers regularly under Be, and they worked fine for me (short of flash media, of course) - I have spoken to him since, and he claims he is working on them, but slowly. Hopefully, that is the truth.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/08/2001 10:04:13 AM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    OK, thanks for the update, Nutcase.

    Even though I don’t have a Rio, I believe that every little bit helps.
    I am saddened that so many projects have been started, and not finished.

  8. ViPir14 Says:

    In Response To Duffahtolla @ 05/07/2001 11:26:52 PM

    Re: Thats the stuff.

    I’d secnd the motion for a Rio500 driver. These things rock!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/08/2001 10:04:13 AM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    Chris Plymire has abandoned BeOS some 2-3 months ago. I would not expect to see him finishing these drivers neither any of his other 5 BeOS projects (napster, Jet3D etc) :(

  10. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 2:16:15 PM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    I know he abandonded the BeOS. I was chatting with him when he did. But he said he would finish the drivers. So unless his word is worthless, he will.

  11. fujifufu Says:

    In Response To ViPir14 @ 05/08/2001 2:09:30 PM

    Re: Thats the stuff.

    Get a driver for its cousin the Rio600 and I can nuke my windows partition.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    USB or parallel port?

    Does the driver use USB or parallel port?

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 4:11:09 PM

    Re: USB or parallel port?

    Parallel. Rio300 did not have a USB option, so parallel was all that was required.

  14. chrisjp Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/08/2001 3:05:14 PM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    I’ve been fairly busy lately, but, I’m still working on it.

    I’d like to thank the contributers to the fund, Nutcase for hosting the files, and also thank you all for your patience.

  15. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To chrisjp @ 05/08/2001 5:39:09 PM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    See… told you he still cared. :)

    Chris is a good egg. He will keep his promise. Or else I will write a nag-bot for him. ;)

  16. chrisjp Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 06:19:09 AM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    Well, here’s what really happened..

    A long, long time ago in the BeGroovy 1.0 days I read about this contest for someone to get Ryan’s rio 300 s.e. working the best under BeOS. Now, I had a rio 300 (new >120$), and figured I could use the support also, so I hacked together some support and sent it off to Nutcase. One other person was developing for the contest (said Ryan) but they soon quit development because my driver was much further along. One of the things stipulated in the rules was that their had to be a tracker based way to manipulate the rio, Ryan said this could be done via tracker add-ons or a gui based utility.

    So, I decided to create 3 tracker add-ons, one to mount the rio, one to unmount the rio, and one to initialize the rio. I finished these and sent them off to Nutcase, but he did not like the way files were deleted from the rio.. So I agreed to do a GUI based utility. My rio 300 was no longer suitable for testing alone so I purchased a rio 300 s.e. (> 130$) Now, I spent many weeks testing, and tweaking a skinned version of a rio manager ( > 5000 lines) which featured the gui graphics included in the Windows Rio Manager. Nutcase was hesitant to release this version and suggested I develop a non-gui based client.. so I developed _another_ means of transferring files to the rio - the one you have now. (> 2000 more lines). When this was pretty much finished Nutcase mentioned that several people requested flash support..

    I then suggested that if he give me the contest prize I could purchase a flash memory card. I then purchased a 60 dollar flash memory card. I began working on the flash support, but became disheartened with beos and was very busy at the time.

    If anyone feels that I have screwed them (like the comments depict), I would be more than glad to fork over the money (320$), otherwise you will just have to wait for me to add the support.

  17. cedricd Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 2:16:15 PM

    Re: Did he actually get the money?

    SOunds like primal FUD to me, unless you back this up Mr A. ..
    Chris has developed BRS/TuneStacker for one, including an update
    less than 2 months ago. Check your facts.

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