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Scot Hacker speaks the awful truth

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 07 May, 2001 @ 3:30 PM
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In his most recent Be View column for Byte, Scot Hacker discusses Be’s recent changes, with a startling amount of candor. Now, many people will knee jerk about how this isn’t “what the community needs” or how “it’s counter-productive.” That said, I fall on the side of the fence that thinks a bit of frank honesty is exactly what the community needs right now. That said, I can’t help but make Scot into a bit of a liar later on today, as I plan on releasing as-is beta versions of the forever-in-development rio300 drivers. Sorry Scot. :P

20 Responses to “Scot Hacker speaks the awful truth”

  1. Technix Says:

    Right on!

    This article has certainly inspired me to actually look on the positive side of things today.

    Along with creating the poll, and feeding the comment system at BeNews, I’ve been busy emailing various projects to see what their status is.

    If -YOU- know of a project that hasn’t been updated in some time, why not email them today? Maybe we can get the source to it, and continue where the author left off?

    Just a thought!


    BTW.. I feel re-energized lately, after taking some time off of computers in general. Amazing what a little rest can do someone.

    -Chris Simmons
    Avid BeOS user.

  2. chrish_work Says:

    RIO drivers

    I might actually be able to use my Rio again if they work…

    - chrish

  3. Anonymous Says:

    BeOS is still the best :-)

    I will keep on using it ! I love it.

    Juergen, Germany

  4. nodaclu Says:

    In Response To Technix @ 05/07/2001 3:58:30 PM

    Re: Right on!

    Hi Chris,

    I posted this at BeNews as well, but it’s liable to get lost. ;-)

    BeOSCentral is down right now. (gotta email Mav and ask why, although I think I know the reason…and it’s good!) When it comes back up, I would be happy to post information for you, if you want to write something separate, or I can pull it from some of your posts. Let me know what I can do to help!

    Nodaclu (Mike)

  5. Deej Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/07/2001 4:24:51 PM

    Re: BeOS is still the best :-)

    Hear here. (or however you’re supposed to spell it).

    I’ve tried other alternatives, and still can’t stand working on Windows unless absolutely necessary. Nothing compares to BeOS, not even close. Until some other OS can make me as satisfied as I am with BeOS, I’ll “be forced” to continue using it for as long as possible.

    Hell, I just ripped 18 gigs worth of mp3s from my cd collection, 12 days, no reboots, not even restarting Go-Go Gadget. BeOS is just damned good for what it does, and until something else can replace that, I’ll be using it, even as my equipment gets old - as it still seems cutting edge to me.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    The future….

    Sc@#$ it. I knew a year ago that if it came to this..I’d use Be as long as I could find motherboards that would work. And if I have to keep my latest three machines areound longer than normal..so be it. So we become like a bunch of Amiga-heads…so what? If we cared what people thought about our choice of OS we wouldn’t even be here. The future we all dreaded may have arrived…and guess what..it’s no worse than what we feared it would be. So chill out, move on and get over it.

    BeOS _IS_ the best choice out there. There _IS_ nothing out there as fast, as stable, or as elegant.

    So it becomes a legacy OS..a shame yes. The end of life as we know it? Nope.

    BeOS may be dead! Long Live BeOS!!!!

    The blues is number one in Menlo Park.

  7. LeftTurn Says:

    Thanks Scott!

    Thank you for your honesty and candor Scott. Your article actually lifted my spirits. I still haven’t found an OS to replace Be, though I’ve been looking more than normal recently.
    BeOS will be on my machines as long as it will boot :)

  8. Utako Says:

    Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    What is the world coming to? I love my BeOS Bible… SCOOOOOOOT! Heh, I’ll have to take up Scot’s place as BeOS die-hard. He’s broken under the pressure.


  9. Deej Says:

    In Response To Utako @ 05/07/2001 8:59:17 PM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    I don’t think he’s broken, he’s only given out a dose of the “reality point of view”. While I am still around, and advocating BeOS, I have also given into this reality, and can only hope for the very small chance that BeOS finds a benefactor that will help it.

    Barring that, I’ll be here until BeOS is no longer useful on my machine, and being I was BeOS-only for well over 2 years, I suspect that it’s more useful to me personally than any other OS is at this point. Hopefully by the time it is no longer useful to me, the next best thing will be good enough to replace it - but right now, there is nothing good enough for me to replace it.

  10. Scar Says:

    In Response To Deej @ 05/07/2001 9:31:30 PM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    Nice article Scot. Hard, but fair and (as much as it pains me to say it) realistic.

    So - where to from here?

    To me the best thing that I’d like to see is that Windoze emulator that was reported from Japan some time ago to work on everything MS based. That way we could wrap up any olde app and run it in BeOS. It’d certainly be a good place to start… That way users would not have to abandon Apps A through to ZZZ to use BeOS.
    Then instead of wasting resources porting Apps (as they could already be wrapped) the coders out there could concentrate on BeOS native apps and drivers.

    My 2c.
    [Edited at 22:43 May 7 2001 by Scar]

  11. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Technix @ 05/07/2001 3:58:30 PM

    Re: Right on!

    Great idea, Chris!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Utako @ 05/07/2001 8:59:17 PM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    Well !
    I read that article, too. Scot works for Adamation, as far as I know & Mama HP didn’t pumped some money into this company to without having plans to earn money with it.
    And if you have to cope with working on a W2yk Machine like Scot nowertime has to (instead of bringing a perfect GUI to his great RipEnc App - we definetly need kind a MusicMatch - or what ?(btw - sorry Marco N., take your time to look up on MusicMatch during developping Soundplay the right way..)) - Scot comes to the M$ - way of thinking. He forgot, that companies build their Software I/O architecture around M$. So they get used on this compatibility and that compatibility - so they can easily make a framework ontop of that. On the other way they have to struggle to bring a GUI App on Win32 (the ‘Nightmare’ MFC;). Instead of that, they could easily put this energy (building a horrible Win32 App) to clean up the bugs they tell us for sometimes in the MediaKit. But they didn’t. Instead of that Mom HP came and everything works - for now.
    I could easily sell the Adamation bundle w. PS1.5/BeOS Pro/ADS FW-Card & a suitable PC - Architecture for 150$.
    Now that’s gone. And no one believes me that W2YK (for only 200$ for the OS and more) is more capable for cheap video editing solutions than BeOS (even Scot doesn’t believe in that crump, I guess !).
    So what’s left ? Hoping a big (Sony/AOL) will buy Be Inc., bringing a R6 with all it’s nice things they ought to bring for a reliable Multimedia Backend StreamingServer Solution (partially opensauced) and we should help bringing out TITAN to reality (by simply buying it) - that might be the best answer To Adamation ;-) . Bet : within the quarter if these things would be realized - Adamation will think about a BeOS version of blablabla ? This strategy sucks !

  13. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Technix @ 05/07/2001 3:58:30 PM

    Re: Right on!

    Ok this is it !! its over and it already was since focus shift by be inc
    just look on their home site: never updates whar are they doing..


    Well i have´my best times with BeOS for now i only use it in my work.
    on a laptop for configure and maintece of routers and switches. it still fastest booting . and i only use the terminal.

    FUC* THE FOCUS SHIFT !!! THE $ HUNGRY INVESTOR AND BE DIDNT LISTEN TO THE GEEKS AND COMUNITY AND THATS IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM… Remembers those days when Be inc still was open minded company … but now ! pfff…. they focus shift the hole thing i think..

    I havent give up for the OS and the great comunity .. but for Be i am dropped..

    /The Armorst0rm


  14. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 05:47:15 AM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    Um.. i am not sure i understood your whole post, but it seems like you are yelling at Adamation for stopping beos development? Your logic is that the effort taken to port to the “nightmare” MFC could have been used to fix the media kit, and get the next BeOS release out. Correct?

    There are a few problems with that:

    1) Adamation can’t work on the Media Kit, as its proprietary Be source code.

    2) Even if they could, using their funds that way would put them out of business.

    As far as if they ever come back, I wanted to say “yes, they will” because they are a bunch of people who truly love BeOS. But I don’t think they will, unless Be is refocused on the OS, and it is growing strong. Even then, they will look long and hard at the situation before diving back into the minefield that is commercial BeOS development. They have been burned once, and don’t need to be burned again.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 05/08/2001 10:10:36 AM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    This is right.
    But : after OpenTracker -> OpenMediaKit - why not ?
    If they got their Focusshift on Be Inccc. - why not then?
    If u go to bebugs.be.com, you see constant work there - for months. But no updates are there..Man, this sucks too.
    On the other side : who is to blame ? Someone has to. If you don’t touch ‘him’ or ‘her’ - whose fault was it,that this cool OS has no really “Leader” and a wise Manager for ? Whose forwardlooking announcement (hate that word) brought a lot of software companies away from this cool OS (Maxon, Steinberg - just to mention a few important)?
    In one point Scot is scaringly right : if the inventors of this OS doesn’t come with a clear conclusion about their OS - who the hell else should ?
    On the other way - Adamation should still sell their ready Software (PS 1.5)for BeOS at least (if they love that OS ;) - but they don’t even do that ! That’s a big rubbish for me - sorry.
    I don’t get any ideas. The things which are happening now are nearly sarcastic for Be.
    And : Look at Beatware & their ‘nice’ development w/e-picture. Still scrumbling around although they had their own ‘focusshift’ for a long time now…no one is still mentioning them as a powerfull 2-d Webanimation app for Win/Maco ! They are just tumbling around, not more. Same situation like before at Be - times, I would say. And same thing will happen to Adamation on their new Win32 Platform. Thats for sure…
    Someone posted ‘focus shift’ mistakenly wrong on Benews sometime : he forgot the ‘f’ in the word shift. I don’t know if this was intentional. It was goo, anyway.Word up !

  16. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 11:33:28 AM

    Re: Holy flying, monkey driven, pod powered, stew boiling, bandaged crap!

    >But : after OpenTracker -> OpenMediaKit - why not?

    Because the Media kit uses *heavily* licensed code for itself and its codecs. It can’t be “given away” to Adamation or get open sourced. Live with it.

  17. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/08/2001 6:04:49 PM

    licensed code

    I’ve heard this before, that there is a lot of licensed code in the bowels of BeOS. I had thought the licensed code was stuff like RealPlayer, SSL, stuff that is added to the top to make it more attractive to end users.

    But there’s this talk that the various *_kits have licensed code too? That sounds like a Microsoft tactic. But then, maybe this is how OS design is done these days. I had thought BeOS was “designed from the ground up for multimedia.” ???

  18. j_bodeen Says:

    It IS the AWFUL truth

    Being raised on windows, and its limits, I thought BE was an improvement, so I bought the pro 5 ver. For all its pluses, it also had too many minuses to be practical to an average home pc user. Severly limited support for modems, printers, scanners, subpar web browser, lack of applications most people take for granted, make it running downhill fast to extinction. The lack of driver support and cost of quality programs did me in. I’m a Mandrake 8.0 man now. Linux is growing by leaps an bounds. Beos has hardly grown at all since 4.5, which I also bought. Best of all, linux is really starting to irritate Microsoft’s gut.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To j_bodeen @ 05/09/2001 00:32:21 AM

    Re: It IS the AWFUL truth (& this, too)

    …And if you work as a technician, try to simply put any HD and mount it on your desktop on Linux, get files from it to rescue, or try different soundcards on your configuration without reinstalling drivers - simply pull in pull out the I/O card (as long they are compatible ;) try to loop in a USB printer on a standard Linux Version (SuSE Linux 7.0) not the brand new one, babe….
    Open a crashed, non working Linux-FS with a bootable BeOS PE-CD-Rom, rescue the data onto another harddisk (try even to burn a simple bootable Linux OS on the CD, which works;)…
    Simply store (I mean : store! Not watch..) your important family videos in the best quality possible (RAW Video) on your HD forever - think about your Maximum Filesize - issue (Dang !)
    Burn your CD, switch between your Browser app, your spreadsheet app and write a .doc - file, while you are listening streaming mp3 or a local mp3-Album on a normal Desktop - PC w. average 128 MB RAM - on Linux ;|
    for Quality - checks, simply open 4 different Versions of a same Quicktime/Indeo Video sequence at once - just to receive a quality feedback - try that even on a Apple G4 - 400 - dang !!
    …more dont’t need to go further:
    simply try to Encode 6 tracks of Wav to Mp3 on Linux - at the same time - with no crash - on an average PC !
    yo, mama.
    BTW, try to install a complete ready to use, full featured Linux in 12 minutes. Boom.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/09/2001 06:06:01 AM

    Re: It IS the AWFUL truth (& this, too)

    I am no tech man, but a salesperson to the regular pc user. I am also a repairman for pc’s in a small town. I have never had to rescue files from a BE or Linux unit. Evidently they never crash or they are hardly ever used by most people. Also I did not know that Suse made the standard version of Linux. Stupid me. I didn’t know any company made a “standard” ver of Linux. I didn’t know that Be came with software to convert vhs into digvid. Also I didn’t know that Be came with a hardrive that lasted forever.
    I also didn’t know BE 5 came with such a great web browser. (still don’t know which one it is). Also I didn’t know that B5 Pro came with spreadsheet app, games, word processer programs, and quality photo editing. I must be so stupid that I can’t find the apps on my 5.0 pro. Its strange that I didn’t have any problem finding these programs and hundreds more on the first Linux install I bought. Linux runs my printer and scanner perfect. Beos ran my printer in text mode only and my scanner not at all. Surely all of these apps Linux comes with free, Beos is not trying to sell to people.

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