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BeScream wants developers that want to get cash

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 01 May, 2001 @ 7:19 PM
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BeScream is looking for interested developers for a new system they are setting up on their site. It will allow users to donate cash to developers, likely through PayPal. This helps users show interest where it counts (the pocketbook) for freeware apps and drivers, as well as new projects underway - and even help us website maintainers with server costs ;) .

This system is not yet ready for donations, so don’t go there yet wanting to send me money. :P But if you are a developer interested in moving this forward, or getting a few pennies for your efforts, contact David of BeScream.

5 Responses to “BeScream wants developers that want to get cash”

  1. cedricd Says:

    list ?

    ‘t would be nice if one could access the apps-list
    or devs-list without having to login first.. it’s not
    like you have something to hide :-)

  2. bescream_dbt Says:

    In Response To cedricd @ 05/03/2001 08:08:32 AM

    Re: list ?

    There is no functionality to it. I need people to help me build it. So when it is finished, then rip it apart. If you have any more helpful comments, please join me and help design/build a working application.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Should have happened a WHILE ago.

    I was gonna make a site like this. Kewl Idea.

    Now lets get that interface up to spec!

    I am sorry, I would help but I don’t do scripting.

  4. cedricd Says:

    In Response To bescream_dbt @ 05/03/2001 11:46:53 PM

    Re: list ?

    sorry that I suck at www technologies, but you certainly
    have my “moral(sp?) support”.. I tried to kick up
    something like that a few months ago and the feedback I
    got was next-to-none (two email replies) so I gave up
    on the idea.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/04/2001 03:45:52 AM

    Re: Should have happened a WHILE ago.

    At least come over there and send me some feedback on how to design it!!!!

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