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B&W Site Optimized for Net+

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 30 Apr, 2001 @ 11:35 PM
Submitted News

Reader and BeGroovy activist Scar sent in word that The Guide, a Black and White faq site, is actually touting an Optimized for NetPositive logo, and even has a free.be.com logo right below that.

While Black and White is not anywhere in site for BeOS, it was really a nice gesture by the developers, considering. The Black and White game is a very popular game right now, and the only other logo showing on the page is a W3C logo. Who knows, it could actually generate a little interest in FreeBe, and possibly new users… but that’s probably stretching it. :)

Update: as pointed out in the comments, I forgot the link.

12 Responses to “B&W Site Optimized for Net+”

  1. Scar Says:

    Black and White

    1st post :)

    As an avid BeOS user, I’m ashamed to admit that I have not booted into BeOS for about 3 weeks now. The reason? Black and White.

    This game rocks. In a video I have somewhere, Peter Molyneux states that if they sell enough copies, they’d like to open source Black and White. The whole thing. How cool would that be?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Scar @ 05/01/2001 01:25:41 AM

    Re: Black and White

    I’ve got B&W, the graphics are mindboggling and the game is revolutionary, but to be honest, there isn’t much of a game present. Dont get me wrong, the graphics and controls are unseen on the PC, but what I’d really like to see is a game like SimCity 4 use the B&W engine, as well as Real Time Strategy games. Can you imagine Age of Empires with B&W graphics - that would be the greatest game ever made. Sunsets, rain, fires etc the game really is revolutionary.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Scar @ 05/01/2001 01:25:41 AM

    Re: Black and White

    I would love to see B&W on both the new Amiga platform as well as QNX RTP. I know there are already efforts on the way to accomplish at least an Amiga port.

    Peter truly likes the Amiga platform alot, people should try his Populous 2 game on UAE (or a real Amiga). In many ways this is what started these God games. You will also be amazed to see what a 7.14 Mhz 1MB Amiga is capable of.

    So its only up to the publishers now. There are talent left in the Amiga community to do the actual port.

    BTW is BeGroovy anywhere close to having collected enough money for the BeOS port?

  4. Anonymous Says:


    I would buy B&W for BeOS 2 times ! But what about open gl ?

  5. moooooooo Says:


    Any idea on the url this article is referring to?

  6. mlk Says:


    can have the URL, i’ve just been over the B&W site, & I cant see it!


  7. mlk Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/01/2001 04:34:21 AM

    Re: Black and White

    2942.3 - id say they are quite far off at the moment.
    only 1.5 is cash in hand. But then I guess it depends on how much Liohead are asking, and how long it;ll take too port.

    OpenSourcing games once they are ‘old’ is getting quite popular.
    I bet it brings in a pritty pence to the devs with sales of the data files too.
    Its a shame you can’t employee a simalar model with OSes really.


  8. Solstice Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 05/01/2001 06:07:46 AM

    Re: URL?

    The great tome of the internet, www.google.com, whispers quietly….


  9. Zippy Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 05/01/2001 06:07:46 AM

    Re: URL?


    It really should be in the news post Deej. :)

  10. Deej Says:

    In Response To Zippy @ 05/01/2001 10:53:51 AM

    Re: URL?

    Oooops! :P

    Yeah, that’s it. Sorry all! I’d fix it now, but I must first figure out the rest of the article system here (It’s changed dramatically since I’ve been away!)… and I must free the phone line right now… I’ll try to update it tonight.


  11. Anonymous Says:


    well, I sit here and read news. I finish reading news. I idly look at the tiny name of who wrote that. I *blink*. I look again. Deej? I get my brain to crunchingly process the data. Deej is back? DEEJ IS BACK!

    pardon if you wrote newsitems already recently, but my poor old eyes aren’t the best anymore ;-)
    good to see you back on begroovy, although everything seems to go to hell ™ recently :-P


  12. Deej Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 05/01/2001 3:51:52 PM

    Re: *blink*

    What show of support would it be if I came back when all was skippy?! :P It’s actually a good time - let everyone know that I’m still hangin’ in here, and so should everyone else. :)

    Haven’t seen you around much either Thies… how’s it been? Drop me an email (at my old, old address - deej@begroovy ). :)


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