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Adamation stops developing for BeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 26 Apr, 2001 @ 9:39 PM

This just in from Adamation:

Citing technical issues, a shortage of solid information from Be, and the
current upset of tech markets, Adamation today announced that they have
decided not to release personalStudio 2.0 for BeOS. In an Open Letter
posted to their site, the company also announced that they would no longer
offer personalStudio 1.5 for sale or trial download. The personalStudio
entry at BeBits has been removed, along with all download links on the
Adamation web site. Support for personalStudio 1.5 will be discontinued on
May 31, and registered pS 1.5 users have been provided with free upgrade
keys for the Windows 2.0 version.

They give more reasons in their open letter. All I can say is at least they are decisive about it. Thats more than I can say for some companies. :(

29 Responses to “Adamation stops developing for BeOS”

  1. LeftTurn Says:

    This hurts.

    Personal Studio was the app that really made me work to get a decent BeOS machine put together.
    I enjoy the program alot. I tried the demo version in Windows and it was much slower, mostly due to OS drag.
    I wish them well and hope that things may change where they can again reenter the BeOS market.


  2. Jedi Be Says:

    Hey! JLG! …..

    Your whole “This is a great opportunity for a 3rd party developer” angle doesn’t work when you don’t give the devlopers what they need to build solid, up-to-date applications! Too bad that didn’t sink into your thick skull a couple years ago!!! Have you had your head up your ass????

    Okay, so I’m pissed. Flame away everyone, if you wish, but we have heard from numerous developers that have pulled out of the BeOS market all saying the same thing. Be doesn’t give a shit about them, and hasn’t for years.
    Developers were complaining even before the focus shift. How the hell did JLG think BeOS would succeed without strong developer support? He wanted 3rd party devlopers to write all these great apps (which could have really increased BeOS’s position in the marketplace) and yet he snubbed those very same people. He wanted (and needed)them to make killer apps for his OS but he turned his back on them. If I were a commercial developer I would have dropped BeOS development a long time ago. I’m sure Gobe will be pulling out soon, too.
    Bone? OpenGL? If we ever see them (highly unlikely) what good will they do? Too little too late.
    You can flame all you want, but my personal opinion, and I’ve said it before, is that Be’s “fearless” leader is also a pretty “mindless” leader when it comes to business. He is a visionary, I’ll give him that. He had an idea for a great product, but he didn’t have the business sense to make it a success. He whines and cries about Microsoft’s actions, yet did he do anything about it? No! Other software developers have beaten MS in court, small companies, too. He’s just trying to shift the blame away from his pathetic way of running (ruining) his company.

    JLG, you need to accept responsibility for klling your own product (soon to be 2 products- BeIA, and your own company.)
    (What’s that I see in the distance… a fat lady singing????… it sure is. And JLG is conducting the orchestra!)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Jedi Be @ 04/27/2001 08:03:43 AM

    Re: Hey! JLG! …..

    Actually there’s something wrong with anyone wearing leather pants, and CEO’s have as much right to bad dress-sense as anyone else ;)

    I think that it is unfair though to pick on JLG for all of Be’s woes. The wider market conditions are far from favourable for most Silicon Valley companies right now, and the US economy in general is possibly heading for a serious recession. At the height of the tech sector boom all the analysts were saying that the IA market was the way to go. They still do. Unfortunately the success of that market depends very much on consumer spending, right at a time when those very consumers are worrying about their jobs (if they haven’t already been ‘downsized’) and the increase in oil prices. The Japanese economy is even worse, so hope of serious breakthrough there for a consumer-electronics related recovery is very thin. Be misjudged the Market perhaps, but they certainly weren’t the only ones.

    They also made some bad mistakes of their own of course, but JLG is not the only person with responsibility at Be. He’s one of the directors, and they must also share the blame. If you look at the board of directors http://www.be.com/aboutbe/board.html You’ll notice that 3 of them are from venture capital companies. Make no mistake, these
    people will be calling a lot - if not all - of the shots right now.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Jedi Be @ 04/26/2001 11:55:59 PM

    Re: Hey! JLG! …..

    I hope when Be closes its doors, JLG gets hired by Microsoft. Gassee was a big part in screwing up Apple in the early 90’s, then screwed up his opportunity with BeOS. I really hope he gets a leadership role at Microsoft and can work his magic there. I mourn the death of BeOS. I was a great product. Thank the stars that Mac OS X was released.

  5. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 00:32:24 AM

    Re: Hey! JLG! …..

    wow. this is disturbing. admittedly, beos is going down the drain, but people have stopped criticizing decisions made by the board of be, as well as joint management decisions (not just JLG mind you) and moved to criticizing the most visible executive at Be… and not for actions, but for general insulting sort of things.

    I mean, honestly, do you believe that JLG would conciously attempt to kill his own creation? I think he is doing everything he can to keep it alive… i just think it isnt enough. He knows it… we know it… but no one has wanted to admit it.

    Then again, who knows. maybe BeIA will be a huge success.. but I am starting to doubt it.

    You have to wonder about shifting focus to an entirely new untested market when you are just beginning to make headway in the market you have focused on for years. Then again, Be needed the potential income, and took a risk. Its starting to look like that risk is blowing up in their face.

    Oh well. Que sera sera.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    This is sad, but it’s sad moreso for Adamation than it is for BeOS users.

    This is not a nail in anyone’s coffin. How many people out there are actually personalStudio owners and users? 100? 200? Even if the number were 1000 (and it’s almost certainly far, far less) that is not enough to keep any company in business.

    It’s understandable that companies cannot survive on BeOS software sales alone. While it’s a shame that personalStudio for BeOS has been cancelled, those who have used it for any heavy usage know that it is very limited in terms of contemporary video editing apps. It’s on par (well, perhaps slightly above, but close enough) with iMovie and the new *free* Windows home-video-editing software. It’s difficult to see how Adamation will survive selling a hobby-level video editing application even on Windows; that they couldn’t survive doing it on BeOS with its limited user base should surprise no one.

    True, the Media Kit needs work. But not all the bugs encountered (including irritating crashes) in an hour session with personalStudio are the fault of the Media Kit.

    “Adamation continues to create ground-breaking software for creative professionals”–this is, sadly, not true. Even had Adamation continued with BeOS support, it would unfortunately take a much more powerful video editing application to draw users to use BeOS for that particular purpose. It’s difficult to guess why users would use it under Windows, given the free alternatives, and other comparable low-cost alternatives. Adamation has a difficult and potentially short road ahead of them.

    In the meantime, why complain? Chances are you didn’t use personalStudio anyway.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Why all of a sudden?

    Why all of a sudden, one by one, are companies dropping the Be development environment?

    Unless, they are getting some secret information from Be, Inc., which I doubt, there are two reasons I see:

    1) Snowball effect. One company drops, and the next says, “hey, I’ll drop two”. Of course, there has to be some good reason for the first few to drop, and as fars as I can tell, it seems to be:

    2) Overly pessimistic userbase. Since Be announced the focus shift, people haven’t been supportive of Be’s decision. Instead we get nagging about how users “want to move off the Be OS” and how “Be should open source itself”… Nobody wants to bite the bullet, and forge on with development (except for some wonderful game ports by Eugenia). What ever happened to BeUnited and the ports that were supposed to be coming?

    Let me just say one thing: I’m sure no programmers at Adamation are keen on switching to half-assed MFC or having to deal with crazy windows messaging structures.

    Don’t blame Be, Inc. for killing BeOS, blame MS, and perhaps to a more constructive extent, yourselves.

  8. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 01:36:55 AM

    Re: Why all of a sudden?

    “Since Be announced the focus shift, people haven’t been supportive of Be’s decision.”

    Um.. why should they be? If you have invested lots of time and energy into a helping a company develop its small operating system into a contender, and then they tell you they are giving up… why should we just accept that and support the decision? It seems to me that outrage and anger are pretty appropriate emotions.

    Quite honestly, I am surprised that people stuck around, and more importantly, stayed positive as long as they did.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    Personaly i droped Windows as a develloper :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hate To Say This

    but after 6 wonderful years with BeOS, I think it has finally lost it. I keep hoping, but alas it is not to be. I will keep using be, for now. But linux with wine will be making its way onto my hd soon, sharing for now. I will no longer be looking for be compatable hardware, however, and when it dosent work anymore, i shall raise a toast, and mumble a few kind words.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    I cannot say that I am suprised

    There are few, if any, reasons left to write applications for BeOS if you wish to remain profitable. I’m using BeOS to port a game with SDL because it doesn’t get in the way of me programming. The fact that I’m using a platform-independent game library protects me from wasting my time in an investment into learning the inner-workings of the Game Kit.

    BeOS has become a parasite in many respects of OSS. I’ve tried some of these products, but the ones I found most compelling were the mp3 apps and CD-R applications. Fortunately, my CD-RW drive was one of the few supported, and it never once crashed mid-session like in Windows, which was do to an errant system .dll.

    I can only say that you’ll begin to see more of this type of behavior and fewer committments from many non-profit developers as well. The doom and gloom that was spooken since the focus shift was angrily denied, but now it is sinking in.

    The truth is, JLG’s assertion that Microsoft was at fault is, in retrospect, childish. If Be had entered agreements with several computer manufacturer *despite* whatever licensing restrictions Microsoft had created, Microsoft couldn’t have done jack about it. Remember that MS just got the holy hell kicked out of them in court. If they tried to litigate Be into oblivion, they would have screwed themselves royally, because camelot would convene once again to determine how the monopoly was to be divided.

    Instead of the company that should have fought tooth and nail, Be became a company that could only whimper and cower in fear at the big bad Microsoft.

    Well, you know what? Fuck Microsoft… There’s something called individualism and standing up for what you believe in. If JLG truly wanted BeOS to succeed, he would have risked everything, even bankruptcy, to make it happen. I know if I was at the helm of such a fine company that I would use every guerilla tactic at my disposal to slight Microsoft at every opportunity, including shady business practices. Sometimes if your opponent has a gun you have to throw dirt in his face. I would have challenged MS to trample me by being as annoying to their bottom line as possible and running an agressive ad campaign, and then cried like a sissy when they did trample me. The government would step in and slam them good.

    JLG didn’t make a bad choice persuing BeOS as a market. He made a bad choice in believing that the market would come to him just because he had a superior product.

    Remember, this is a disposable culture we are dealing with. We want what we want and we want it now. If Microsoft is “the thing” then all the sheep are going to flock to it regardless of whether the alternatives are better; they probably haven’t even heard of the alternatives. MacOS is, no offense to you Mac people, for the less technically inclined computer users. BeOS is the media OS.

    Is it? JLG please tell me where the media-related content is? There was nothing preventing BeOS from writing those media applications in-house or contracting the work out to others. There was nothing preventing JLG from forming tempory alliances with one or several of the countless companies that are looking for revenge.

    Does this fall squarely on JLG’s shoulders? Well it doesn’t matter if it does. What matters is that the lesson was never learned. But who didn’t learn the lession is up to you to decide, because it could be anyone, including us.

    In case no one is aware, the government subsidizes lying, cheating and stealing. Microsoft is a proud proponent of those ideals. Business ethics is only for people who are willing to pay for them and Be paid dearly.

    If I created a superior product and I knew it, I would not sit on my ass waiting for people to come around to it.

    Instead I would agressively dominate in visibility and benchmark side-by-side comparisons. I’m not interested in business ethics. I’m interested in giving the customer what they want.

    Can I do the job better? That’s arguable. But I would definitely give the user what they want and make every effort as well to slap Microsoft down.

    In other words, JLG needs to learn how to pimp ;-)

    No flames, people. Half is for your amusement and well the other half is crap just for me. I am an agressive and argumentative a$$hole and guess what? I NEVER LOSE, not because my argument is more valid or reasonable, but because I keep hammering on the opponent until only a bloody pulp remains…

    Some day now

    Later people

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I am really sad!

    BeOS dies and leaves me within a world where I have to use linux of windoze.
    This remembers me the days of the amiga. Same happened at that time.
    And it also remembered me to stop computing, because the alternative to BeOS or Amiga is: NOTHING. Will save money and a lot of frustration.

  13. oberon Says:


    Begroovy was going to be my last stop till going to boot BeOS to try to put my new ASDL modem working. Well, now I donīt think Iīm going to do it anymore, BeOS will probably lie in the partition for some more time but it wonīt be much for use as Be continues to behave in such a stupid form, itīs completely not understandable their position on this matter, for me Be has became yet another evil company just like all the others. Itīs a sad story indeed…

  14. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 02:27:07 AM

    Re: Hate To Say This

    Yup. I’m downloading Linux Mandrake and I’m hoping that with the soon-to-be released Win4Lin that works with the 2.4 Linux kernels I’ll be able to do most of my non-multimedia web work in Linux.

    This is truly a sad thing. I enjoyed using PersonalStudio in BeOS - and I’ll probably keep using it in Windows (yes, there are still advantages it has over iMovie and others). I also liked using ePicture when it didn’t crash. Sadly though, its hard to do web development when some tools are there but they’re getting more outdated by the minute. You’re just painting yourself into a corner.

    I remember a quote from JLG about how Be would never deficate on their developers. I’ll bet he regrets that comment now…

  15. Jedi Be Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 04/27/2001 00:53:28 AM

    Re: Hey! JLG! …..

    I still feel it is JLG’s fault. Even before the company went public things were bad. If he didn’t know how to run the company he should have hired people that did and let them do the right things.
    He didn’t intentionally kill his own product but by not taking the proper steps to market BeOS correctly, by not providing the proper developer support, and by not taking on M$ he essentially chose to let BeOS’s fate be decided by chance rather than taking hold of the reigns and proactively doing something about it.
    Remember, at Apple, he was VP of product development, but he was not involved in marketing or sales. (It’s a good thing or else Apple would probably be gone now too!) Plus, there’s just something wrong with a VP of a large corporation wearing leather pants! (See http://www.macobserver.com/news/00/june/000613/jeanlouisgassee.shtml - second paragraph.)

  16. mlk Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 02:57:17 AM

    Re: I cannot say that I am suprised

    [quote]JLG didn’t make a bad choice persuing BeOS as a market. He made a bad choice in believing that the market would come to him just because he had a superior product.[/quote]

    The REALLY depressing thing is that they were _almost_ there… they had got big companys saying we’ll port…

    Then the focus shift.


    Ahhh well, maybe I’ll follow a religon, not an OS next time… but then again QNX and AtheOS do look quite intresting… :)

    I’ll keep FreeBeOS on my puter for some time, i like developing under it, however I think it’s time to learn SDL.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Monty Python….Holy Grail action…

    IT Industry - “Bring out yer dead!”

    JLG - “Err ya go!”

    BeOS - “But Im not dead yet! Im getting better!”

    JLG - “No! He’s terribly ill. Prob’ly wont make it *wacks head of beos with stick*

    IT Industry - “Thank you.” *continues pulling cart down street * “Bring out yer dead!….”

  18. chrish_work Says:

    Good luck!

    Good luck Adamation! I really appreciate that you guys have told us exactly what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, unlike certain other companies…

    Some of the coolest folks I ever met at the Be conferences were from Adamation.

    - chrish

  19. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 04/27/2001 09:07:48 AM

    Re: I cannot say that I am suprised

    Just tried the latest QNX and quickly realized that I wasted my Internet connection. It failed to detect the sound card that’s built into my motherboard, which Be quite nicely quickly recognized after the installation. I could never get my modem to work in QNX, and the much-hyped speed of this so-called real-time OS is little but that: hype.

    I feel sad that Be seems to be floundering at this point, and that a number of users and developers are smarting about the company. In fairness, however, even if the company goes belly-up tommorrow, it has left me with this OS that’s unbelievably stable and which has solidly served and continues to serve my needs, simple as they may be (surfing the Internet, chatting with friends, corresponding via email, writing my thrice weekly column for a newspaper on Productive, etc.).

    Still, I’m hopeful that the company will sail through its current problems, and that development on Be will continue.

  20. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 02:57:17 AM

    Re: I cannot say that I am suprised

    from anonymous:
    “There’s something called individualism and standing up for what you believe in. If JLG truly wanted BeOS to succeed, he would have risked everything, blah, blah, blah, blah. I know if I was at the helm of such a fine company that I would use every guerilla tactic at my disposal to slight Microsoft at every opportunity, including shady business practices, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes if your opponent has a gun you have to throw dirt in his face. I would have challenged MS to trample me by being as annoying to their bottom line as possible and running an agressive ad campaign, and then cried like a sissy when they did trample me. The government would step in and slam them good, blah, blah.”

    This is just blathering nonsense. You don’t give any specifics as to how JLG should have lead the company, just vague threats. If JLG had spent all the money on ads and “throwing dirt” we most likely wouldn’t have as good an OS.

  21. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 01:30:12 AM

    someone shoot me

    Oh, man, this is making me really depressed. Practically as we speak, I’m setting up a little DV editing suite on my rig. Got a 40GB drive purely BFS, and I bought pS 1.5. Got a Sony TRV900 camcorder.

    So how long before I hit the ceiling of what I can do with my DV editing in BeOS? I sure hope Titan picks up the slack by then, and for that matter the MediaKit gets some updates by Be. Wishful thinking?

    Seriously, what are my alternatives? I’ve spent this much time getting Windows out of my life. Why go back to unresponsiveness and crashes? Screw that. Buy a Mac? Abandon all this hardware I’ve set up?

  22. DrB Says:

    i totally lucked out

    i JUST downloaded PS1.5 from bebits last week. i had been given it as a gift but had been too busy to download it.

    sad to see a good company give up on a good OS, but business is business. i’m a consultant, so if someone wanted me to bring BeOS to their company and get them up and running and help them build a growth strategy around it, then i could sleep the sleep of the righteous. but win2k and linux pays the bills, so i will sleep the sleep of the gainfully employed.

  23. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 04/29/2001 00:27:14 AM

    Re: someone shoot me

    You’re not alone Ruprect. PS was the app that drew me into BeOS. I’m still hearing positive comments about BeOS’ future, so maybe if things change a bit, Adamation will come back.
    Titan looks promising, even though I still haven’t been able to select an input device :(

  24. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 04/29/2001 00:27:14 AM

    Re: someone shoot me

    You could always use Linu.. oh, wait… nevermind.

    If one more person tells me how cool Linux is, I think I’m going to go off on them. I’m having NO FUN with it at all. BeOS was the one OS I could use and really feel like I wasn’t held back by the UI or getting things to work or any other number of problems that plague me with Linux (and winders, to an extent).

    The spirit of the Media OS is not dead, even if the body is on life support.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/29/2001 4:56:11 PM

    Re: someone shoot me

    At the risk of sounding just as annoying as the Linux crowd is, you might want to consider NetBSD. It supports loads of hardware, and has been ported to many architectures.


  26. Victor Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/27/2001 01:36:55 AM

    Re: Why all of a sudden?

    I beg to differ BIG TIME. To begin, I would never be supportive of Be, the company, but for BeOS, the company’s product. If Be kills BeOS, what do I need them for? BeIA won’t run on my computer, I and certainly have no intention of websurfing on my toaster oven.

    Second, I certainly have to blame Be for the death of BeOS. Do you recall how Windows 3.11 died? Simple, Microsoft ceased support (albeit publicly and with ample warning) for it, stopped updating apps and drivers, and focused solely on win32. Even those who WANTED to keep the old platform were forced to move within a year. Be did the same to BeOS.

    How could developers stick with a buggy OS - and flame me if you want, but it IS buggy. The networking environment SUCKS to no end. If no more drivers and updates were coming, why bother? If Be cares nothing for their OS, why should a third house do it.

    And don’t give me crap about business decisions. If BeOS, as they said, was the development environment, then they should have been developed paralel to each other. Heck, why is there Flash for BeIA and not for BeOS? Why? Why is there an Opera 4 for BeIA and not for BeOS? Why? Why? Why? Tell me! Someone! From Gobe or Be, why?

  27. Victor Says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 04/29/2001 00:22:47 AM

    Re: I cannot say that I am suprised

    they are 94 million in debt. you are telling me 5 of those couldn’t be spent on marketing? Thye’ve been in business for 10 years, but I only learned about them 3 months ago. Heck, the average population thinks windows is part of the computer, not just an OS. He never marketted!

  28. LeftTurn Says:

    At least they are honest…

    One thing I’ll say abaout Adamation is they were up front and honest about the whole thing.

    And they are as good as their word. I hadn’t received a key for the Windows version, probably due to my email change. I sent them an email last Thursday and today I received the key.

    Ah, if only Be could at least support the developers :(

  29. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 04/27/2001 01:46:03 AM

    Re: Why all of a sudden?

    people have been sticking around because the OS is that good. look around. we are not talking to newbies, these are folks who see the OS for what it is. yeah, timing is everything and given another place and time, BeOS would be on more PC’s. It still works fine on this PC, can’t see any reason to ditch it yet. You’ve got dev tools, a smart community, people’s will to make it continue…..

    BeOS will continue to operate on PC’s on it’s own terms.

    Scott Puopolo
    S. Royalton, VT

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