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Neverwinter Nights progressing nicely.

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2000 @ 5:56 PM

Long time BeOS users may remember from way back when Bioware announced that they were developing their top of the line roleplaying game, Neverwinter Nights, for the BeOS. People were overjoyed. This was not a port, but a direct release of a top-tier game. Since then we have not heard much from bioware about the beos version, and people began to doubt their sincerity. Thanks to the keen eye of Scar, a BeGroovy reader, we now have a status update for you…

In an online chat held on November 7th at Neverwinter Nights Stratics, Rob Bartel (lead writer and designer of NWN) said:

“The Mac port is coming along nicely, as are the BeOs and Linux versions. We’re aiming for a simultaneous, single-box release. Can’t promise a beta of any sort at this point, though.”

We have emailed Trent Oster, the Producer of Neverwinter Nights, about the ports status, and while he has not replied yet, we will let you know whatever we find as we find it.

14 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights progressing nicely.”

  1. thies Says:


    Hell yeah! I want that game!! makes up for the never delivered SimCity 3000 and everything else ;) - Hey, this is what the BeOS might need, a game that gets sold to Windows users and they have a BeOS version on the same CD - even if they don`t know it it will get Be some publicity ;)

  2. Pieter Says:


    Yeah baby, I want it :)

    Can’t wait for OpenGL and NWN. Oh yeah, I’d have to buy a supported vid card now too :) Maybe just a voodoo 2.


  3. Scar Says:

    For those wanting more Neverwinter Nights info…

    Follow the links below to get some screenshots of Neverwinter Nights. This game has the potential to do for the CRPG what Doom and Quake did for the FPS.


    There is also a 250ish MB movie to download. This movie was shown at E3 and, according to Bioware staff since, is only a shadow of the games current brilliance.

    Neverwinter Nights also has a bevy of links to surf, so get in there, have a look, and go to the official message board (Link to it from http://webboard.interplay.com/community2.asp) and voice your support.

  4. Abdelhamid Metwally Says:

    My bet is on Neverwinter NIghts!

    I really think that this game could very well do to Beos what Quake did to OpenGL…i.e.,get more user support and more support from graphic card manufacturers (including, I hope,nVidia).
    This is especially possible since all versions will be shipped in the same box, allowing users to compare each version more easily.

  5. sadistic_mystic Says:


    I seem to remember that being said on a web page interview, but it was a long time ago. You sure you have your dates right? I mean, I hope that it is coming out, but.. I just don’t see how they could develop a 3d game without having the BeOS OpenGL (Unless of course they have been handed the beta version under the table style by Be inc.)

  6. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 11/15/2000 7:26:54 PM

    Yup. Pretty Sure.

    I am pretty sure this is correct, but to help you out, look at their whats new page and you will find an update from October 18th which also states:

    “The Linux, Beos, and Mac ports are coming along nicely and keeping pace with Windows version of the game.”

    Basically, not only are they continuing to develp it, but they are also consistently mentioning it in their updates. I think we ALL need to support Bioware and let them know how much their faith in, energy devoted to, and support of our favourite platform means to the community.

    They are keeping their end of the bargain more than ANYONE else i have seen outside the die-hard community. We should let them know we appreciate it.

  7. Scar Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/15/2000 7:35:52 PM

    Re: Yup. Pretty Sure.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Nutcase.

    It is big companies like Bioware that are going to help BeOS get out there. Big Developers need to know they are making the right decision when they decide to develop for BeOS.

    If one company gets the message, perhaps others will too.

    Go to the message boards and let them know.

  8. MrEntropy Says:


    Thank God. I need something to tear me away from Civilization: Call to Power.

  9. rain Says:


    “This was not a port, but a direct release of a top-tier game. Since then we have not heard much from bioware about the beos port, and people began to doubt their sincerity.”

    Is it a port or not?

  10. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To rain @ 11/16/2000 00:56:19 AM

    Re: port?

    Good point. (/me feels sheepish)

    I guess what i meant by that sentance was:

    This was a direct release by the original developer of the game on BeOS simultaneously with other platforms. Since then we have not heard much about the beos version and people began to doubt their sincerity.

    Sorry bout the ambiguity. It was late. :P

  11. moooooooo Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/16/2000 01:20:23 AM

    Re: port?

    well i’m here because of the same reason…the article says it wasn’t a port and then you say:
    “Since then we have not heard much from bioware about the beos port, and people began to doubt their sincerity”

    no offence guys but if it’s not a port and ok maybe you were tired, but change the word “port” to “version”.

    a port implies that it’s not native, which may or may not be true depending on who writes it!!!!!!!!!! (note the exclamation marks….or “bangs” as you weird americans say)

  12. Scar Says:

    In Response To moooooooo @ 11/16/2000 07:59:44 AM

    Re: port?

    Som definitions:

    port - To modify (software) for use on a different machine or platform.

    version - One of a sequence of copies of a program, each incorporating new modifications. Each version is usually identified by a number, commonly of the form X.Y where X is the major version number and Y is the release number. Typically an increment in X (with Y reset to zero) signifies a substantial increase in the function of the program or a partial or total re-implementation, whereas Y increases each time the progam is changed in any way and re-released.

    So strictly speaking, anything that needs to be modified to be playable on the BeOS is a port. However, usually ports are made after the game is released. Bioware are not so much porting the game from one OS to others, they are instead developing for all the OSs concerned simutaneously.

    Whether you consider this game a port or a BeOS version is up to your own ideas on the definitions above. And to be honest the real point here is not whether the game is a port of not, but that one of the best CRPG manufacturers on the planet are developing Neverwinter Nights for BeOS concurrently with MS, Linux and Mac OS.

    They deserve our support.


  13. georges Says:

    [No Subject]

    Well, Bioware won’t be able to say the BeOS version sold worse than the others (which it would, even if everyone bought it) cause it is in with the Windows version! :)

    This is a very smart move by Bioware. Three OS’es in one box… an idea other developers should look into.

  14. El-Al Says:

    In Response To georges @ 11/16/2000 11:30:19 PM

    they do…actually

    IK Multimedia ships 3 versions of Groovemaker in the same box (BeOS, MacOS and WIndows) and Moho gives you a ‘free windows version’ when you buy the BeOS version too :o )

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