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Vision IRC client becoming quite nice

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 16 Apr, 2001 @ 1:44 PM

So the Vision IRC client that was started a few weeks ago is beginning to shape up nicely. They have a how-to on their site which will instruct you in how to download and build the current version. Their site oozes quality (except for the empty pages), and it looks like this is an app to watch.

6 Responses to “Vision IRC client becoming quite nice”

  1. DaaT Says:

    [No Subject]

    Yep, i got the CVS build thanks to their great HOW-TO, and been keeping it up to date. One thing though, from the site’s screen-shots, i see the user’s connected to several servers, but i can only connect to the default one, irc.elric.net
    When i try the command /server “insert server” i get the same msg: “it seems your client doesn’t support server change”.

    Could anyone shed some light? Thanks, and keep up the great work, i’m sure Vision will make me dump Bowser from my HD.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To DaaT @ 04/16/2001 2:23:17 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    use /newserver instead of /server.


  3. DaaT Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/16/2001 5:58:05 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    aaahhh, so i’ll add a server, not change it, thanks :) )

  4. Chevron Says:

    Tabless Workspaces App

    I want it, see here(bottom right): http://vision.sourceforge.net/memory.jpg

    How could this have happened?
    I want a copy, please, It looks so good.
    How do I do it?Where can I get it?
    I guess nobody knows…..
    I would love to have a neat little workspaces replicant on my desktop:)
    [Edited at 2:19 Apr 17 2001 by Chevron]

  5. Chevron Says:

    In Response To Chevron @ 04/17/2001 02:19:21 AM

    Re: Tabless Workspaces App

    never mind. It’s been found: http://www.bebits.com/app/463
    [Edited at 2:35 Apr 17 2001 by Chevron]

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Chevron @ 04/17/2001 02:19:21 AM

    Re: Tabless Workspaces App

    hey Workspaces Set Look of Window 0 to 2


    Rene Gollent

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