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AnyKey up to speed again (I hope)

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 16 Apr, 2001 @ 1:44 PM
The "Any" Key

After another week or two of down time, due mainly to an email outage on my side, followed by extreme laziness, the any key was down for a week. again. In any case, Rob had sent in a large amount of strips, and they are now in our system. So hopefully we can keep the leadtime built up now. Then again, who knows?

3 Responses to “AnyKey up to speed again (I hope)”

  1. Ruprect Says:

    it’s still down, dude!

    Ryan, your begroovy email is still bouncing. I’ve sent you a review twice, no luck. Where else can I send it?

    Rob L

  2. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Ruprect @ 04/16/2001 3:46:37 PM

    Re: it’s still down, dude!

    seriously? It seems to work ok for me. I will email you my other address.

  3. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 04/16/2001 7:08:38 PM

    Re: it’s still down, dude!

    Well, it’s bounced as of 4/17, as I tried again last night. I copied you school address with the HTML file. Did you get that one?

    Congrats on graduating, BTW!

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