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Sony postpones eVilla until May

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 02 Apr, 2001 @ 12:35 AM
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Cnet has an article about the Sony eVilla release being delayed until May. Sony says the device will be ready for April, but they decided to wait and add more features. Sony will start shipping the devices May 1st, and will begin accepting web pre-orders the last week of April. UPDATE: Just in case you were concerned, here is a press release from Sony from the 29th of March this year. It basically announces a focus shift to a “Personal Broadband Network Solutions Company”. Not only does this mean their goal is 95% buzzword, It also shows that Sony is really behind eVilla, and in it for the long haul.

8 Responses to “Sony postpones eVilla until May”

  1. Zippy Says:

    Well it kinda sucks

    That Sony is delaying the release is obviously not great, especially with all the “Be is falling!” gloom & doom talk going on — but as the delay is just a month, and that Sony actually has a release schedule for the eVilla they are willing to talk about, is all good stuff to hear.

  2. BenjiPark Says:

    Timing Question

    So what does this mean for BeIA and when Be inc. will run out of money? Do you think Sony will tide Be over till they start selling?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s gotta be a good thing

    Ok, here’s how I see this.
    Be inc. says they’re going to run out of money by the end of Q2 (June) unless the market for internet apliances springs to life or something miraculous happens. Now Sony’s putting off deployment of their product until May. Depending on the number of units sold and the royalties paid to Be inc. this could be just the transfusion they need to keep them going for a while. Knowing Sony’s marketing strategies for its other products, if home consumers don’t buy eVilla they’ll push it in the commercial front for sure. If I were Sony (and I’m not, so take this for what it’s worth) I would’nt waste my time on a company that’s doomed to fail… Let alone build a product based on a platform that is soon to be extinct. If Be inc. dies, Sony’s got to be hurting for at least a few million dollars. What’s hurting Be right now (and I know this from reading the entire SEC filing, not just the summaries) is the fact that they’ve partnered with National Semiconductor, and FIC and VIA etc. but none of them are selling product… Be’s bottom line throught the whole report is, We’ve made all the alliances we can, now it’s Vendors’ turn to make the profits. If they can’t do it Be’s burnt…. My advice to the entire community… don’t JUST avangelize BEOS and BeInc… Avangelize the IA… in any form… We’ve got to get people to buy these things… if there’s no demand, there’s no sales… no sales, no more BE…

  4. Zippy Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 04/02/2001 2:33:43 PM

    Re: It’s gotta be a good thing

    1. I think you mean “Evangelize”, for which we are in total agreement.

    2. The issues raised in your post, although slightly on topic with Sony, better fits the “Be Inc. raises doubt about their future as a company” article further down the BeGroovy news page.

    3. The BeOS community has blown off a lot of steam about Be’s financial issues during the last five days. Any further discussion is hugely redundant and of no real benefit.

  5. jchildrose Says:


    Sorry, but this sound an awful lot to me like Sony is testing the waters before they jump in, given the recent exits of other players in the IA market.

    IMHO, it sounds like if they don’t get too may bites on the pre-orders they’ll probably fufill those, and send a few pieces out to the retail market to collect dust (which most IA’s do), where they will be deep discounted in three months. And that’s the last we’ll hear of the eVilla, and probably Be as well.

    BTW, does anyone even know ANYONE who owns an Internet Appliance?

  6. gabbarsingh Says:

    In Response To jchildrose @ 04/02/2001 4:15:42 PM

    Re: Preorders?

    A friend of mine owns a TiVO. Does that qualify?

    I don’t know anybody who has a web tablet. iPaqs are nice and people want Ricochet like service for it and their laptops. Sometimes I crave for a web access thing and I don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer e.g. accessing forums, dictionaries or encyclopedias etc. more so when I’m in the bed with a book. But I don’t feel compelled to put down a $500-600. I do not like the eVilla form factor, Qubit’s webpad is more to my liking. It won’t be my principal internet browsing machine, because I like to fire off e-mails with all kinds of attachments. The IAs are more akin to a lifestyle than necessity. A computer is a necessity, an IA is convenience. To make an IA convenience whole lot of infrastructure needs to exist. If IAs spell freedom, it can’t be tied down with wires - wireless is more like it.

    Sony may be the only one to pull it off. They pulled off walkmans. They can put the kind of marketing muscle this thing needs (has anybody noticed, the ads about cool and hip people accessing internet are all but gone). And they can reap benefits for generations. M$ will play catch as usual, Apple will lose this opportunity in the consumer market again, Be Inc. may lose or may come out on the top. The toughest task for them is to maintain lead as IA OS provider, which will mean investing in more immersing experience technologies and authoring tools for online media. I fear PocketPC consortium is catching up really fast, that StrongARM kicks ass. They need Macromedia on their side. This is the bleakest of all times, everybody is going to howl and cry and curse Be Inc. and JLG. But there is a chance that BeOS (c’mon we know where BeIA comes from) might become the greatest personal computing platform for this century. And then we all will hail JLG. There are no guarantees here, the bottom line is that a great piece of software exists in a CVS, located in California.

    If Be Inc. is reading this and is impressed, please send me a Web Pad for evaluation ;-)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    The interesting part of the Sony press release is that eVilla was not mentioned at all. All they talk about is reorganizing their businesses in order to have a united project of “personal broadband network”.

    Since eVilla is 56K only (not broadband) - Sony may reorganize eVilla out of existence.

  8. chrish_work Says:

    Looking Glass Studios

    Ugh, I can see the same thing happening to Be that happened to Looking Glass Studios… release a successful product (Thief II for LGS, BeIA for Be, Inc.) and then not get paid for it in time to avoid going under. *sigh*

    Hopefully Be will start to rake in some bucks for custom engineering (nobody wants to write drivers themselves for the wacky IA hardware they designed). I need them to survive, I can’t stand development on any other platform now (and I’ve tried Windoze, Lunix, QNX Realtime Platform… naturally not MacOS X because I won’t pay the $3000 Apple tax to buy hardware it’ll run on)…

    - chrish

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