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Haiku GoogleTalk Now Online

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2007 @ 10:38 PM

Not sure if everyone else has already seen this, but I just noticed it, so thought I’d let everyone know, just in case - the video of Haiku’s GoogleTalk is now online.  So, sorry, nothing more to say - gotta go finish watching it.  ;)

Six years ago today… Icons, Haikus, and Quotes

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2007 @ 2:21 PM
Site News

Just looking through some of the old posts from a long time ago, and 6 years ago today, we assumed the features of the former BeDope website at the request of Mike Popovic. These features were the Icon Tarot, the Haiku Generator, and the Quotable JLG. BeGroovy is proud to have kept them running in the community for the past six years now… wow, time sure flies.

Anyways, we have been thinking about new features that we can add to BeGroovy lately, and I thought we could solicit your inputs. Give ‘em to us, be they needed (such as a new HCL section, or a software repository), or be they cheezy and/or just plain fun (you know, something like the above features :P ). Comment below on any suggestions, ideas or thoughts. :)

Thoughts on Vista and a Brave New World

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 15 Feb, 2007 @ 11:38 AM
OS Wars

Through my teaching part-time in the evenings career, I was given a copy of Vista to work on for use in the classroom environment. Luckily, I had purchased a Vaio laptop not too long ago, which is Vista and Aero ready… So I loaded it up to give it a run through. What do I think? Well for the short summary version… There is a unique opportunity here for another OS to come along in the next year or so that could take a sizable chunk out of MS’s marketshare. For the slightly longer version, read on

JLG Resurfaces To See Haiku At Google

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 14 Feb, 2007 @ 12:28 PM

Just like all the Elvis sightings throughout the world, someone over at the Haiku GoogleTalks caught a glimpse (and a picture) of our former fearless leader. It seems as though the infamous nipples were hard over Haiku, and he even spoke a few words of support. The last time JLG was sited in this community was on Nov 2, 2004. There were even a couple of ex-Be Engineers that showed up, supposedly. I, for one, am waiting impatiently for the full length video to confirm these sightings. ;)
Head on over to Haiku’s site to read about it, and judge the reported sitings, yourself. :D

/me on beunited

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 14 Feb, 2007 @ 12:24 PM

Daat over at IsComputerOn sent me some questions concerning beunited’s demise, and I of course answered them. Feel free to read up on it over there. Daat is also collecting any follow-on questions for me to answer “from the audience”, so don’t post comments here with questions - do it through the comment system there, or email Daat himself. ‘Nuff said on that.

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