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BeGroovy 7 - BeOS News 0

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2005 @ 2:14 PM
Submitted News

No, those are not scorecard scores… they are ages. ;)

BeGroovy quietly passed it’s 7th birthday 2 weeks ago (Nov 14, 1998 - damn, has it been that long?!) - we’ve sorta all been too busy with life and holidays to have any festivities (although some are planned still). Being 7 years old in this community makes one feel old. I think le Buzz is the only website still around to consider an older brother to BeGroovy. But, being this old also brings about many younger siblings to celebrate…

Stephen B wrote in with news on his newborn BeOS News site, convincingly titled “BeOSNews“. ;) From his submission:

I’ve setup a new site called BeOSNews.com, it’s a news/pseudo-blog site for any topics related to BeOS. It mostly just aggregates/links to stories posted by other sites at the moment, but I’m also planning to regularly feature original content such as guides/howtos and software reviews.

- Stephen

So, once again, BeGroovy would like to welcome this new site to the community. And, as always, we hope it’s not the last of our younger siblings. :)

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