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ESS Maestro3 /Allegro sound driver testing

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Posted by:Cougar on Saturday, 10 Sep, 2005 @ 10:43 AM

Greg Crain recently posted over at the bedrivertalk mailing list and the Bedrivers.com forum about his work on the ESS Maestro3 /Allegro sound driver. Here’s what he posted in the bedrivertalk mailing list:

Hi all,

I finally got around to tweaking the Maestro3 driver code, and it seems
to be working. I have a pretty limited test platform though on my Dell
8000 with Zeta Neo, so if you have a laptop with a ESS chip (Maestro3 or
Allegro) I
would be interested to know if it works for you.

I made a post over at the BeDrivers website in the sound drivers forum
with a bit more info.

Greg Crain

More info over at his post in the BeDrivers forums here

PLEASE NOTE this is an Initial debug release, so it could cause unpredictable problems and could cause your computer to go into KDL. Currently it only supports sound output.

So if you have a system that uses the ESS Maestro 3/Allegro chipset and have taken note of the caution mentioned above, then download and test the driver and be sure to report your results to Greg. You can find his contact info in the README file.

Chris from HaikuNews got in touch with Greg and wrote a more detailed article about the sound driver developement. For more info regarding the driver, read the article over at HaikuNews here.

BeOS moves homes again

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 09 Sep, 2005 @ 7:26 AM
Be Inc

Man, I thought I was on top of news this morning, but IsComputerOn beat me to it. ;)

BeOS, or at least the intellectual property that was once known as BeOS, has shifted owners again. As stated in this press release, it seems a Japanese company, Access has purchased PalmSource (not Palm, the hardware portion that was known as PalmOne).

What does this mean for BeOS? Likely, Absolutely Nothing. What does it mean for PalmSource and the PalmOS? Seems they want to infuse development of the OS with an influx of cash. What does this mean to yellowTab and Zeta? Remains to be seen. But since yT had an existing agreement with Be, Inc. for developing and distributing BeOS prior to Palm’s Be, Inc. buyout, and the license remained, I’d venture to guess that the license will still stand for yT.

Not quite Be’s Pe

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 05 Sep, 2005 @ 10:27 AM
Submitted News

Paul Artz wrote in with this [links added for html]:

Hey gang
After years of less than nothing, Digital Wandering has at last made a major change in (Maarten) Hekkelman Programatuur’s almost famous and certainly ill-fated text-editor; Pepper. They have made it available as a free download. Check it out at: http://digitalwandering.com/. Hook it up to your systems’ Metrowerks and go to town! Now I wonder what to do with my collection of licenses?

< pragmat >

PS. Documentation initialization on Macintosh OS X is as dodgy as it’s ever been. Erik Sandblom’s Pepper fan page is still up at http://www.eriksrailnews.com/pepper/. And while we’re at it and having mentioned Macs, don’t overlook Pavel Cisler’s latest work on his Carbonized Eddie for Panther & Tiger http://el34.com/index.html

Just thought you Pe fans may like to keep up with this sort of news. ;)

BeOS bootdisk testers needed

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Posted by:Cougar on Sunday, 04 Sep, 2005 @ 9:15 PM
Submitted News

A call for testers has been made by mmadia who recently started work on a bootdisk archive for BeOS R5.x users. These bootdisks are made up of all possible combinations of patches (AthlonXP, IDE Replacement, RAM Limiter or no patches, etc.) depending on the problem that prevents BeOS from booting on your system.

There are several bootdisk images available in the archive, but not all of them have been tested yet so help is needed to test all of the images to ensure they work properly.

More information on where to download the images and how to create the bootdisks is available at the blog entry made by mmadia over at the beclan blog.

If you have any questions, comments, or test results, then leave a comment at the blog or contact mmadia(contact info available at the end of his blog entry).

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